Report on the results of
ХІІI International Exhibition Forum
Protection Technologies/FireTech-2014

XIII International Exhibition Forum “Protection Technologies/FireTech-2014”, the leading event for Ukraine in the field of civil protection, industrial and fire safety, was held on the 23rd-25th of September. The participants of the exhibition part of the event are 70 companies, which are Ukrainian producers and representatives of foreign companies.
International Exhibition Forum PROTECTION TECHNOLOGIES '2014Forum was organized by the State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies, International Exhibition Centre by support of the Association “Technogenic Safety and Population Civil Protection”.

The opening ceremony was held in the presence of the special guests and in the full glare of publicity (a total number of accredited media was more then 20). Forum was opened by:
Bochkovsky Sergey Stanislavovich — Head of the State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies;
Boyko Anatoly Pavlovich – First Deputy Head of the State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies;
Stoetsky Vasyliy Fedorovich – Deputy Head of the State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies;
Tkachenko Anatoliy Viktorovych — General Director of International Exhibition Centre.

“Forum is very important for emergency prevention and early detection as a complex approach concerning fire and industrial safety. Received information on the Forum gives rise to professional development, designing and implementation of newest and advanced technologies for the citizens security”, – said the Head of the State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies Sergey Stanislavovich Bochkovsky. All attendees held a moment of silence in memory of those who dead during emergencies, in particular in the area of anti-terror operation.

International Exhibition Forum PROTECTION TECHNOLOGIES '2014After the opening ceremony of the forum “Protection Technologies/FireTech-2014” at the open area there was a work demonstration of modern fire technique and equipment and demonstrations of rescuers work during the liquidation of the simulated fires.

Besides of the technique on the open area, visitors were able to see in the pavilion the de-mining motor boat, the quad bike for transporting rescue equipment. The unique feature of the exhibition was the exposition of vintage cars of the middle of the XX century – fire baghouse car and fire protection pump.

On the 24th of September the Forum exposition was visited by the official delegation of the Republic of Poland which was led by the head of the Government Security Centre Mr. Janusz Skulikh and representatives of the State Fire Service of the Republic of Poland.

On the whole the display of the International Exhibition Forum “Protection Technologies/FireTech-2014” was presented in several thematic areas:
- fire safety of building, constructions and areas;
- technical equipping of the fire and rescue squads;
- individual protection means;
- working area safety and industrial safety;
- systems of early detection of emergencies and automated centralized announcing systems;
- nuclear and radiation safety.

The importance of the event and its actuality for the country and for everybody was shown by an appreciable quantity of exposition visitors, close upon 3000 of specialists (Belgium, China, Poland, the United States of America, Uzbekistan, Ukraine):

Visitors profile


Specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of security systems and systems of the emergencies early detection, including the construction industry


Specialists on safety engineering, occupational safety and environment, capital construction and industry supply


Representatives of trade and intermediary organizations


Managerial personnel and staff of the state, municipal, rescue services and public organizations' services


Departments' staff of the State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies and their regional divisions.


Representatives of the regional administrations and central government authorities


Representatives of other government and commercial institutions


Traditionally, the International Exhibition Forum consisted of expositional, business, demonstration and competition parts. There were about 30 events, including presentations and seminars, where topical branch issues were considered. In particular, the questions on development of engineering activities of civil protection during the designing, supporting of the population centralized warning in case of the occurrence of natural and technogenic emergencies (including the accidents at the chemical objects with increased risk), specialties of the hazardous substances transportation were discussed, etc.

International Exhibition Forum PROTECTION TECHNOLOGIES '2014Within the bounds of Forum XVI All-Ukrainian Research and Practical Conference of Rescuers was held, where the questions on direct-action to emergencies, which are due to accidents at the vital infrastructure, elimination of floods, implementation of measures for land clearing and organizing activities for the prevention of the emergencies. That were exactly those issues which are associated with the improvement of the system of civil protection.

On the results of discussion the participants adopted the Conference Resolution, in which main priorities for improving the sphere of civil protection in the near future. The first thing is the unified state system of civil protection with international standards, and also the opportunities to acceleration the development and implementation of emergency assistance to the population by a single telephone number 112.

During the scientific and practical seminar “Status of technical regulations in Ukraine. Prospects of development” experts exchange of experience in the issues on technical regulation in Ukraine, discussed topical items in the sphere of standardization. The result of the seminar was the resolution adoption, which confirm the necessity and prospects for reforming the procedure for examination of national standards drafts.

