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Report on the results of
IX International Aviation and Space Salon AVIASVIT - XXI

September 24-27, 2014

September 24-27, 2014 for the first time at the International Exhibition Center was held the IX International Aviation and Space Salon "AVIASVIT-XXI". Ukrainian exhibition event in the aviation industry and space technology not by chance was held in the same format with the XI International specialized exhibition "Arms and Security-2014". As Ukraine is one of the few countries that have their own aerospace industry, the development of which are closely related with the development of the military-industrial complex and directly affect the country's defense.

"Development of this area is supported by the Ukrainian government. We will strengthen our army by the best examples of aircraft. Today we are in a highly difficult environment, but it is necessary to do everything to develop the defense industry and the aerospace field", said Alexander Turchinov during his visit to the event.

First time carried out in a common format expositions created the possibility of complex review of country’s leadership, top officials of law enforcement agencies, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and academic institutions, foreign visitors and potential customers with the achievements of defense and aerospace industry in Ukraine.

The opening ceremony of the exhibitions was held with the country's leadership participation and under the focus of media representatives (a total of more than 80 accredited media). The exhibition was opened by:
- Chairman of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov;
- The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov;
- Ukrainian Defense Minister Valeriy Geletey;
- Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak;
- Director General of the State Concern "Ukroboronprom" Roman Romanov;
- President and General Designer of the state enterprise "Antonov" Dmitry Kiva;
- People's Deputy of Ukraine, Honorary President of the company "Motor Sich" Vyacheslav Boguslayev,
representatives of the Presidential Administration, the National Security Council of Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, the military attaches that accredited in Ukraine.

Also, the exhibition was attended by official delegations from 9 countries: the Slovak Republic, headed by the Minister of Defence, Republic of Latvia, headed by the Minister of Defence, Republic of Lithuania, led by Vice-Minister of National Defence, Georgia, Algeria, Italy, Malaysia, as well as representatives of NATO.

After the opening ceremony honored guests visited the stands of participants - 75 companies, including foreign companies: Ceska Letecka Servisni a.s. (Czech Republic), Air Force Institute of Technologies (Poland) and official representations of foreign companies: Rоbinson Helicopter (USA), Diamond Aircraft Industries (Austria), JCB (Great Britain), Schwing Stetter (Germany), Powerscreen (Great Britain), CMS Industries (Italy), Enstrom Helicopter Corporation (USA), DJI (China), etc. On the area of over 6,300 square meters partcipants has presented their full-scale specimens of aircraft, training complexes of helicopters and airplanes, unmanned aerial vehicles, equipment and weapons for aircraft, air defense weapons, new engine technologies.

The exhibition demonstrated significant changes in the industry. At the stand of "Antonov" were presented airplane models that can be effectively used in the armed forces and rapid deployment forces. These include: operational and tactical military transport airplane with short takeoff and landing An-70, multi-role aircraft An-74, new transport aircraft An-178, aircraft of regional jet airplanes AN-148 and AN-158, including maritime patrol AN-148-300MP and emergence response aircraft An-148-100EM, transport version of regional turboprop aircraft An-140, An-140t, fire-An-32P, modernized "Ruslan"-An124-200.

During the exhibition, the representative of SE "Antonov" declared about the beginning of a work on a new military transport aircraft An-middle-class 188, as well as about the beginning of program implementation of unmanned aircraft systems (LHC).

SE "Ivchenko-Progress" and PJSC "Motor-Sich" presented new engines for the aircrafts, including the upgraded Mi-8. New developments of PJSC "FED" and the companies "Radioniks", SE "Orizon-navigation" in the field of aircraft instruments showed that Ukraine develops a significant number of systems that provide a complete aircraft production cycle.

Samples of unmanned vehicles now are gaining wide dissemination. This surge in demand of low multirotor copter aircrafts dictates the international market, where increasingly began to use UAVs for combat and commercial assignments. Moreover, the interest to them is also dictated by the needs the anti terrorist operation (ATO) to conduct the monitoring of the enemy movements and reconnaissance. Also at the exhibition were presented the UAV of National Aviation University, the company "Yumiko Aerospace", Design Bureau "3 Drons", which attracted interest from specialists. According to the head of parliament Oleksandr Turchynov, such systems straight from the exhibition will go to the ATO zone.

The list of such means entered the Polish drones, which, according to representatives of the Air Force Institute of Technologies (ITWL), can lift up to 15 pounds of payload, including weapons, as well as complexes to neutralize enemy drones.
At the same time, according to the results of the exposure inspection Alexander Turchynov ensured that Ukrainian defense products will be a priority in government procurements for the Defense Ministry and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. “Directly during the inspection of the exhibition we have agreed the immediate purchase of several Mi-8 helicopters for the National Guard. Ministry of Defense also purchases such helicopters with weapons" he said.

