The XI International Congress «Institutional and Technical Aspects of Reforming of Housing and Communal Services», XIII International Trade Fair «CommunTech - 2015», VII International Investment Business Forum on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy were held on 10-13 of November in the territory of International Exhibition Centre (15, Brovarsky Ave., Kyiv, Ukraine).

These events are intended to give an opportunity to the wide range of specialists to get acquainted with domestic market and best world samples of the latest technologies and equipment for the wide application in housing and communal services, construction sector, industry, agro - industrial complex; to contribute to solving of urgent issues concerning improvement of management system and technical retooling of communal enterprises, rational use of energy resources.
Constant ideologist and Congress organizer – Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine.
Exhibition organizer: International exhibition centre, Ltd, with the support of Kyiv City State Administration and the Association of Cities of Ukraine.

On November 10th 2015 the official ceremony was opened by:
- Zubko Hennadiy – Vice-Prime-Minister of Ukraine – Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine
- Eduard Kruhliak – Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine, Chairman of Organizing Committee on preparation and holding of Congress and exhibitions
- Oleksandr Dombrovskyi – National Deputy of Ukraine, First Deputy Chairman of Committee of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on fuel and energy complex, nuclear policy and nuclear safety issues
- Serhiy Kurykin – Acting Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine
- Serhiy Savchuk – Head of State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine
- Iryna Ovcharenko – Acting Head of State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine
- Marius Janukonis – Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Lithuanian Republic in Ukraine
- Daiva Matonienė – Deputy Environment Minister of Lithuanian Republic
- Andriy Koboliev – Board Chairman of Naftogaz of Ukraine, NJSC
- Andriy Pyshnyi – Board Chairman of Oschadbank, JSC
- Anatoliy Tkachenko – Director General of International exhibition center, Ltd.

This year at expositions of Trade Fair «CommunTech» and related Trade Fair «RoadTechExpo» domestic manufacturers and suppliers presented the newest communal - cleaning machinery, products for solid household waste management, equipment for accomplishment of territories, modern developments in the sphere of automated traffic management system, software solutions for housing and communal services, solid fuel boiler equipment and many other various products, technologies and services.

Novelties (machinery, equipment, materials and technologies) in the platforms of Trade Fairs «CommunTech» and «RoadTechExpo» were represented by both constant exponents and enterprises, which took part for the first time:
Berdyask Reapers, PJSC – well-known Ukrainian manufacturing plant of agricultural machinery debuted with equipment for oversized trees replanting. Machinery can be used for greening of city streets and rest areas, for plantation and garden building, for restoring of forest massifs after industrial processing;
Agromarket+, PE – enterprise, which is one of the leading suppliers in Ukraine of the modern agricultural machinery of TM Pronar (Poland) for needs of public utilities. Among the product range: tractors, cleaning machines, sand and salt spreaders, road mowers, snow removal vehicles and snowplows for tractors, trucks and construction machinery;
AvtoKrAZ, PJSC – leader of domestic automobile industry, the constant participant of Trade Fair «CommunTech». It represented for the first time to Ukrainian consumers another new development – for cleaning snow from roads and their simultaneous sprinkling with DE-icing coating;
Gerafak, LLC demonstrated highly urgent on the eve of winter period DE-icing materials for city network and highways;
Energetik, Monastyryshche Manufacturing and Implementing Firm LLC, Lika - Svit LTD, Barmachine - Building Plant PC presented to specialists new energy saving equipment of own production in the sphere of communal heat and power engineering – industrial boiler equipment on solid fuel;
Liko-Zhytloservice LLC and Corporative Computer Systems LTD
presented software solutions for housing and communal services, the use of which will allow to optimize the activity of communal enterprises.

It was possible to get acquainted with functional advantages of modern communal, road construction machinery and equipment of various manufacturers at the large - scale companies' expositions: Avtek Automobile Holding, Budshlyakhmash Company, Globus Auto LTD, Amkodor - Ukrospetsmash JSC, Construction Machinery LTD and others.

Modern technical solutions for transport infrastructure – means of traffic management organization, created considering world standards, LED energy saving lamps for street lighting and many other products were demonstrated at the participants' stands: Atilos LTD, Rostok - Elekom LTD, Swarco Traffic Systems GmbH, Representative Office.

Products for waste treatment were represented at the stands of domestic enterprises: Elkoplast Ukraine LTD, Flash - R LLC STC, Terminal Yug LTD, Tente Ukraine Company, AFT Group LTD and Eko - Lviv LTD.

