1st Special Regional Rapid Response Center, Ukraine

The organization and provision of rapid response during the liquidation of technogenic and natural emergencies.

Adexim-Trade, Ukraine

Automatic water and foam fire fighting.

Alkhim, Ukraine

Manufacture of foamers for fire extinguishing; supplying of fire inventory, equipment and goods of industrial chemistry.

Allsecurity.info, Ukraine

Web portal for security industry specialists.

Altosan, Ukraine

Development, production and technical support of fire control uits, aerosol firefighting systems, fire flame detectors, water firefighting systems, gas firefighting systems

Association “Technogenic safety and population civil protection”, Ukraine

Association’s membership performs works on risks calculation, safety declaring, development of plans on emergencies liquidation, design, production, installation and maintenance of means for providing safety and population civil protection.

Atemluft-Gas Technika, Ukraine

The official representative of “Bauer Kompressoren GmbH.”, world leader in compressor equipment manufacture for the respiratory systems.

Atomkompleksprylad, Ukraine

Design and manufacture of alpha-, beta-, gamma-ray spectrometers, radiation spectrometers people, devices and systems for radiation and process control for nuclear power stations.

Bely Svet, Ukraine

Professional manufacturing of emergency lighting. Designing emergency evacuation lighting for all types of buildings and structures. Comprehensive solution for organizing emergency lighting system of any complexity on object. Exclusive product development for emergency lighting under object.

Bezopasnost Ukraine, Ukraine

Professional issue on safety and security.

Bezpeka zhittediyalnosti, Ukraine

Professional issue on safety and security.

Biznes i bezopasnost, Ukraine

Professional issue on safety and security.

Canine Rescue Service of Mobile Rescue Centre of the State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies, Ukraine

Organization of looking for injured persons at the area of technogenic and natural emergencies with the use of dogs.

Cherkasy Institute of Fire Safety named after Chornobyl Heroes National University of Civil Protection of Ukraine, Ukraine

Scientific and educational establishment of the State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies.

Company Aquatherm-Ukraine, Ukraine

Exclusive representative in Ukraine of known German company Aquatherm GmbH, one of the world leaders in the production of polypropylene polymer systems for heating, water supply, water floor heating, air conditioning and sprinkler fire-extinguishing system.

D-33, Ukrane

Exclusive distributor of the “Amonn Fire Srl.” (Italy), which is specialized in production fire-protective means to protect metal, wooden and ferroconcrete building structures.

Desniansky district organization of Red Cross Society of Ukraine, Ukraine

Ukrainian public voluntary humanitarian organization. Education of the population to provide first aid "First aid School", medical care of sports and social activities.

Dovidnyk specialista z ohorony prazi, Ukraine

Professional issue on safety and security.

Energoatom, Emergency and technical center, subdivision of NNEGC, Ukraine

Determining the level of radionuclide contamination, decontamination vehicles and equipment, collection and transportation of radioactive goods, the elimination of radiation accidents, conducting underwater technical works.

F+S: Firefighting and Security Technologies, Ukraine

Professional issue on safety and security.

Fort, publishing company, Ukraine

Publication of regulatory and technical literature and visual aids, safety signs, design offices on civil protection, fire safety, occupational safety.

Grani bezopasnosti, Russia

Professional issue on safety and security.

Institute of State Management in the sphere of civil defense, Ukraine

Organization of events to react and liquidate the consequences of emergencies.

Institute of Environmental Geochemistry of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, State Institution, Ukraine

The leading scientific institution in the country in the field of environmental and radiation safety, has worldwide recognition, and works closely with many research centers in Ukraine and abroad.

Kapitel-Dnepr, Ltd, Ukraine

It is a full exclusive representative in Ukraine of “Eurostyle” (Moscow), which produces paint products under its own brands “Pioneer”, “Sterling”, “Defender” and owns the dealership to present fireproof and corrosion mixtures of TM “Defender”, general construction and industrial coatings TM “Sterling” and “Pioneer” in Ukraine.

Kharkovsky Mechanical Plant, Ukraine

Gas fire extinguishing equipment.

Khladar-Tekhsoyuz, Ukraine

Manufacturing of portable dry powder fire extinguishers.

Lviv State University of Life Safety, Ukraine

Scientific and educational establishment of the State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies.

Marko Ltd, Ukraine

Manufacture of fire-fighting equipment.

Mir i bezopasnost, Russia

Professional issue on safety and security.

Mobile rescue Hospital of the State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies, Ukraine

Providing medical aid to injured persons of technogenic and natural emergencies.

Mobile rescue Centre of the State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies, Ukraine

Management and coordination of the rescue units activities, which are directed to eliminate the consequences of emergencies and providing assistance to injured persons.

Nadzvychaina Sytuatsiia, Ukraine

Professional issue on safety and security.

National University of Civil Defense, Ukraine

Scientific and educational establishment of the State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies.

Novator, Training Center, Ukraine

Education of experts and officials of enterprises and organizations on firesafety, labor protection, electrical safety.

Nuclear and Radiation Safety, Ukraine

Professional issue on safety and security.

Ohorona prazi, Ukraine

Professional issue on safety and security.

Ohorona truda i pozharnaya bezopasnost, Ukraine

Professional issue on safety and security.

Optima-Complex, Ukraine

Designing, installation, maintenance and delivery of:
- early emergency detection an warning systems;
- security and fire alarm systems, fire fighting;
- cctv;
- gas distribution station telemetry.

