List of participants

Name, Country


3M Ukraine

Ballistic armored plates and helmets by 3M Ceradyne, USA; active and passive hearing protection equipment by 3M Peltor, Sweden.

45 Experimental Machinery Plant, Ukraine

Production of technical facilities for transportation, charge, transfer and storage of petroleum products.

Adron, Ukraine

Development of aircraft protection systems and complexes against guided missiles equipped with infrared homing heads. Sight systems development. Smart munition development.

Aerotech, Ukraine

Development and manufacture of electronics for aerospace industry, maintenance, repair.

Agron, Ukraine

Supplier of optical devices: binoculars, spyglasses, telescopes, night vision devices, optical sights. Representative of such brands as Yukon, Walther, Konus, Olympus, Pentax, Nikon, Canon, Fujinon, Hakko, Leapers, Hatsan, Helikon, VOMZ, Zenith, Bars.

Air Force Institute of Technology / Instytut Techniczny Wojsk Lotniczych, Poland

Scientific research of aircraft products operation.

ALVO, Poland

Mobile hospitals.

Analytics-Science-Technologies, Ukraine

Radiating and ecological safety; dangerous kinds of technogenic activity; development of system and means of antiterrorist activity; working out, designing and development of technologies and means.

A-Line, Ukraine

Development, production and wholesale of tactical gear for special forces, hunting gear and various concealed carry holsters.

All-Ukrainian Polygaph Association, Ukraine

Research (testing) using polygraphs. Sale of Ukrainian Rubicon polygraphs.

Ambient-Acoustics, Ukraine

Production of auriform personal hearing protection means.

AMO1, Ukraine

Engineering factory. Production of gearboxes, pumps and accessories.

Antonov, Ukraine

Enterprise of the whole cycle of creation of modern aircraft – from pre-project scientific researches to construction, tests, certification, serial production and after-sale maintenance.

Apikas (Zbroia), Ukraine

Manufacturer of air-soft and Flobert guns, accessories, sales of world famous brands of hunting arms.

Arlen, Poland

Arlen Textile Group is a group of the leaders in the textile and clothing industry. The group includes companies which produce protective and business clothes of the highest quality and a manufacturer of special fabrics for unique collections of clothing.

Arsenal, Ukraine

Development and manufacture of optical and optoelectronic devices and systems for space, aviation and ground equipment for military and civil purposes.

Artil LTD, Ukraine

Production of ships on air cushion.

Artem, Machine-Building Firm, Ukraine

Production of specialized aircraft and consumer goods; provision with polygraphic services; commercial activity; manufacture of products using expensive materials.

Artem, Ukraine

Manufacture of air-to-air missiles, automatic test equipment, antitank guided missiles, defensive aids suites for protection of rotary and fixed wing craft, components and equipment for aviation.

Artillery Armament Design Bureau, Ukraine

Research, research and development, engineering works aimed at creation of modern designs of artillery armament and small arms, ammunition, and also production of weapons and ammunition.

Association of Purveyors for Uniformed Services / Stowarzyszenie Dostawców na Rzecz służb Mundurowych, Poland

Association of Purveyors for Uniformed Services.

Astur, Ukraine

Development and production of muzzle brakes and suppressors.

ATA-GEAR (Assault Tactical Advantage), Ukraine

Ukrainian national company that manufactures tactical gear of new generation, which gives you great tactical advantage. Specifically we produce holsters, sheath, pouches, etc. Our products are made of high-quality materials from USA by best Ukrainian masters, considering the experience of military specialists, police officers, sport-shooters, skilled civilian shooters.

Automotors, Ukraine

Representative of Deutz AG, offers modern engines by DEUTZ (Germany) and transmissions by Allison. Supplier of new and reconditioned engines, as well as service and spare parts.

Avantmarket, Ukraine

Supplier of high-quality LED lights, hand, classic, and headlamp, hiking, lanterns, batteries (Fenix, Poarion, Zebra, Ganzo).

Aviakon, Ukraine

Leading enterprise in Ukraine, performing any kind of repair, re-equipment and upgrade of "Mi-series" helicopters of all types and modifications.

AvtoKrAZ, Ukraine

Manufacturer of heavy vehicles KrAZ for army, police, law enforcement agencies and others.

Bee Pitron Cherkasy, Ukraine

Competencies in the sphere of board cable network, distribution systems and power supply protections; three - dimensional design; electric design; element base; regulatory documents.

Beijing TrueGuard Co, China

Production of tactical gear and clothing.

Bertsi UA, Ukraine

Military and hiking boots. Consulting on project management. Factory automation.

Bezpeka-Komplex, Ukraine

Tactical gear.

Bila Zbroya, Ukraine

Ukrainian manufacturer of tactical and combat knifes.

Bogdan Motors, Ukraine

Production of cars, trucks, special vehicles. Production of automobile bodies, trailers, semi-trailers. Wholesale and retail trade.

Brig Ltd, Ukraine

Ships, motorboats and engines.

C&M tactical, Ukraine


Camo-Tec, Ukraine

Wholesale and retail trade in clothing and footwear.

Castelior, Poland

Protective containers.

Central Research Institute of Armaments and Military Equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Systematic researches on weapon and military techniques grounding of development priorities; participation in grounding and development of projects in the frames of state and mission - oriented programs of weapon and military techniques development, in the frames of state defense order as well as their correction; scientific support of the international military - technical cooperation.

Chezara, Ukraine

Large Ukrainian electronics manufacturer with almost 50 years of experience in space industry which is engaged in manufacture of products for military, special and civil purposes.

