Report on the results of
XII International Exhibition

In pursuance of the Degree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 19.09.2007 №753-p as amended on 04.08.2015 №340-p at the International Exhibition Centre (IEC, Kiev, Brovarsky Ave, 15) was held the XII International exhibition of protection means, weapons, military equipment, technologies and dual - use goods "Arms and Security - 2015".

The organizing committee includes representatives of key ministries and agencies:

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2015- Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine
- Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
- Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
- Security Service of Ukraine
- State Border Service of Ukraine
- State Space Agency of Ukraine
- State Emergency Service of Ukraine
- State Service of Export Control of Ukraine
- State Fiscal Service of Ukraine
- State Concern "Ukroboronprom"
- "International Exhibition Center"

The exhibition "Arms and Security" is held since 2004, but this year was the biggest event on this direction in Ukraine's history by number of participants, important international agreements, presented samples of new products and technologies, as well as high level and popularity among the public.

International Trade Fair ARMS AND SECURITY '2015According to the actual data exhibition area reached 19,300 square meters, including: 16,000 square meters - in two pavilions of the IEC, 3,300 square meters – opened exhibition area. The participants - 264 enterprises, including 21 foreign companies from 8 countries (USA, China, India, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Israel, the Netherlands).
Exhibition was covered by 149 mass media representatives from 98 accredited media resources.

Official opening ceremony participants were:
- NSDC Secretary - Oleksandr Turchynov
- Minister of Internal Affairs - Arsen Avakov
- Deputy Minister of Defense - Igor Pavlovsky
- Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade - Ruslan Korzh
- Head of the Security Service - Vasily Gritsak
- Head of the State Border Service - Viktor Nazarenko
- Head of the State Space Agency - Lubomir Sabadosh
- Deputy Director of Department for Defence Investment of NATO International Secretariat - Deputy Assistant Secretary General - Ernest Herold
- Director General of SC "Ukroboronprom" - Roman Romanov
- General Director of "International Exhibition Centre" - Anatoly Tkachenko

International Trade Fair ARMS AND SECURITY '2015Among other honored guests of the exhibition - representatives of 7 foreign delegations: Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan (headed by the Deputy Minister of Defense of Kazakhstan); defense agencies of Pakistan (consisting of – armament Director of General Staff), State of Qatar (consisting of – head of Armament Departament, head of defense procurement of Qatar Ministry of Defence), Ministry of National Defense of Poland, representatives from the General Staff of Georgia, defense enterprises from Italy, the NATO International Secretariat (headed by the Deputy Director of Defence Investment, NATO International Secretariat - Deputy Assistant Secretary General).

On the stand of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine were held a bilateral meetings of the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Lieutenant - General Pavlovsky I.V. with the representatives of mentioned foreign delegations. Military attaches from 29 countries were working during the show, the Land Capability Group Land Engagement within NATO Conference of National Directors on armament of 30 representatives. During four days the exhibition was attended in total by more than 13,000 professionals.

The exhibition was formed by the following sections:
- Weapons and military equipment for the army and law enforcement agencies
- Police equipment
- Military aviation
- Border security
- Weapons for hunting, self-defense and sport
- Clothing, footwear, protection.

International Trade Fair ARMS AND SECURITY '2015Modern developments for law enforcement agencies were presented at the exposition of structural units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine: these technologies are for ensuring the traffic safety, criminalistic cases. During the exhibition the State Research Institute of MIA of Ukraine deployed large - scale exposure of scientific developments and joint projects in the field of security and public order. On the stand of State - Owned Science - Industrial Union "Fort" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine were demonstrated the most modern samples of small arms and special devices for rubber bullets shooting.

54 samples of military and special machinery (including aircrafts) were placed both in pavilions and on open space area. Besides 30 companies of SC "Ukroboronprom" the defense industry of Ukraine was presented by such flagships of the domestic industry as JSC "Motor Sich", PJSC "AvtoKrAZ", PJSC "Practika", the plant "Leninska Kuznya", corporation "Bogdan", CB "Yuzhnoe", KPSPS "Arsenal", etc.

International Trade Fair ARMS AND SECURITY '2015Kyiv JSC "Plant "Leninska Kuznya" has stolen thunder by premier display of the new prototype of combat vehicle "Triton" during the exhibition. A new generation of armored vehicles "Triton" - this is a principally new development for military purposes. It is important, that Ministry of defence of Ukraine has put forward to armorers their requirements concerning combat vehicle they need. The plant has realized these proposals, and today new machine meets all modern standards. The novelty in characteristics superior to analogues. The combat machine able to swim to overcome water obstacles, it is very important to perform tasks on the terrain where are many rivers and lakes. Armor vehicle will be produced at the facilities of the enterprise for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard.

International Trade Fair ARMS AND SECURITY '2015Another new armor vehicle called "Ovod" presented at the exhibition Zhytomyr armored plant. Plant’s engineers developed a completely new concept of creating light - armored vehicles and weapons in mass quantities. The subject of concept – manufacturing of quick mounting armor kits modules (set up time 35-40 minutes) of different functions, which installed on all terrain chassis and imported chassis equipped with the latest diesel engines. The main advantages of this development are multifunctionality, the possibility of rapid transformation, technological effectiveness and the possibility of large - scale production.

International Trade Fair ARMS AND SECURITY '2015New section in the exhibition "Arms and Security" in 2015 became the topic "military aviation" and at once with a powerful exposition with the participation of 47 companies, including 4 Polish. World famous SE "Antonov", JSC "Motor Sich", "Ivchenko - Progress" Ltd., CB "Yuzhnoe", FED Corporation, SJSHC "Artem", CB "Luch", aircrafts repair plants from Odessa, Konotop, Lutsk, Kyiv, "Aerotechnics MLT" ltd and many others demonstrated potential of Ukraine in aircraft construction, aircraft and helicopters armament, air defence, airspace surveillance and intelligence.