Ozon S, Scientific and Research Enterprise, Ukraine

Early emergency detection and warning systems.

Pirena, Ukraine

Production of high-quality special clothing and individual protection equipment, helmets for firemen “Pyrena”, foam concentrates.

Pozhezhna i tekhnogenna bezpeka, Ukraine

Professional issue on safety and security.

Pozhtechnika, Ukraine

Is responsible for promoting at the Ukrainian market the most effective and modern developments in the field of fire safety: gas fire fighting system using Novec1230; linear heat detector (heat cable) Protectowire; automatical fire systems Schrack Seconet; early warning smoke detection systems - aspirating smoke detectors VESDA

Profesiyna Bezpeka, Ukraine

Education on programs, which are designed on the basis of standard training programs on occupational safety and examination requirements of labor protection.

Promyslova bezpeka, Ukraine

Professional issue on safety and security.

Pyrocool, Ukraine

Production of modern fire extinguishers based on the substance “Pyrocool”, which is noted for highly endothermic effect.

Radiy, Ukraine

Development and supply of software and hardware complexes of high extent of security for administration systems and protection of nuclear power stations.

Radon State Corporation, Ukraine

Radioactive wastes handling.

Real, Ukraine

Production of information stands, boards, tables of electricity and fire safety, occupational safety; printing.

Resppharm, Ukraine

At the moment it is the basic enterprise specialized in the production of personal respiratory protection (RPE). The production is certified for compliance with State Standard EN 149: 2003 Respirators are designed for respiratory protection rights in industrial environments in the home and in emergency situations.

Security-contact.com, Ukraine

Professional social network.

Soldata, Ukraine

Ukrainian subsidiary of the French company "Soldata" performs design, installation and connection of an integrated automated system for monitoring geotechnical engineering designs and existing buildings, which allows you to display real-time measurements in the following areas: planning and vertical displacements of the soil, the distribution of stress in the construction of the "wall in the ground", deformation monitoring and rainfall adjacent residential and public buildings, ground arrays, monitoring aquifer at a depth of laying the foundation of the building of 64.5 meters, and the impact of noise and vibration construction equipment at nearby buildings.

Sovremennye tekhnologii pozharotusheniya, Ukraine

Exclusive representative of the brand "Pirostiker AST" (Russia) in Ukraine. Pirostiker AST is self-contained device for local fire fighting.

Spetsmaterialy, Ukraine

Production of materials for reactive and passive fire protection of objects of civil and industrial construction; production of flame retardant mixtures of “Endoterm” brand.

State Certification Center of State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies, Ukraine

Providing services on the standardization and certification, quality operation systems and services in the sphere of fire and technogenic safety.

State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine, Ukraine

The companies manufacture a shaft products, material handling equipment, clothing, etc.

State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies, Ukraine

Realization of state policy ensuring in the sphere of technogenic, fire and industrial safety, civil protection of population and territories from technogenic and natural emergencies, labor safety etc.

Status-S, Ukraine

Supply of rescue and fire-fighting equipment (fire and sports hoses, explosion-proof lights, sensors immobility), personal respiratory protection (self-contained breathing apparatus, protective panoramic masks, filters, cylinders and air compressors), protective clothing (including the chemical and bacteriological pollution and accidents), gloves, hats, shoes, etc.
The company provides technical support for all products supplied.

STB Plus, Ukraine

Production and sale of fire-fighting equipment.

Talan, Ukraine

It is the official representative in Ukraine of leading world manufacturers of fire fighting equipment and protection equipment “Williams Fire & Hazard Control”, “Ink”, “MSA Auer”.

Tekhnica, Mashzavod, Ukraine

Realization of pumping equipment used during fire fighting.

Technologii zaschity, Ukraine

Professional issue on safety and security.

Technology for life, Ukraine

Supplies and maintenance of protection means by “Drager Safety” and “Capital Safety Group”.

Technopolis, Ukraine

Professional issue on safety and security.

Tiras-12, Ukraine

Serial production and sales of technical means of fire alarm systems.

Ukrahrotekh, Ukraine

Development of the plans for liquidation of emergencies, designing of complexes of automated systems for early detection of emergencies. It is official dealer of “Analitprylad” (Russia), “Khimavtomatyka”, “ROSS”.

Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Civil Protection, Ukraine

Research and analysis of the risks of emergencies, their assessment, forecasting the emergencies and development of evidence-based preventive measures. Fundamental and applied scientific research on prevention and fire suppression.

Ukrainian Research and Practice Center of Emergency and Disaster Medicine of Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, Ukraine

The organization and delivery of emergency medical care upon the liquidation of medical and sanitary consequences of emergency situations; scientific and research activity on priority issues of emergency and disaster medicine.

Ukrgazgeoautomatika, Ukraine

Development and implementation of:
- Fire alarm systems and fire fighting systems (water, gas, foam, aerosol and powder). Including on the basis of proprietary equipment and production systems address fire alarm "SAIL";
- Video surveillance systems and access control;
- Early detection of emergency situations and alert people when they arise on the basis of proprietary equipment and the production of "SAIL - RVNS."

Vents Company, Ukraine

Leading manufacturer of equipment for systems of ventilation and air conditioning under the TM “Vents”, “Domovent”, “Plastivent”, “Aluvent”, “X-Vent”, “AirVents”.

Vyshnovoe shoe factory, Ukraine

Manufacture of footwear brand “Vitaliya”.