Chinbar, Ukraine

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified tannery, processes 500 tons of raw material per month to the state of a semi-finished product and finished leather product using its own capacities.

Chuhuiv Aircraft Repair Plant, Ukraine

Overhaul and modernization of aircraft L-39С, L-39ZA, L-39ZO, its assemblies, aggregates and equipment, auxiliary power plants "SAPPHIRE-5", demilitarization, update of aircraft on L-39D and delivery to the customer (according to civil aviation requirements), manufacturing of ground service means, tool for repair and air engineering operation. Manufacture and re-equipment of unmanned air complexes. Repair and modernization of aircrafts MiG-23 of all modifications, repair of units, aggregates and systems of aircraft MiG-21, MiG-27, MiG-29.

Composite Technologies, Ukraine

Development and production of carbon fiber, kevlar and fiberglass for domestic, military and aviation purposes.

Consafety, Ukraine

Personal protective equipment, footwear, clothing.

Сrypton-M, Ukraine

Design, manufacture of special vehicles (communication vehicles, command vehicles), digital image processing and signal communication systems, telecommunications monitoring systems.

Benyah, Individual Proprietor, Ukraine

Manufacturer of garment accessories, headgear, safety footwear, epaulets, and chevrons for law enforcement agencies.

Dalma, Ukraine

Sale of products for hunting, sports and self-defense.

Danaper Group, Ukraine

Tactical gear.

DataGroup, Ukraine

Data transfer and international transit traffic, satellite communication.

Defense Express, Ukraine

Systematic analysis of defense - industrial policy, military cooperation, defense policy and national security matters.

Delim-Ukraina, Ukraine

Accessories for uniforms and protective clothing.

Delta Electro Optics, Ukraine

Night and thermal vision devices and scopes produced by General Starlight Company (Canada).

Department of Police Security, National Police of Ukraine of the MIA of Ukraine

Full complex of security services.

DeViRo, Ukraine

Development and production of UAVs.

Diacom Group, Ukraine

Rack solutions, controllers, UAVs, schematic solutions, metalworking, woodworking, production boards, masts, Power Banks.

Dneprovsky Special Tubes Plant, Ukraine

Producer and supplier of tubes, round rods, seamless elbows of stainless steel, heat-resistant, scale-resistant steel and alloys, titanium and its alloys as well as tubes of refractory metals. The Plant also provides the deep drilling and hole boring service at the special drilling and boring machines.

Dniprodzerzhinsk State Technical University, Ukraine

Products for armored vehicles.

Dolya & Co., Ukraine

Radio equipment, digital radio systems, trunking system, professional and consumer radio.

DRX Group, Poland

Special protection systems for various sites and areas.

DUAC, Ukraine

Certified manufacturer of armored protection vehicles (Cash in Transit, VIP, and specialized laboratory). Our product line also includes automotive containers, wheel inserts Run-flat.

Element, Ukraine

Development, modernization, manufacturing, testing, certification, repair, maintenance and life extension in the use of: ground-based and on-board aviation electronics engineering, software and hardware for gas-turbine engines testing, electronics for military equipment, missiles and space technique.

Elista-1, Ukraine

Airsoft arms, optics, ammunitions, tactical outfit.

Elmiz, Ukraine

VHF radio stations. Radio relay stations, including broadband access stations. Mobile tropospheric scatter stations.

Elsis, Ukraine, Poltava

Development and mass production of electronic microwave devices for general and special purposes, including the modernization of radar stations and anti-aircraft missile systems.

Energotechprom, Ukraine

Production, sales of products for industrial purposes, equipment for the manufacture of munitions, sub-assemblies, parts, components, tools.

ESRI, Ukraine

Software, data processing, operating with geadata bases by ESRI (USA), Digital Globe (USA), EUSI (Germany), C-Tech (USA), QCoherent Software (USA).

Fahrenheit, Ukraine

Design of military equipment system. Manufacture of clothes and equipment for servicemen made of POLARTEC LLC fabric.

FED Kharkiv Machine - Building Plant, Ukraine

Production of high precision fuel regulating equipment, integrated hydraulic drives, hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, pumping stations for the aviation industry and other branches of machinery building.

FED Public Joint Stock Company, Ukraine

Specialized on the development, manufacture, repair and modernization combined, complex and electromechanics drives of main flight control system, systems of wing mechanization, pumps and electro - drive pumping stations, aggregates of the helicopters fuel system, hydro - systems and systems of power supply of the plain.

Fibex, Ukraine

Paracord, minicord, fluorescent paracord.

Fischer Connectors, Switzerland

Production of military connectors.

Fort, State Owned Science - Industrial Association of the MIA of Ukraine, Ukraine

Manufacturer of fighting weapon, hunting and sporting arms, ammunition, special equipment (handcuffs, rubber truncheon, devices for forced stopping of vehicles), covers and holsters etc.

Fregat, Plant, Ukraine

Production of hydraulic equipment, hydro - system controls and hydraulic power systems, winches, gearboxes and other engineering products, precision castings, HDG coatings, production of irrigation machines, agricultural equipment, towers for mobile service transmission, guardrails and other metal structures.

Garda, Ukraine

Production of leather footwear.

Garment Factory, Ukraine

Military outfit and military-style civilian clothing. Military pilot outfit. Full dress uniform, "military vyshyvankas".

Generator, Plant, Ukraine

Production and repair of VHF devices, repair and upgrade of air defense systems of small and medium range.

Gobelen, Ukraine

Production of textiles (epaulets, chevrons, etc.)

Gogol belt-textile factory, PJSC, Ukraine

Manufacture of various belt-textile products: satin ribbons, textile fasteners, elastic (bandage) tapes, ribbon belts (different widths, breaking loads and colors; cotton and synthetic properties); ribbons for bottom of trousers.