Some seminars were organized by the participants of the Exhibition Forum. For example, the Association “Technogenic Safety and Population Civil Protection” (Ukraine) the All-Ukrainian public organization “Television and Radio Broadcasting Association of Ukraine” organized the seminar “Informing and annunciation of population in the cases of emergencies occur by technogenic, natural, social and military nature”, where the questions on effectiveness of the central warning systems at the enterprises and their use not only during emergencies, but also in daily activities were discussed.

On the seminar of “Bely Svet” LLC (Ukraine) there were able to learn about modern products for emergency and evacuation lighting.
Round table “Intercommunion of console organization with observation center of the State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies” was held by the non-governmental organization “Ukrainian Union Fire and Technological Safety” and State owned enterprise “Center for Public Safety 112”.
Also the issues on checking the company by the state supervisory duties were discussed during the seminar which was organized by “Okhorona pratsi I pozhezhna bezpeka” (Ukraine).

Within the bounds of XIII International Exhibition Forum “Protection Technologies/FireTech-2014” the winners of two competitions were awarded. Scientific, educational, public and private organizations were among them.

International Exhibition Forum PROTECTION TECHNOLOGIES '2014The winners in the various categories of the competition for the best fire protection and rescue products in the sphere of civil protection of population and territories from technological and natural emergencies became "Ozon S", "Technology for Life", "Novator", "Optima-complex", "Atomkomplekspribor", "Talan", "Pirena", "Resppharm", "Altosan", "Kharkiv Mechanical Plant", "Khladar - Tekhsoyuz", "Pyrocool", "Marko Ltd." and the Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Civil Protection.

The winners of the competition of inventive and innovative projects and activities in the sphere of civil protection, fire and technological security in the category "Perfection of means civil and fire protection" became representatives of the State Fire and Rescue brigade №8 of Administration of the State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies in the Volynskaya region, Cherkasy Institute of Fire Safety named after Heroes of Chernobyl, testing laboratory of Administration of the State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies in Khmelnitskaya region. Inventors competed in another category – "The newest technologies". Absolute leaders were representatives of the National University of Civil Defense of Ukraine.

Competitors also proposed to improve the system of civil protection of Ukraine by the implementation of best practices of leading countries in the sphere of security. Because only a complex application of domestic and international developments will help professionally and effectively form a European system of civil protection.

International Exhibition Forum PROTECTION TECHNOLOGIES '2014Once more time the Forum confirmed the high level of the specialists' interest to the novelties and innovative decisions in the sphere of fire, technogenic and industrial safety.
Professionalism of visitors' audience indicates the active position of the citizens in the sphere of individual and collective safety both at work and in everyday life.
In all developed countries one of the most important indicators of the level of development and safety on the enterprises is the status of the system of labor protection and industrial safety.
Those who wish to test their knowledge and learn something new in this sphere can do it on the base of the best training centers “Novator” and “Profesiyna Bezpeka”. Qualified teachers of these centers provide training for professionals in different industry branches.

Representatives of Publishingcompany “FORT” showed to visitors set of stands “Terrorism is a threat of society”, text edition “Emergencies, rescue activities and first aid in case of emergencies”, practical guide on developing and maintaining of documentation “Labor Protection at the Enterprise”.

International Exhibition Forum PROTECTION TECHNOLOGIES '2014At the stand of “REAL” visitors could receive advices on labor protection office equipment at the enterprises of different specificity.
As for the safety features, it is worth noting "Vishnovoe shoe factory", which is the producer of special shoes for various industry branches. "Resppharm" presented a new model of respirator A-200 AB FFP-3D. The product consists of a protective layer, a filtering nonwoven material and a layer of carbon sorbent, which allows to delay smell and fume. In the near future the company plans to introduce a range of single-used respirators with specific protective features.
The changes in the legislation on occupational safety and health was informed by representatives of the professional issue on safety and security such as "Dovіdnik spetsіalіsta z okhorony pratsі", "Okhorona pratsі", "Okhorona pratsі i pozhezhna bezpeka", "Promyslova bezpeka", "Technopolis".

International Exhibition Forum PROTECTION TECHNOLOGIES '2014Participation of the company "Technology for Life", which is the official distributor of the concern "Dräger" (Germany), is a good tradition in the bounds of the International Exhibition Forum “Protection Technologies/FireTech”. The company offers on the Ukrainian market a wide range of advanced and innovative means of man protection and safety. Exactly such approach helps company's professionals to achieve their objectives, oriented to the needs of the customer for ensure safety, the development of safety production and improving the work of the rescue services in the country. The display of "Technology for Life" was presented by samples of the new equipment: personal protective equipment, respiratory equipment, cooling vests, helmets, chemical protection suits, gas detection instruments, high-pressure compressors, thermal imagery devices, etc. With great interest the visitors had a look at the work of balloon refilling station, which is designed for rapid refilling breathing apparatus Dräger on compressed air and it gives an opportunity to provide for rescuers necessary air for long-term activity. And the exhibited breathing apparatus Dräger PSS 3000 with refilling function was award-winning and became the best breathing apparatus in the market of Ukraine. Until the end of 2014 a great number of new products will appear. It will be a new line of chemical protection suits, fire helmets, self-rescuers. And also the options for gas metering equipment and breathing apparatus Dräger will be expanded.

