List of participants

Company name


1C Ukraine Ltd., Kyiv

development, sale and maintenance of business, eductional and domestic software

A.P.I. SRL, Italy

pneumatic euipment

ABC-2000 Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

liquids purification equipment

Abelit Ltd., Ternopil, Ukraine

service of metal rotary drawing

Abplanalp - Ukraine Subsidiary, Kyiv, Ukraine

machines, metal - working equipment. Representative of ТМ Haas, MATE (USA), Safan (the Netherlands), Yawei (China), Sartorius (Germany) and others

Abramat Ltd, Kharkiv, Ukraine

production of flexible abrasives - grinding flapwheels, flapwheels from non - woven abrasive materials, combined spindle mounted flapwheels, polishing felt flapwheels etc.

Abrasive - Center Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

abrasive, diamond, polishing tools. Abrasive polishing belts production. Representative of ТМ Saint - Gobain (France), Klingspor (Germany), Belgorod Abrasive Plant (Russia)

Academy of Municipial Management, Kyiv, Ukraine

higher educational establishment

Aerocosmoecologia of Ukraine R&D company JSC, Kharkov

supply of non-destructive testing devices, testing and analytical equipment for machine - building, power engineering, metallurgy etc.

Aignep Spa, Italy

leading Italian manufacturer of pneumatic components

Akatech Group Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

supply of industrial components: standard mechanic elements, fixing devices

Akma - Stankoimport Ltd., Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

supply, starting-up and adjustment, guarantee and after - guarantee maintenance of metal - working machinery. Representative of ТМ HYUNDAI - KIA MACHINE, HANWHA (South Korea), НАСО (Belgium), BOMAR (Czechia), FONG HO, MATECH (Taiwan), MVD (Turkey), SAMSYS SA (Germany), BLISS, BRET (France), GALDABINI (Italy), STARRETT (Great Britain), HANLI SAWS (China)


metal processing machines

Alfleth Engineering AG, Switzerland

machines: grinding, drilling, milling, cutting (BalTec, Berger AG, Fehlmann, Huron, Robbi, DURMA, WEILER, RIHS etc)

Alista Trading Company Ltd., Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

metal and wood processing machinery, hard - alloyed metalworking tools and sheet metal processing tools. Representative of ТМ Makino, Fanuc (Japan), Vanad (Czechia), Victor (Taiwan), Ermaksan (Turkey)

Alt Laser Ltd., Kharkov, Ukraine

production of laser technological complex for engraving on surfaces, development of laser controlling and measuring devices, engraving and marking services

ALTA Co., Czech Republic

supplying technological solutions for mechanical and power engineering, metallurgy, construction materials and mining industries

Altgas Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

change natural gas into synthetic

Anaj Czech s.r.o., Czech Republic

the production and recovery of special cutting tools

Antal Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

production of overalls

Antey-МSК Ltd., Moscow, Russia

sale of balls from various steels: the stainless steel, glass, ceramics, plastic, rubber, spec. alloys. Sale of rollers, ball transfer unit. Trade representative in Russia and CIS of R.G.P. International S.r.l. (Italy)

Aplast company Ltd., Kharkiv, Ukraine

supply and sales of construction plastics (polyamide, caprolon, polyethylene, mylar, polyacetal, fluoroplastics, textolite, polypropylene) in rods, plates and tubes. Representative of ТМ OMNIA PLASTIC (Italy), HIWIN (China), POLYPRES (Spain)

Aplicens Group Ltd., Ternopil, Ukraine

supply and service of reservoir tension measuring equipment, gas low tension converters, temperature converters, programme indicators and data registration devices


production of tension, level and temperature meters; consulting, warranty and after - warranty support

Aproiri-2002 Audit company Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

legal, consulting and audit services

Aramis Ltd., Cherkasy, Ukraine

laser cutting, CNC laser cutting, waterjet cutting machines

ARDI Company Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

supply of gearboxes, motor - reducers, electric motors, frequency convertors, profiles. Representative of ТМ WattDrive (Austria), WINKEL GmbH, Niedermeier GmbH, АТЕК (Germany)