Grand Textile, Ukraine

Special purpose textiles.

Guardian Paracord, Ukraine

Paracord, cord and technical tape manufacture.

Hammer-Market Ukraine

RECOIL - complex weapon maintenance (cleaning, lubrication, maintenance).

Hamond, Ukraine

Development and production of silencers, flash absorbs, DTC and thermal protective cases for rifles.

Hassan Mohammed, Ukraine

Textile products for the military.

Helitraining Ukraine

Design, development and manufacture of advanced flight simulators with FNPT-FFS (according to JAR-FSTD H) qualification levels and training systems for the helicopter crew training (CBTS).

Huta Stali Jakościowych, Poland

Armor protection.

Ibis, Ukraine

Retail chain where you can find everything for hunting, fishing, sporting, paintball and outdoor sport. The official representative of the world famous brands: Browning, Winchester, Fabarm, Beretta, Caesar Guerini, Piotti, Remington, Walther, Zeiss, Aimpoint, Swarovski.

ICIPS, Ukraine

Security, tactical and counter - terrorism trainings, comprehensive solutions in ensuring the security in any country of the world.

ICU - Dospekhi dlya glaz, Ukraine

Personal protective equipment - in particular, protective glasses. Representative of such brands as Pyramex (USA), Venture Gear Tactical (US), Global Vision (US), BluWater Polarized (USA).

iMarksman Ukraine

Shooting simulators.

Impulse, Shostka State Plant, Ukraine

Manufacture of the explosion initiation means and products containing explosives and pyrotechnic compounds.

Infocom, Ukraine

Automation of industrial and infrastructural objects, implementation of alternative energy and material accounting solutions.

Infozahist, Ukraine

Military and civilian radio monitoring system, tasking of array systems for Radio Direction Finding (DF) and geolocation of High Frequency (HF) signals. Counter surveillance systems and signals Intelligence, spectrum policing, detection, interception and collection of signals of interest. Creation and production of the unique software for defense, security and counterterror systems.

Inspecprom, Ukraine

Inspecprom is a part of Research-and-production Association Group of companies "MAGR". Development and production of a long range of equipment for defense industry are the main lines of activities. Scientific and technical potential makes it possible to solve various tasks, to offer produce and service and to solve a problem of import substitution.

Institute of Advanced Technologies, Ukraine

Development of maps, globes, GISs, aerial photography using UAVs, software for geoportals, WEB-technologies.

International Armored Group, United Arab Emirates

Armored vehicles design and manufacture.

Inzhen, Industrial and Commercial Firm, Ukraine

Kits for peer review of crime scenes. Kits for search operations and mine clearance.

Itec, Ukraine

Development and production of unmanned aerial systems. Patriot and Skif UAVs.

Ivchenko-Progress, Ukraine

Part of Ukroboronprom State Concern. Designing, manufacturing, certification, repair, testing, sending to mass production and further increase of gas turbine engines of aviation and industrial application.

Izyum Instrument - Making Plant, Ukraine

Production of high-quality optical glass; design and manufacture of optoelectronic devices guidance systems and their components for antitank weapons system; design and manufacture of sea-based observation stations, sighting and fire control systems, driver night vision devices for all types of armored vehicles, antiaircraft sights.

Kainozoy, Ukraine

Field portable water filters and desalinators; water disinfection and water conservation agents, gasoline burners, freeze - dried food. Representatives of such brands as Katadyn (Switzerland), Spectra Watermakers (Switzerland), Micropur (Switzerland), Optimus (Sweden), Trek'n Eat (Germany).

Kam, Ukraine

Cooling and heating transport equipment, vehicle air conditioning equipment, tachographs.

Karpaty State Production Association, Ukraine

Production of automated control systems for air defense complexes.

Kedr, Ukraine

Hunting weapons.

Kharkiv Armored Plant, Ukraine

Repair of tanks of all modifications; repair of engines of all modifications; repair of special equipment; production of fighting vehicles; production of special purpose equipment; production of remote control combat modules; рroduction of self - sufficient power plants.

Kharkiv Instrument - Making Plant named after T.H. Shevchenko, Ukraine

Development and distribution of software and hardware complex of the automated power management system for various types of power plants.

Kharkiv Morozov Machine - Building Design Bureau, Ukraine

Development and production of armored equipment (battle tanks, heavy infantry combat vehicle, armored personnel carriers), engineering equipment, and also high technology training aids for armored combat.

Kharkiv Personal Protective Equipment Factory, Ukraine

Body armor, armored plates, tactical gear, "Predator" infantry tactical set.

Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, National Technical University of Ukraine

Solid surface compaction.

Kharkiv Special Machine Plant, Ukraine

Development, production, sales, repair, upgrading and recycling of armament, military special purpose equipment and ammunition; production of motor vehicles; production of bodies for motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers; development and production of maintenance facilities for the repair of armed equipment and other weaponry.

Khmelnytskyi National University, Ukraine

Various developments for defense industry.

Kolo, Welfare Foundation for Helping the Defenders of the Fatherland and Their Families, Ukraine

Facilitating the implementation of programs and activities aimed at increasing the defense capability and mobilization readiness of Ukraine.


Official representative of the international holding company Kontron AG, one of the leading manufacturers of embedded computer equipment for further use in telecommunications systems, industrial automation systems, medical equipment, test equipment, aerospace systems, military systems.

Krasyliv Aggregate Plant, Ukraine

Manufacture, maintenance of standard attachable equipment for fighters MiG-29, SU-27, SU-24, Yak. Participation in production of antitank missile complex "Stugna-P" and assault rifle "Malyuk".