International Exhibition Forum PROTECTION TECHNOLOGIES '2014At the Forum "Pozhtekhnika Ukraine" presented Aspirating Smoke Detector VESDA E from the company "Xtralis". Its sensitivity is increased by 15 times in contrast to the previous generation VESDA, and validity period is doubled as compared to its predecessors.

Along with the already known and highly reliable multifunctional units upgraded Alto 2000 specialists of "Altosan" presented to the audience of visitors novelty Alto PP for fire alarm control panel. They are available in three versions: four, eight, sixteen fire plumes. Specialists of "Altosan" plan to create a modification Alto PP to control and launch fire extinguishing devices. Simultaneously the following technologies are developed: independent extinguishment of the private mansion house with housekeeping area, processing extinguishing devices like AGS with a view to their further utilization.

International Exhibition Forum PROTECTION TECHNOLOGIES '2014"Vents Company" presented a new line of equipment for buildings smoke protection systems. All products are manufactured by the company. They are in conformity with the standards of Ukraine and have the certificate of conformity. Among the new products it ought to be noted valve with fire retardant 120 min. at 600 Cº, and the line of smoke removal fans made of heat-resistant steel with polymer coating. These fans can move flue gas of 600 Cº temperature during 120 min. The company is ready to turnkey supply to the residential and commercial real estate the full range of equipment for general and fire ventilation by its own production.

International Exhibition Forum PROTECTION TECHNOLOGIES '2014Addressable fire detection system “SAPS PARUS” and system of early detection of emergencies “PARUS RVCHS” were presented by "Ukrgazgeoavtomatika". Systems are designed and manufactured by the enterprise.
"D-33" presented intumescent fire retardant paint manufactured by Amotherm Steel WB (Italy). Paint is used to protect steel constructions.

International Exhibition Forum PROTECTION TECHNOLOGIES '2014Also, new items were presented on the stand of yearly exhibitor of the Forum – "Talan": rescuer's union suit "TALAN" with radioactive protection (developed jointly with the Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Civil Protection), and heat-protective utility uniform "TALAN" with radioactive protection. These novelties in their performance characteristics correspond to the maximum level of protection. It was achieved through the use in the manufacture of special fabrics and fabrics with aramid fibers. The company is actively engaged in research activities, which positively affects the quality of the offered products by enterprise.

"Tekhnika", is a national manufacturer of mobile pumping stations with actuator of internal-combustion engines, which are used for fire fighting, water supply and sanitation, has opened a new direction of diesel generators. Actuator for pumping stations and diesel generators is mainly engines made by Minsk Motor Plant, which approved themselves as reliable, easy to use and unpretentious, are highly competitive with their European counterparts on cost.

"Capital-Dnepr" presented an intumescent flame retardant composition on the basis of soluble Defender M Solvent by American company GSG Technology limited. This flame retardant material is intended for the treatment of bearing steel structures in construction and unique because it allows to bring the fire-resistance of steel structures from 15 to 120 minutes. Besides all abovementioned, the company is engaged in manufacturing and supplying of paints TM Sterling for processing a wide range of decorating surfaces of various types, which are characterized by high wear resistance, low consumption and a variety of decorative effects.

International Exhibition Forum PROTECTION TECHNOLOGIES '2014Due attention should be given to the novelties of "Optima-complex" – a digital alert system DigitexCZK/IP and electronic sirens of DSE series. Digital Alert System DigitexCZK/IP created using modern technologies based on the author's project design department of the company "PLATAN" (Poland). This is the only warning system in Poland, in which for data communication, besides an analog, digital radio is used. Implementation of the new digital systemfor population alert does not require replacement of the existing system which can be integrated into the system DigitexCZK/IP. In the case of the systems' integration they can be operated with the same operator console. Electronic Sirens of DSE Series can transmit audio signals in real time, remotely from the control panel or by hand with a microphone alert. Electronic Sirens of DSE Series are certified in Ukraine and are a worthy substitute of electromechanical sirens used to alert the population.

Taking into account all abovementioned, we can confidently say that the International Exhibition Forum "Protection Technologies/Firetech" is a strong contribution to solving pressing issues facing every day in front of the special services and society of Ukraine in the sphere of fire and industrial safety.