29 enterprises of the State Concern "Ukroboroprom" presented at their stands new types of weapons and military equipment, which has traditionally been in great demand in foreign markets. Wide possibilities of aircraft equipment repairing and modernization demonstrated repair plants of concern. Great interest among the specialists aroused the modified aircraft L-39, which was demonstrated at the exhibition by SE "Odessa Aviation Plant". New developments were also presented by state joint-stock holding company "Artem", SE "Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant "Aviacon", SE "GKKB" Luch." In their arsenal - high-precision mechanisms, guided missiles, optical equipment and other types of modern equipment.

The greatest interest was aroused by the multipurpose missile "Alta" of the State Enterprise “State Kyiv Design Bureau “Luch”. This is actually the first rocket of Ukrainian construction , that uses a dual-mode method of guidance. Such systems are capable to hit moving and stationary armored targets by a laser beam, and with the help of homing mode.

At the joint stand YUZHMASH and CB "Yuzhnoe" were presented the following products: launch vehicles (LV) "Zenit-3SL", "Cyclone-4", LV of "Mayak"; liquid rocket engine DU-802; liquid rocket engine "Vega"; bellows; chassis units to AN-140/148/158 aircraft, as well as new developments by "Yuzhnoye" - operational-tactical missile complex "Grom" and missile system "Korshun". Specialists of enterprises introduced to visitors of the stand the features of technological processes and production capacity of the plant.

Some of the exhibits at show in Ukraine were presented for the first time. Among them: radar "Pelican" (SPC "Iskra"), upgraded helicopter Mi-8 (PJSC "Motor Sich"), the project of modernized Mi-24 from SE "Aviacon", helicopters protection system against MANPADS "Adros" (company "Adron"), flight simulators produced by "Research and Production Association "Avia" and LLC "Market-MATS".

A significant event of the IX International aerospace salon "AVIASVIT-XXI" was the signing of an agreement about the establishment of an international aircraft manufacturing consortium. It includes: JSC "Motor Sich", the newly created company «Motor Sich Poland» and Polish company «ARBOLEDA». It is expected that in the nearest future a number of Polish aviation entities will join a consortium. The consortium will be engaged in modernization and replacement of helicopter engines W-3, Sokol, Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-24, Mi-14 and Mi-2. It will promote the production of the Ukrainian engine manufacturers on the European market.

Also during the Salon was signed four-side-Ukrainian-Polish-Hungarian-German memorandum about joint efforts in the field of engine construction and modernization of aircraft. The signatories of the memorandum were JSC "Motor Sich" (Ukraine) and the company «ARBOLEDA» (Poland), «SPECIMPEX» (Hungary), «AERODATA» (Germany). Active work that is done by the leadership JSC "Motor Sich", should assist in the short term to significantly strengthen the company's position at the European market. This will ensure the company’s stability in the conditions of termination of military-technical cooperation with the Russian Federation, about what was previously announced by the leadership of Ukraine.

PJSC "FED" also has held a series of important meetings with representatives of foreign companies:
- With the Director General ALFLETH ENGINEERING AG (Lensburg, Switzerland) were discussed prospects of supplying of modern equipment and tools of the world's leading manufacturers for PJSC "FED"
- With representatives of the company «Providence Group» (Toronto, Canada) were discussed issues of deepening cooperation with the Canadian aircraft manufacturers Thales Group Co. and Bombardier Inc. in supplying of parts and components of aircraft control systems.
- With regional manager for marketing and management of pilot projects of the company «TAT Technologies Ltd» (Gredera, Israel) on the assessment of the technological capabilities of PJSC "FED" and further cooperation between the companies in the technological sphere.

For civilian customers, in the framework of the Exhibition at the State Aviation Museum at st. Medova, 1, was held the II-nd gathering of small aviation, where it was possible to observe the flights of domestic samples of small aviation and unmanned vehicles, on exposition in the pavilion of the International Exhibition Centre was demonstrated a general-purpose aviation.

The company "Softeks Invest" presented not only four places twin-engine plane V-24 with a new flight control and navigation system, but also a full-size model of a twin-engined helicopter V-52. Both exhibits were always in the center of attention, because it is a perspective modern aircraft, which can be widely used in general aviation and commercial aviation.