Kruk, Ukraine

Arms tuning.

Kryukov Railway Car Building Works, Ukraine

Engineering floating technique for Armed forces: self - propelled ferries, ferry - bridge machines, underwater reconnaissance machines; there has been created the mine laying vehicle.

Kulbida & Lesyuchevskiy, Ukraine

Knife forging.

Kulik System LLC, Ukraine

Manufacture of ergonomic chairs of exclusive design for office and home.

Kvant Radar Systems Scientific Research Institute, Ukraine

Development and upgrade of multipurpose radar - tracking ship systems.

Kyiv Armored Plant, Ukraine

Production of light armament of armored force vehicles, overhaul and upgrading of armored, engineering and combat vehicles, weapon ordnance, production of spare parts for armored vehicles armament and technique.

Kyiv Automatics Plant, Ukraine

Single design and technology and production complex, with a high level of infrastructure for the production of electromechanical devices and control systems of mine-and-torpedo and missile weapons, armored vehicles, spacecraft and marine navigation systems.

Kyiv National University of Technology and Design, Ukraine

Conductive fiber material. Other developments.

Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, National Technical University of Ukraine

NTU "KPI" Nanosatellite. The plastic material for the manufacture of containers for packaging products for the military. The use of laser processing to improve the quality of products for military use. Other developments.

Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Hydrodevices, Ukraine

Fundamental and applied research in the sphere of creation of sonar and acoustic devices.

Latek, Ukraine

Small arms manufacturer.

Leninska Kuznya Plant, Ukraine

Ships, patrol and landing boats, Triton armored vehicles, fighting modules (PSM, PSM mini), naval artillery cannons (KAU-30, KAU-30M), UAG-40 automatic grenade launcher.

Lisova kazka, Ukraine

Manufacture of corporate clothing, top knitted products for military servicemen.

Lorta, Lviv State Plant, Ukraine

Production of electronics for use in armored force vehicles, guidance links for anti - armor radio guided missiles together with their checkout equipment, radar equipment, other special purpose electronics, and also 30 mm automatic guns.

Lubawa, Poland

Ballistic protection, technical and pneumatic tents as well as special coated fabrics.

Luch, State Kyiv Design Bureau, Ukraine

Creation of normative and technical documentation on the stages of development, operation, upgrade and recycling of guided weapons.

Lviv Armoured Fighting Vehicle Plant, Ukraine

Overhaul of armored vehicles, tank retrievers, engineering machines.

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine

Automatic scanning passive thermal sensor. Mobile android application for collecting, processing and transfer of intelligence. Modulated reflectance antenna array (AA). Portable system of surveillance and monitoring of remote objects. Seismic vibration sensor for special purposes.

Lviv State Aircraft Repair Plant, Ukraine

Repair of aircraft and military purpose equipment. The specialization of the plant: front fighters and fighter-bombers of "MiG" type.

Magnum, Ukraine

Tactical and protective shoes, clothing and outfit.

Malyshev Plant, Ukraine

Production and modernization of heavy and lightly armored vehicles for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and foreign customers. Main Battle Tank "Oplot", T-64 Tank modernization up to Main Battle Tank "Bulat"; armored personnel carriers BTR-3 and BTR-4, modernization of Armored Personnel Carrier BTR-50.

Management of Road Safety, Ukraine

Structure of MIA of Ukraine.

Mashintech, Ukraine

Official representative of Mitsubishi Electric EDM/Laser and Sunnen. Supply and maintenance of metal working equipment.

Master Group, Ukraine

The supplier of hand tools for trade companies and businesses.

Materialoznavstvo, Ukraine

Manufacturer of body armors of all protection types.

Mayak Plant, Ukraine

Development, production, sale, repair, upgrade and recycling of weapons and military equipment.

ME Ukraine

Manufacturer of accessories for weapons.

Mercury Technology, Ukraine

Manufacture of optical devices and photographic equipment.

Meridian named after S.P. Korolyov, Ukraine

Manufacture of radio-measuring devices (spectral analyzers, time measurement devices, frequency generators and synthesizers, special-purpose devices), radio receiver sets, personalization means of computer and telecommunications systems.

Meta, Ukraine

Development and production of uniform telescopic masts; mobile trailed power stations; special vehicles. Vehicles retrofitting. Products export.

Midivisana Ukraine

Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles, sale of motor vehicles and of parts and accessories for them.

MiGremont, Zaporizhya State Aircraft Repair Plant, Ukraine

Modernization, medium (overhaul) repair and repair of the technical condition of MiG-25, Su-27, Su-17, Su-25, Su-17 aircrafts of all modifications, their aggregates and systems; technical maintenance of operations of above mentioned aircrafts.

Military Institute of Armament Technology / Wojskowy Instytut Techniczny Uzbrojenia, Poland

Scientific research in the field of artillery, small arms and aircraft weapons, radar and missile systems and ammunition research and testing.

MiM, Ukraine

Distributor of CHEMETALL in Ukraine. Introduces new technologies and chemicals in the production and processing of metal for aircraft and sea vessels, helicopters, and vehicle bodies.

Mirko Group, Ukraine

Shock- and moisture-proof cases.

Motor Sich, Ukraine

Designing, manufacture, in-service support, repair and modernization of gas - turbine equipment (modern aeroengines for airplanes and helicopters, gas - turbine drives, automated gas - turbine power - generating sets, gas pumping units); helicopters; numerically controlled metal - working machines.