Long-term partner of International Exhibition Centre – Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Ukraine this year presented at its collective stand the Italian enterprises, working in various branches (mobile power stations manufacture, biomass processing, technologies for highway construction, etc.). It was made in order to establish commercial relations between Ukrainian and Italian companies and institutions.

Projects of United Nations Development Program in Ukraine (UNDP) were for the first time represented at Trade Fair «CommunTech».

Working in 170 countries of the world, UNDP offers solutions and global vision of problems considering specifics of local development and helps countries to withstand the crisis, develop and support economic growth. Partnership of UNDP with national, regional and local institutions has become catalyst of adoption laws and strategies and strengthening of these institutions for integration of Ukraine with world processes.
Thus, two new projects of UNDP were represented at the exhibition:
«Development and commercialization of bio-energy technologies in the municipal sector of Ukraine», which aims to accelerate sustainable use of agricultural biomass in the sphere of municipal warm and hot water supply in Ukraine;
«Transformation in the direction of energy efficient lightning» aims to create conditions for accelerating the transition to modern energy efficient lightning technologies, which can lead to saving of electricity throughout the country and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

List of participants

15 business activities of Congress (organizer - Minregion) and exhibitions were formed based on necessity to highlight at present the most urgent and priority issues of industry (efficiency of heating supply system, condition of communal heat power industry, quality requirements for drinking water in Ukraine, modern efficient building materials, energy saving in rooms and territories lighting, etc.), to summarize and generalize the achievements in the sphere of housing and communal services, to describe perspective plans of development.

Considering the agency of energy saving issue, the passed events can be united under a slogan: «Energy saving at all levels». This topic was also highlighted at the seminar «Development of housing and communal services of Kyiv city: achievements and perspective plans» (organizer: Kyiv City State Administration).

Information about program

Traditionally simultaneously with Trade Fair «CommunTech» took place the following thematically related professional exhibition activities: VI Trade Fair «RoadTechExpo» (machinery for road maintenance, modern materials for city roads and highways, technical means of road traffic organization), XIІI International Water Forum «AQUA UKRAINE» (technologies of water preparation and water treatment, pipes, pumps, armature, filters, control and measuring devices), V Trade Fair «EuroBuildExpo» (building technologies, materials, constructions for industrial and private construction, repair, finishing works), VIIІ International Trade Fair «Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy» (energy saving technologies, equipment, materials, alternative types of fuel, renewable energy sources, energy efficient projects for enterprise modernization), ІІІ Trade Fair «Industrial Ecology» (industrial and dangerous waste management, industrial emissions purification, ecological monitoring), XIІ International Agroindustrial Trade Fair «AGROFORUM» (machinery, modern technologies in plant growing, live-stock and poultry breeding, plant protection means).

This year at exposition, which occupied nearly 13000 m2, 352 enterprises demonstrated their achievements. They represented products of 18 countries of the world (Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland, Switzerland, Ukraine and the USA).

This large-scale project, devoted to necessities of the leading branches of the country, is the only informative and communicative platform. Due to such format, enterprises had an opportunity to represent their products most profitably, and visitors – to get the comprehensive information about goods, services, current condition and tendencies of market development in Ukraine.

Trade Fairs «CommunTech» and «RoadTechExpo», activities of business program attracted attention of the wide range of visitors, the number of whom was about 8000. Among them were the heads of government and executive authorities, profile specialists of housing and communal enterprises, water household, construction and assembling organizations, power and metallurgical branches of industry, mechanical engineering, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industries, project and scientific - research organizations, agricultural workers, etc

International Trade Fair COMMUNTECH '2015

International Trade Fair COMMUNTECH '2015

International Trade Fair COMMUNTECH '2015

Field of the Company’s Activity, %

Housing and communal industry


Road-Bridge and transporting economy


Collection, transport, processing, recycling of waste products


Accomplishment of cities


Heat supply and Energy


Machine building


State authorities


Water sector


Agricultural sector


Scientific and educational institutions


International and public organizations





Topics Interesting to Visitors, %

Communal machinery, machinery for special purpose


Recycling and waste management


Road construction machinery and technologies


Lighting of streets, roads, highways, gardens


Constructions and quipment for territory accomplishment


Heating and gas consumption control devices


Boiler and heat-exchange equipment


Cleaning machinery, equipment and devices


Road traffic safety


Equipment for heat network operation


Elevator equipment, traffic control of elevators