Argus Limited Ltd., Odessa, Ukraine

welding equipment and materials of LINCOLN ELECTRIC company. Combined solutions for pipeline construction. Automatic welding systems for machine - building plants. Representative of ТМ LINCOLN ELECTRIC, CRC - Evans, AMET (USA), CANUSA (Canada), PEMA (Finland)

Ascania-Service Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

screw air compressors, air collectors, air driers, sleeve filters, spare parts for compressors. Representative of ТМ ZELKO

Ascon-Complex Solutions Ltd, Kyiv, Ukraine


ATA-Abrisive Ltd., Zaporozhye, Ukraine

production and supply of abrasive tools. Representative of ТМ LUKAS (Germany)

Atotech Deutchland GmbH, Germany

welding equipment

Avantis Trade and Production company Ltd., Zhytomir, Ukraine

repair and modernization of metal - cutting machinery, also with CNC; production of metal items of various kinds

AXA CNC stroje s.r.o., Czech Republic

CNC Milling centres, CNC Portal machines, special technologies

Azovtranskomplekt Ltd., Zaporizhya region, Ukraine

weight loading equipment (chain hoists, hoisting jacks, МТМ), straps, load levellers, gripping devices etc.

Balflex Portugal S.A., Portugal

hydraulic components, industrial hoses

Baranovichi Automatic Lines Plant Republic Enterprise, Belarus

multihead and special machine - tools, turning machines, automatic lines, machine units, non - standard equipment

Baranovichi Machine - Tool Components' Plant JSC, Republic of Belarus

manufacturer of the universal clamp tooling required for the assembly of machine tools of turning, milling, drilling and planing groups, as well as parts and components for the automotive and tractor equipment

Barvinok-Edal PE, Kyiv, Ukraine

induction equipment, melting ovens, induction warming devices, forging and cold forging equipment and tools. Representative of TM Ukrinduktor (Ukraine)

Batex Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

sale of metal processing machine-tools. Representative of ТМ AMADA (Japan) GOODWAY, DAHLIH, EVERISING, AKIRA - SEIKI (Taiwan)

Beck and Pollitzer Ukraine Ltd., Kyiv

machinery installation and relocation, project management, electrical and mechanical services, control systems and maintenance

BeCo Srl, Italy

bearings production

Belarusian State University, Minsk

electric quantities measuring instruments; power supplies of wide application; system of automated diagnostics of machinery mechanical engineering assemblies; fluid, heat energy and gas counters; car scales, truck scales; equipment for foamed polyurethane goods production; technologies of function coverage of different materials; corrosion protection; water purification technologies; ecological monitoring

Belaruskali OJSC, Soligorsk, Republic of Belarus

more than twenty sorts and grades of potash, the compound nitrogen - phosphorous - potash (NPK) fertilizers, mixed fertilizers, as well as a broad assortment of salts: edible, technical and fodder ones

Belneftekhim, The Belarusian State Concern for Oil and Chemistry, Minsk

union of enterprises and organizations for crude oil production, refining and transportation, oil product sales, chemistry and petrochemistry, several scientific, research and development, construction organizations, as well as a developed distribution network in foreign markets

Belorgstankinprom Institute, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

main organization of Republic of Belarus machine - tool - building industry, which concerns technical development issues

Belshina JSCm Bobruisk, Republic of Belarus

production of tires for cars, trucks, heavy trucks, construction, road and hoisting machinery, electric transport, buses, transport and agricultural machines

Beltimport Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

sale of drives and conveyor elements. Representative of ТМ Optibelt (Germany), Tsubaki (Japan), Forbo Siegling (Switzerland), Gummilabor (Italy), Rexnord (United States of America)

Best Business SE, Kyiv, Ukraine

production and supply of products from various types of electrocorundum, silicone carbide, synthetic diamonds and cubic boron nitride an also many other grinding materials and tools from these materials