Motor, Lutsk Repair Plant, Ukraine

Overhaul of aircraft engines and all their components and aggregates (installed on the aircrafts Su-17, Su-20, Su-22, Su-24 (M), Su-27, Su-30, MiG-29, IL-76 , IL-78).

Mykolayiv Armoured Plant, Ukraine

Production and modernization of lightly armored wheeled vehicles.

NARP, Mykolaiv Aircraft Repair Plant, Ukraine

Repair of aircraft equipment; overhaul and middle repair of various aircraft types and engines, and also ship gas and turbine installations and component parts.

National Aviation University, Ukraine

An experimental unmanned twin-engineaircraft M-7D "Sky Patrol". Multipurpose unmanned aerial complex M 6-3 "Lark." Mobile unmanned aerial complex M-10 "Eye 2". Acoustic monitoring system "Trembita-M".

Navionika, Ukraine

Navigational equipment.

Nimrod, Ukraine

Direct cooperation with such weapon producers as Luciano Bosis, Cosmi, Perugini & Visini, Karl Hauptmann, Grulla, Lebeau Courally, Holland&Holland, Purdey, as well as Sabatti, Bettinsoli, and Bernardelli.

Nitecore, Ukraine

LED flashlights and accessories.

Novator, Ukraine

Production of on-board radio electronic, radar, radio navigation, and other equipment for aviation and space industries.

Obriy, Ukraine

Optical on-screen unit intended for shooting from indirect position and for providing stealthy observation of  accommodations and inaccessible places; combat modules "SHULO" and "LEZO" developed for equipping of wide range fighting vehicles, fire positions and small ships; air drone "Obriy-1" that intended to be used in reconnaissance flight and artillery fire adjustment; naval radar systems and complex.

Odessa Aircraft Plant, Ukraine

Overhaul, repair as per technical condition, control and recovery works, extension of service life indications and upgrading of aircraft.

Odessa National Polytechnic University, Ukraine

Simulation of parameters of charge-sensitive amplifiers with correction. Planting (flight) altimeter. Processing information on regular components in vibroacoustic signal in the automated system of technical diagnostics of the rotary machines.

Odessa State Academy of Technical Regulation and Quality, Ukraine

Camouflage cape.

Odessa State University of Internal Affairs, Ukraine

Odessa State University of Internal Affairs is one of the oldest educational institutions of MIA and has IV level of accreditation.

Olga Rus, Ukraine

Production of handmade military boots for universal application.


Development and production of radio communications in the range (30-100), (146-174) and (400-470) MHz for security forces, armored vehicles and railroad industry.

Orizon-Navigation, Ukraine

Development and production of satellite navigation equipment of the GPS and GLONASS Systems.

P1G-TAC, Ukraine

Manufacturer of field equipment and outdoor clothing.

Paritet-K, Ukraine

Manufacture and sale of safes. The official representative of DensitSecurity (Denmark).

Partner-VS, Ukraine

Radio-controlled target systems (RMU-S, RMU-V, RSU, RMU-P).

Partner Systems, Poland

Production of water filters for crisis situations (during the terrorist attacks, accidental or deliberate contamination of water), as well as tools to store drinking water in the field.

Petro Smithy, Ukraine

Manufacturing of bladed and long-bladed products (knives, sword blades, Japanese theme) from Damascus steel and other different kinds of steel, manufacturing replicas of cold steel and hatchets.

Phoenix Wings, Charitable Foundation, Ukraine

Volunteer organization dedicated to helping Ukrainian military forces in the ATO zone. Engaged in technical and welfare support and medical care as well as psychological support.

Photoprylad Research and Production Complex, Ukraine

Systems on targeting, guidance and fire control of armored vehicles, combat helicopters, artillery; control systems of antitank missile complexes of helicopters and ground facilities; night vision devices; materials processing equipment of aero- and space photo reconnaissance; devices for machine building.

Plant 410 Civil Aviation, Ukraine

Diagnostics, repair, maintenance, refurbishment and modernization of aircraft and helicopters.

Podavach, Ukraine, Kiev

Systems for accelerated magazine reloading.

Polish Armaments Group / Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa, Poland

State association of Polish defense industry enterprises.

Polish Chamber of National Defence Manufacturers, Poland

Voluntary and self-governing organization of the Polish enterprises conducting activities in the field of the national defense and security.

Polisky transport machinery plant, Ukraine

All-terrain machines, snow swamp vehicles, mototows.

Practika, Ukraine

Vehicle armor protection, banking equipment, firefighting equipment.

Presicion Mechanics Plant, Ukraine

Production of automatic artillery weaponry, and also spare parts and components.

Premium Distribution, Poland

Self-heating combat rations.

Prof1 Group, Ukraine

Manufacturer and supplier of tactical and field gear. The official representative of the world famous brands: 5.11 Tactical, Surefire, ESS, Trijicon, EoTech, ITI-Gear.

Profex, Ukraine

Representative of the Pelican company (USA). Protective cases and boxes by PELI.

Progress, Scientific Industrial Complex, Ukraine

Development and production of complex optic electronic devices and gyroscopic devices for weaponry (high pressure artillery weaponry complexes, air defense missile system homers, Air-to-Air type missiles, aircraft protection systems from missiles with IR homing heads).

Progress, Specialized Foreign Trade Company, Ukraine

Export and import of military and dual-use products and services.

Promoboronexport, the State Enterprise for Foreign Trade and Investment, Ukraine

Export and import of military and special purpose equipment and services of Ukrainian OEMs and Design Bureaus.

Prostir 3D, Ukraine

3D systems for manufacturing of models, details, prototypes and models. Milling centers for light alloys, plastics and composites processing. Technologies and materials for creation of model rigging.