Such demanded for today unmanned technologies were presented at the stands "LiKom" ltd., "AV-TK" ltd, WB Electronics, "DeViro" company, "Ukrainian Defence Corporation" Ltd.

Due to the cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for the first time at an exhibition was organized the the exposition of universities and institutes of NAS of Ukraine, which demonstrated the unique developments of scientists and engineers for ensuring country's defense.

International Trade Fair ARMS AND SECURITY '2015Also first timers at the exhibition became machine tool industry enterprises, which were engaged in complex providing of enterprises, including defense industry, with machinery, tools and equipment, metalworking equipment supply, provide machines overhaul and modernization of CNC systems. There aer leading industrial companies: DITC "Contact, group of companies "VariUS", scientific and production group "Stankopromimport", Center SAPR, JSC "Compressors International" and others.

International Trade Fair ARMS AND SECURITY '2015Within the "civil part" of exhibition was presented exclusive for Ukraine in scale and in content exposition of hunting, sporting, historical arms and cold steel, and related products for hunting and outdoor activity including tactical goods. After a break of several years, the exhibition gathered almost all market operators of small arms: "Stvol" ltd., Ibis, "Zbroyar" ltd, "Safari - Ukraine" Ltd, "Nimrod" Ltd, company "ZBROІA", "Tactical Systems" Ltd., "Latek" Ltd, PC "Elista". The leading arms companies demonstrated at the exhibition the best possible for one place assortment in the widest range of prices. There were displayed just about 500 of full - scale specimens of firearms, and in total, including models, about 1,000 gun barrels. Thus, visitors had the unique opportunity to touch a sample they like, and get detailed advice from professionals.

International Trade Fair ARMS AND SECURITY '2015Bulgarian company Arsenal 2000 became a first time exhibitor in Kyiv. In addition to small arms for military and special units needs, Arsenal 2000 also produces a wide range of hunting arms and self - defense weapons. Their products have not been submitted still in Ukraine. So, fans of hunting arms were able to expand its choice a new segment of the Bulgarian weapons manufacturer. Those who have not yet matured to purchase the hunting firearms could choose a sophisticated and reliable pneumatic weapons by world - wide brands GAMO, Diana, H&N, Hatsan, Taurus, Sellier & Bellot, Zoraki, ACE Precision and many others.

Besides small arms, there was well represented cold steel by domestic and foreign manufacturers at the exhibition - knives, sabers, swords, katanas and more. Many specimens of the numbers displayed in the exhibition, can rightly be considered as true works of art and replenish collections of connoisseurs.

The exhibition was also full of tactical related products for hunting and outdoor activities of domestic and foreign production. Optics, cases for arms and cartridge belts, communications equipment, clothes, shoes - this is not a comprehensive list of accessories and supplies.

This year's exhibition was saturated with a wide business program, were held about 30 scientific and presentational events, were signed a number of agreements with leading defense companies.

International Trade Fair ARMS AND SECURITY '2015On the first day of the exhibition "Arms and Security 2015" (September 22) SC "Ukroboronprom" signed a number of strategic documents with the leading international companies in the world - the American "Textron Systems" and Polish "WB Electronics". According to the agreement, the company "Ukroboronprom" will cooperate with the American company "Textron" in the production of heavy armored vehicles.

State Enterprise "Antonov" and Polish company WB Electronics signed a memorandum under which Ukraine will use the technology WB Electronics to develop a new tactical unmanned aviation complex for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

During the second day of the XII International specialized exhibition "Arms and Security 2015" State Concern "Ukroboronprom" has signed a number of strategic documents aimed on the development of armored cluster in particular on the integration of its enterprises in international cooperation and implementation of modern technologies.

The delegation of "Ukroboronprom" signed a memorandum of cooperation with the transnational company Flir Systems on the supply of thermal imaging equipment for the needs of Ukrainian army and modernization of domestic armored vehicles with these devices.

Representatives of Concern signed a memorandum with a Chinese company Inkas on modernizing of armored vehicles and creation of a modern service center (Inkas is one of the world leaders in armoring and equipment protection). With the Turkish company Aselsan SC "Ukroboronprom" agreed to modernize the Ukrainian armored vehicles with electro - optical systems.

Besides that, the management of "Zhytomyr armored plant", signed a cooperation agreement with the Polish company PCO. According to the new arrangements the plant will get the technologies of production and equipment of armored vehicles with optical devices.

Almost all the participants of the XII International specialized exhibition "Arms and Security - 2015" highly appreciated the level of the Fair: according to the results of the questionnaire on the questions "did the exhibition justified your expectations" 88% of exhibitors answered - "yes." 76% of participants expressed a desire to participate in the exhibition "Arms and Security 2016".

Relying on a powerful breakthrough in the development of defense industry of Ukraine and openness to the world arms market, the exhibition "Arms and Security" is a demonstration of the strength of National Defence of Ukraine, a tool for the saturation of the domestic market, increasing export potential of the domestic defense industry, as well as a platform for the defense industry as the real economy sector.

Growth of main indicators of the exhibition showed that Ukraine needs such a powerful system events as highly professional platform for realization of tasks of development of the Ukrainian defense industry and international military cooperation and improvement of technical equipment of the army and law enforcement agencies.

Dynamics of the main indicators of the exhibition
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