BLM Spa - BLM Group, Italy

tube processing machinery

Borries Markier-Systeme GmbH, Germany

marking equipment

Bortek Ltd, Boryspil, Ukraine

development and production of thermal - electric equipment, drying ovens, water purification systems etc

Bravo Spetsodyag Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

production and supply of overalls, protective shoes and individual protection means

Brighetti Meccanica SRL, Italy

production of precision cutting tools and reduction bushes

Bystronic Laser AG, Switzerland

systems for processing sheet metal: laser cutting systems, waterjet cutting systems and press brakes

CADS Center Ltd., Lviv, Ukraine

integrated solutions CAD/CAM/CAI/CAPP/PLM. Consulting, supply of equipment and software, training, support, project implementation. Software of: Delcam Plc (UK), ASCON (Russia), mobile coordinate measuring machines of FARO Technologies Inc. (USA)

Camozzi Pneumatics Simferopol Ltd., Ukraine

production and sale of Camozzi pneumatic equipment

Carbaz company, Kyiv, Ukraine

carbonitriding (liquid nitriding)

Cemark Ltd., Poltava, Ukraine

engraving equipment and services. Representative of ТМ AUTOMATOR (Italy)

Cematek Muhendislik Makine Ins. Iml. San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti, Turkey

pressing machines, granulators, molds

Center of Technological Initiatives Ltd., Sumy, Ukraine

supply of metal processing machinery, repair of machine - tools, technical support, manufacture preparation, metal items processing

Centrospaw Ukraine Ltd., Kyiv

supply of welding materials and equipment. Representative of ТМ Tecna (Italy), Soyer (Germany), Hypertherm (USA), ESAB (Sweden), Eckert (Germany - Poland)

Cerammach Institute of Ceramic Machine - Building PE, Slavyansk, Ukraine

design, production and sales of thermal and melting ovens of ThermoGas and ThermoMaster series

Cerin Spa, Italy

production of hard alloyed metalcutting tools

Chasov Yar Refractory Products Plant PE, Donetsk region, Ukraine

manufacture of refractory products, materials, production of refractory clay, clay for ceramic tile, molding sands

Chernigiv Mechanical Plant PE, Ukraine

manufacture of forging equipment (guillotine shears, plate straightening machines), metal building, metal forms and equipment for concrete plants and construction enterprises, non - standard equipment

CHIP Private Entrepreneur, Volyn region, Ukraine

production of band-saw machines "MYT", metalworking

CIT Research and Production company Ltd., Kirovograd, Ukraine

dies, molds, tooling

Ckd Blansko-Os, a.s., Czech Republic

development, construction, production and assembly of heavy - duty vertical lathes, so - called carousels, in a single - column or double - column design

CMS Spa, Italy

5-axis CNC machining centers, waterjet cutting machines

Communar association, State R&D Enterprise, Kharkiv, Ukraine

development and production of controlling devices for air and railway transport; welding equipment; water and electricity meters

Contact Engineering and Technical Centre PJSC, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

metal processing machinery, tools, repair of machine - tools, CNC systems modernization, drilling tools, vibration - based diagnostics. Representative of ТМ Hoffmann Group (Germany), Korloy Inc (South Korea), Mazak (Japan), DAVI (Italy), Style (the Netherlands)

CzechTrade, Czech Republic

foreign representation Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic

Dalgakiran Compressor Ukraine Ltd., Kyiv

compressor equipment, blast engines, compressed air dryers; diesel power plants; chillers; pump equipment; maintenance

Debico Ltd., Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

import of metal processing machinery of ТМ ERMAK (Turkey), FANUC (Japan) and other brands

Delta-Modern Technologies Ltd., Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

supply of welding equipment, metal processing and machine - building machinery. Representative of ТМ Meba (Germany), Romi (Brasil), Peddinghaus (USA), Danobat (Spain), Promotech (Poland) and others