Protection Technologies, Ukraine

All-service masks, respiratory protective equipment in protective facilities, air filtration equipment.

Proxis, Ukraine

Equipment for industrial automation.

Radar, the Kyiv Factory, Ukraine

Manufacture and repair of radar systems.

Rainbow Technologies, Ukraine

Supply of electronic components, contract manufacturing of electronics.

RC TacMed, Ukraine

Wholesale and retail trade in Tactical Combat Casualty Care products.

Reloader, Ukraine

Import and sale of reloading equipment.

Roda-Computers, Ukraine

Protected IT equipment for extreme operating conditions. Main trademarks are Roda (Germany) and Terra (Germany).

Saycom, Ukraine

Radio electronic equipment, data protection, radio communication.

Scientific-Engineering Centre of Radio Engineering System of Applied Radio Electronics of Academy of Sciences, Ukraine

Signals intelligence systems of radio communication systems, antenna systems and switches, radio receiving devices, signals intelligence equipment, radio direction finders.

Selton, Ukraine

Ukrainian plant of industrial filtering equipment and filter elements. Manufacture of filters for aviation and military special machinery for cleaning, hydraulic and technical liquids, oils and air.

Shama, Ukraine

Target systems, aiming stands, electronic decoys, speakers for decoys, batteries, chargers, dynamic baits, baits for predators, machines for trap shooting, target plates, stuffed ducks and geese.

Shambala Sport, Ukraine

Shambala Sports Distribution Company is an official provider of sporting cloth, outdoor equipment, cloth and gear for the winter sports and recreation. Shambala Company was founded in 2002 and being an official distributor of the world leaders Outdoor brands on present day.

Sharme, Ukraine

Manufacturer of clothes, working wears, insignias, decorations, banners and pennants, applies logotypes for workers of law machinery, army, any other units.

SHERIFF Tactical Gear, Ukraine

Wholesale and retail trade in non - specialized stores.

Signal-Auto, Ukraine

Special light and sound signals equipment.

Silumin, Ukraine

Consumer goods from food - grade aluminum alloys with heat - resistant glass enamel: outdoor utensils, aluminum cookware, tourist cookware and tourist goods, hunting goods, and various accessories for outdoor activities.

SkyStep, Ukraine

Shoes producer.

Smart Defence, Ukraine

Protective equipment for police and border guard.

Soyuz-Tekstil, Ukraine

Provides wool and wool mixture clothes of departmental assignment of Minskyi kamvolnyi kombinat production (zmahar, orlik, vitiaz, dozor and other).

Sparing-Vist Center, Ukraine

Manufacturer of radiation damage monitor under the brand name EKOTEST.

Special Tactical Systems, Ukraine

Development and production of professional tactical gear and clothing. Production of backpacks, weapon cases, belts and cartridge pouches.

Spets-Service, Ukraine

Manufacture, repair and modernization of diesel generators.

Spetstechnoexport, Ukraine

Conduction of export and import activities on the foreign armament markets.

Spheros-Electron, Ukraine

Autonomous liquid heaters, air conditioners, receivers, fuel tanks, steering columns.

Sprut Arsenal, Ukraine

Development and production of a new domestic bulletproof wheel system.

Squall, Ukraine

Production of tactical gear.

Stan-Komplekt, Ukraine

Metalworking equipment.

State Research & Design Shipbuilding Centre, Ukraine

Designing of the military surface ships and boats, support vessels and special floating structures for the Naval Forces of Ukraine, State Border Service and for export.

State Research Institute of MIA of Ukraine

Design of protective equipment, weapons and special equipment.

Stiletto Systems Ukraine

Commercial manufacturing of patented ammunition and small arms technology. The company has registered multiple UK and international patents for its technology (9mm, 5.56mm, 7.62mm ammunition) and small arms (9mm luger pistol and sniper rifle).

Stomil-Poznań, Poland

Tires for military aircrafts eg. fighters and helicopters, armored vehicles and military trucks. We produce technical rubber products such as rubber-metal wheels and pads for tanks, rubber components for aircrafts and military vehicles and shock absorbers for electronic devices.

Strila, Ukraine

Manufacturer of weapon accessories.

Stvol, Ukraine

STVOL stays among hunting & shooting market key players having won the market share of about 45% of all the operations in the Ukraine. We are exclusive representative in Ukraine of BERETTA GROUP FABBRICA D'ARMI PIETRO BERETTA, BENELLI ARMI, FRANCHI, SAKO, TIKKA, STOEGER, BERETTA BENELLI IBERICA. And also other well - known firearms, cartridges, airguns, optics, clothes and accessories companies.

Sumy State University, Ukraine

Information system of decision support for planning fire damage of the enemy artillery units and other developments.

Swebor Steel Ukraine

The Ukrainian branch of Swedish manufacturer Swedish manufacturer of ballistic and wear resistant steels. The main brands - ballistic steel SWEBOR ARMOR®, durable sheet steel SWEBOR® and cutting edges SB®. Operative deliveries are made both from its own warehouses in Ukraine, and directly from factory in Sweden.


Ukrainian dealer of leading international manufacturers and brands of electronic components, equipment and tools.

Tactical Systems, Ukraine

Supplier to Ukraine of military goods and firearms, accessories for weapons, equipment and facilities equipment. The official representative of the world famous brands: Brugger&Thomet AG, FN Herstal, RUAG Ammotec, LACROIX Defence&Security, Typhoon International, ISS (Infrared Security Solutions), Vectronix, VTQ, Zeiss Optronics GmbH, Steiner, NFM, MK Technology, GK Professional, TAIGA, Carinthia, Eberlestock, Camelback, Revision, MB Microtec (TRASER), Gumarni Zubri.