Biplane "Gorobets" constructed by Andrew Gnashuka, the founder of "The Secret Service" company, that specializes in safe producing, is well-known in aviation community. Single plane with truss design has proven itself as an excellent plane, and every aircraft that is now in exploitation is unique.
Double high-winged plane K-10 SWIFT by Kiev company "Skaeton" certified in Ukraine and is in production for several years, the rate of which is gradually increasing. Total built - more than four dozens of such aircrafts.

"Rotor-Ukraine" is engaged in import of foreign aircraft company of Diamond Aircraft Ind DA40, DA42, various modifications and helicopters Enstrom 480b. However, the company employs not only in sales, but also in the maintenance of the supplied equipment, including helicopters Robinson R44. In addition, "Rotor-Ukraine" prepares pilots and maintenance equipment.

During the business program of the Salon were held the following events:
- International Aerospace Forum "The space industry of Ukraine: essential for economic modernization";
- The work of the section "Perspectives of military aviation development. Cooperation of defense industry enterprises with foreign companies, as the main direction of military-technical cooperation and the basis for the creation of new samples of aviation technique";
- Seminars of the exhibition participants LLC "Promtronik" and OOO "ASCON-KR."

Co-organizers of the International Aerospace Forum "The space industry of Ukraine: value for economic modernization" were the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine and the State Space Agency of Ukraine, with the support of the Dnipropetrovsk regional council.
Among the main speakers of the Forum were:
- Yuri Alexeev - Head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine;
- Bernard Casey - President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine;
- Eugene Udod - Head of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council;
- Sergey Voight - General Director of the SE "PA" Yuzhmash";
- Alexander Degtyarev - General Designer - Director General of the State Enterprise "CB" Yuzhnoye";
- Nicholas Liholit director KP Chief Designer "SPB" Arsenal";
- Valentin Chumachenko - Director for Research NPP "Hartron Arcos";
- Michael Il'chenko - Vice-Rector of NTU "KPI"

The forum was aimed to:
- provide a platform for leading companies of Ukraine in the area of ​​aircraft construction, rocket technology and satellite companies;
- increase of direct foreign investment in the aviation and space industry of Ukraine.

Organizers of the International Conference "Security in Eastern Europe - challenges and threats. Military-technical cooperation - an important component of the development of weapons and defense of Ukraine", were: International Exhibition Centre, the Association "Ukrainian defense technology" and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. In preparation for the conference actively participated Central Research Institute of weapons and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the State Research Institute of Aviation of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

An international conference was held during two days. On the first day of the conference at the plenary session were discussed issues "Security in Eastern Europe - challenges and threats. Military-technical cooperation with the countries of the EU and the United States - an important component of the development of weaponary and defense of Ukraine." The second day of the conference took place in sections, where the following issues were discussed:
- Perspectives of military aviation development. Cooperation of defense industry enterprises with foreign companies, as the main direction of military - technical cooperation and the basis for the creation of new samples of aviation technique;
- Perspectives of land forces armament development. Cooperation of defense industry enterprises with foreign companies, as the main direction of military - technical cooperation and the basis for the creation of new types of weapons and military equipment.

In total the conference was attended by about 500 experts, including representatives of the foreign ministries of Defense and NATO. Plenary was addressed by 15 speakers, in the work of the sections was carried out 45 reports.

Exhibition and international conference helped to promote the dialogue on the further development of military-technical cooperation in this area. Following the results of the conference, it is determined that the purpose of the cooperation should be:
1. enhanced cooperation with the leading companies of the EU and the United States in order to purchase and use of certain high-tech subsystems to improve technical characteristics of Ukrainian defense products;
2. the establishment of joint cooperation between defense enterprises and companies from different countries to develop and manufacture new models of the weapons and military techniques to cover the needs of the Armed Forces;
3. to achieve the coordination of state programs of military and technical cooperation and a gradual transition to the implementation of joint development of the individual orders of weapons and military equipment by defense ministries of several countries. Ukrainian experts believe that the first thing we can talk about is joint development of new weapons orders by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine with the defense ministries of the countries of Eastern Europe and the Baltics

For Ukraine - the development of military-technical cooperation is also important in terms of real occurrences of Ukrainian enterprises in the European Economic Area, and should be one of the real steps of Ukraine to the implementation of the signed documents of the Association with the EU.

During four days of exhibition events International Exhibition Centre attended by more than 9,000 people - the specialists of the aviation market, representatives of law enforcement, ministries and departments of Ukraine, and private persons who are interested in aviation.

For the results of the participants survey of "AVIASVIT-XXI", presented below, we can conclude about the prospects for further event in this year's proposed format:

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Photo and video of IX International Aviation and Space Salon "AVIASVIT-XXI" can be found at the International Exhibition Centre official web-site www.iec-expo.com.ua

IX International Aviation and Space Salon

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