Tadgi, Individual Proprietor, Ukraine

Supply of metal detectors, instruments and weapon maintenance products.

TaeguTec, Ukraine

Hard-alloyed plates, holders, end-mills, mills, drills, mandrels, collet chucks, grooving tools, cutting tools, special tools. Representative of ТМ TaeguTec (South Korea).

Talanlegprom, Ukraine

Footwear manufacture. Wholesale of clothing and footwear.

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine

Exoskeleton spine. Screwed connection. Ballistic computer for calculating the parameters of artillery systems firing. Other developments.

Tatra Export, Czech Republic

Czech producer of high mobility heavy duty AWD off-road trucks/chassis. Unique chassis with independent swinging half-axles enables high speed ride in off-road conditions with great comfort for crew and sensitive loads. High reliability, durability, bending and twist resistance. Modularity from 4x4 up to 16x16. Use: military and firefighting vehicles.

Techimpex, Ukraine

Repair and modernization of military equipment.

Telecard-Prylad, Ukraine

Communication and automation for military forces.

TEMP-3000, Ukraine

Facilities of armor protection for subdivisions of MIA, MoD and guard structures.

Tenter, Ukraine

Production of military tents, mobile facilities, air frame hangars and buildings.

Ternopil Ivan Pul'uj National Technical University, Ukraine

Switching power supply with power factor corrector. Integrated UHF frequency combiner of C and Ku bands. The control antennas and complex management system. Hardware and software complex for UAV remote control.

Teteriv, Production Association, Ukraine

Hemostatic agents (medical products).

Thermal Vision Technologies, Ukraine

Designer and manufacturer of modern high-tech electronics and optoelectronics.

TUR Gear, Ukraine

Urban and tactical gear.

Ukrainian Armor, Ukraine

Armored vests, helmets and other individual protection means.

Ukrainian Armored Vehicles (Ukrainian Armor), Ukraine

Development, manufacture and modernization of armament and military equipment.

Ukrainian Association of Polygraph Examiners, Ukraine

Examination (testing) with application of polygraph device. Sell of "Rubicon" polygraph devices made in Ukraine. Armored vests, helmets and other individual protection means.

Ukrainian Defense Corporation

Manufacturer of composite aircraft, UAVs, artillery fire control systems, targeting systems.

Ukrainian Military Buckles, Ukraine

Manufacture of plastic garment accessories for military uniform and gear.

Ukrainian Scientific and Research Institute of Special Equipment and Forensic Expertise of the Security Service of Ukraine, Ukraine

State specialized expert research establishment, which performs scientific, technical - scientific, scientific - organizational, forensic - expert activities, has functions of an expert service of the Security Service of Ukraine. ISEE SSU produces and implements special technical devices and special - purpose equipment.

Ukrainian Scientific - Research Institute of Computer Technology, Ukraine

Design and manufacture of printed circuit boards; Contract development and manufacturing of electronics (high-speed data processing systems).

Ukrainian Scientific - Research Institute of Aviation Technology, Ukraine

Development of the program and the forecast-analytical materials in the field of aviation and science-engineering. Development of the normative documentation in the field of aircraft engineering, normative-methodical and information support of the life cycle of aircraft. Technological design of aircraft and aircraft manufacturing enterprises. Prediction and determination of the labour and material costs for the production of aircraft. Creation of effective technologies, methods and means of performing a high-loaded compounds.

Ukrainian State Chemical Technology University, State Higher Educational Institution

High-capacity lithium power sources. Nanomaterial wound dressing containing immobilized chlorine. Booth with samples of paint coatings and posters. Transparent composite ballistic panels made of polycarbonate (50h50h20 cm).

Ukrinmash, Ukraine

Trade supplies of arms, ammunition, military and special purpose equipment.

Ukrintek, Ukraine

Supply of lighting equipment and devices for the military, as well as clothing and footwear.

Ukroboronprom, State Concern, Ukraine

State union of defense industry enterprises of Ukraine, which lead the activity in developing, manufacturing, trading, modernization, repair and recycling of armament, military and special equipment, ammunition.

Ukroboronservice, Ukraine

Implementation of Ukraine's interests in the sphere of export and import of products and services of military technical and special purpose.

Ukrsnabsoyuz, Ukraine

Manufacture of grosgrain, elastic, trouser ribbons, belts and cords for clothing industry.

Ukrspecexport, Ukraine

Authorized by the state as a mediator in conduction of foreign economic activity in the sphere of export and import of goods and services of military and special purpose.

Ukrspecsystems, Ukraine

Manufacturer of Guider UAV, PC-1 quadcopter, gyrostabilized gimbals for different versions of UAVs and multicopters.

Ukrspetstechnika, Ukraine

Design, manufacture and modernization of armament and military machinery, namely: radar detection systems of air, ground above-water targets; automated management systems of army, intelligence, weapons for air forces, navy, police and border guards; technical data protection means.

Ukrtehavia, Ukraine

Production of dual-use air products, aircraft bearings, components for machinery and ammunition.

Ukrtextilsnab, Ukraine

Manufacturer of woven ribbons and cords for special purposes.

Uniform and Computer Embroidery, Ukraine

Outer garment, headwear and computer embroidery.

Uniform Club, Ukraine

Production of tactical gear.

Unit TMT, Ukraine

Production and sale of military goods and goods for tourists: headwear, suits, jackets, trousers, hoodies, T-shirts, thermal underwear, overalls, backpacks, bags, equipment. Wholesale and retail trade.

URS, Ukraine

Partner of Dedrone (Germany), offers complete solution to secure your airspace. The system detects different kinds of drones using pattern recognition capabilities automatically 24/7. DroneTracker is a multi-sensor system. The software notifies you with an alarm and can be connected to your existing security system.

UTactic, Ukraine

Development and manufacture of tactical gear and apaprel under UTactic brand name.

Varitek, Ukraine

Supply of metalworking and metallurgical machinery, including provision of tools, technological and service support. Representative of ТМ Doosan (South Korea), HansLaser (China), LOCH, Jaespa (Germany), Travis (Spain), GMTK, Juaristi (Spain), Millstar, ECOCA (Taiwan).

Varius, Ukraine

Supply of metal-working machinery and tools, hard-alloyed tools, auxiliaries for CNC machines. Representative of TM TaeguTec, Doosan (South Korea), measuring tools and controlling devices IDF (Italy), Wikus (Germany), Artech (Bulgaria), Guabo (Italy), Swiss Tools (Switzerland).

VD MAIS, Ukraine

Sale of electronic components, measuring devices, electromechanical products, production of printed circuit boards, contract manufacturing of electronics.

Velmet, Ukraine

Manufacturer of metal armor, tactical gear and targets for shooting ranges.

Vesna-Dilogiya, Ukraine

Manufacture of uniforms and special clothing.

Viakom, Ukraine

Market leader in electronics; provides a full range of active and passive components, including special application, including products of Amphenol, Harwin, Tyco, Carling Tech, Saft and Vitzro Cell, Vicor, Altera, NXP and others.

Vitapolis, Ukraine

Manufacturer of welding wires (stainless, alloyed, unalloyed) of continuous section.

Vizar, Zhulyany Machine - Building Plant, Ukraine

Manufacture of complex high-tech large products for special purposes. Overhaul and modernization of aircraft L-39С, L-39ZA, L-39ZO, its assemblies, aggregates and equipment, auxiliary power plants "SAPPHIRE-5", demilitarization, update of aircraft on L-39D and delivery to the customer (according to civil aviation requirements), manufacturing of ground service means, tool for repair and air engineering operation. Manufacture and re-equipment of unmanned air complexes. Repair and modernization of aircrafts MiG-23 of all modifications, repair of units, aggregates and systems of aircraft MiG-21, MiG-27, MiG-29.

Volmas, Ukraine

Manufacture of leather and fabric gear for hunters and law enforcement agencies: bandoliers, weapon cases, holsters, etc.

WB Electronics, Poland

UAV, C4ISR, radios, artillery fire management systems.

Wladforge, Ukraine, Transcarpathian region

Custom-made forged knives and axes.

XADO-Technology, Ukraine

Weapon maintenance products: lubricants, oils, revitalizing gels.

YKK Poland

Manufacture of sewing accessories and equipment for their installation.

Yuzhnoye State Design Bureau named after M.K Yangel, Ukraine

One of the most well-known and recognized scientific and design companies in the world in the field of space technology development.

Yuzhny Machine - Building Plant named after A.M. Makarov, Production Association, Ukraine

One of the world’s scientific and industrial complexes, conducting mass production samples of modern rocket and space technology, space vehicles, aircraft units, products for industrial purposes.

Zakharchenko (Boothunter), Private Enterpreneur, Ukraine

Premium quality Cockpit USA flight jackets. Authentic Western handmade boots (cowboy boots) from the USA and Canada.

Zaporizhia State Engineering Academy, Ukraine

Samples of high-temperature materials.

Zbroyar, Ukraine

Manufacturing, modernization and repair of hunting and sporting arms.

Zenkis, Ukraine

Manufacturing of uniforms and military outfit.

Zhytomyr Armoured Fighting Vehicle Plant, Ukraine

Manufacturing, full overhaul and upgrading of lightly armored vehicles of various modifications.

Zhytomyr State Technological University, Ukraine

Various developments for defense and aerospace industries.

Zirka, Shostka State Plant, Ukraine

Production of ammunitions, explosives, products of industrial and technical purpose, the work on recycling of unfit for further use ammunitions.

Zorya-Mashproekt, Gas Turbine Research & Production Complex, Ukraine

Development, production and upgrading of gas and turbine engines for military, trade and passenger ships, and also gas compressor unit.


Chip News Ukraine

Microelectronics engineering magazine.

Biznes i Bezopasnost, Ukraine

Specialized magazine.

Defence Blog/Military Informant, Ukraine

Specialized military news web portals.

Defense Express, Ukraine

Information consulting company.

Kordon, Ukraine

Specialized magazine.

Krav-Maga Federation of Ukraine

Courses of self-defense on the basis of the Israeli-hand combat Krav Maga.

Mir Uvlecheniy; Okhota i Oruzhie, Ukraine

Men's magazine about guns, hunting and shooting sports.

Myslyvski Sobaky, Ukraine

Specialized periodical for hunters and hunting dogs' owners.

Oborudovanie I Instrument dlya Professionalov, Ukraine

Specialized magazine.

Okhota I Rybalka, Ukraine

Specialized periodical.

Okhrannoe Televidenie (Security.ua), Ukraine

Ukrainian news agency for security industry.

Radioamator, Ukraine

Specialized periodical.

Revolverclub.org, Ukraine

Club of connoisseurs of revolvers and other handguns.

Skif-Capital, Ukraine

Specialized periodical.

Svarka I Metallokonstruktsyi, Ukraine

Specialized periodical.

travmatik.com, Ukraine

Internet portal of traumatic weapons.

Ukrainian Military TV

Central TV and radio studio of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Viysko Ukrainy, Ukraine

Specialized magazine.