Demag Cranes and Components GmbH, Representative office on Ukraine, Kyiv

representative of Demag Cranes&Components GmbH, production in Germany: industrial bridge cranes, hoists (up to 250 tonns), rope hoists (up to 1-50 tonns), jib cranes, chain electric hoists (up to 5 tonns), motor - reducers

Denal Group Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

weight loading equipment: cranes and hoists of different types, electric and manual winches, assembly and traction mechanisms and other small mechanization means. Representative of ТМ "PodemCrane", "ELMOT", "Skladova Tehnika" (Bulgaria), "Kyiv PTI Plant" (Ukraine)

Desta PE, Rivne, Ukraine

marking and information engraving on metal plates

Det-Ua Ltd., Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine

high-pressure hoses, rubber items, end fittings, drilling tools and equipment

Diagnostic Devices R&D company Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

non-destructive control devices

Diamant and Co Ltd., Mariupol, Ukraine

polymer materials

Diason Ltd., Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

design and manufacture of hydraulic lifting platforms, intercommunication console lifts and scissor lifts and other hydraulic equipment

Diva Ltd., Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

supply of anti-corrosion painting and polishing materials. Representative of ТМ Barpino (Spain), Rakoll (Germany), Gori (Denmark), Sopur (Poland)

DMG Russland Ltd., Moscow, Russia

producer of turning and milling machines, ultrasonic and laser treatment equipment. Representative of DECKEL MAHO GILDEMEISTER (Germany)

Dnepr - Instrument Ltd., Dneprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine

metal-cutting tools and machinery; representative of ТМ NAREX Zdanice, ZPS - FN (Czechia), SGM - Filetta (The Netherlands), Profiroll Technologies (Germany), Cuoghi Affilatrici (Italy)

Donbass Prom Oil Ltd., Donetsk, Ukraine

engineering company, official distributor of SHELL lubricants and PALL filtration equipment, as well as ТМ Fleetgard - (USA), Houghton

Donmet Ltd, Autogenous Equipment Plant, Donetsk region, Ukraine

design and production of metal welding, cutting and soldering equipment, cylinder regulators

Doss Instrument Ltd, Kirovograd, Ukraine

tools, including: drills, reamers, countersinks, shoulder and disk cutters; cutting, flap and grinding wheels and many others. Representative of ТМ RUKO, Nachreiner, R.Schröder, Günter Wendt, Peddinghaus (Germany)

DSM-Trade Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

automation of construction projects and technological processes, distribution and system integration of software for state structures, banks, industrial enterprises and research organizations

DTM-Ukraine Ltd., Dnepropetrovsk

supply, warranty and after warranty maintenance of machine - tools Samsung (South Korea)

DX-Studio Ltd., Rivne, Ukraine

safety signs, markers, scales etc

Economus-Ukraine Ltd., Kyiv

condensing elements for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Representative of ТМ SKF

Electrical Systems Installation Gropu Ltd., Donetsk, Ukraine

electric supply, dispatching control and automation projects for turnkey construction objects, public and industrial buildings

Eleks R&D company Ltd., Odesa, Ukraine

metal processing and supply of machinery

Elfa-S Ltd, Kyiv, Ukraine

representative of SCHAUBLIN MACHINES. A., MULLER MACHINES S.A., TORNOS S.A., HAUSER S.A., MEF. tech AG, realization of new and commission equipment, balancing and commissioning

Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine: Trade and Investment Promotion Office, Kyiv

industrial enterprises of Poland

Emes Endustriyel Makina Ekipmanlari San. ve Tic. A.S., Turkey

industrial castors

Enerprof Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

weight lifting equipment, mechanisms, ords, auxiliaries. Representative of ТМ Enerpac, Cordstrap (The Netherlands), Walker Pilana Magnetics (Czechia), CROSBY EUROPE (Belgium), TESMEC (Italy), Kito Europe (Germany)

Erowa Technology Sp. z o.o., Poland

CNC machinery for metal processing

Europrylad Group of companies Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

supply and service of level and tension sensors and auxiliaries for them

Exiner Group s.r.o., Czech Republic

preparation and implementation of projects in the energy and waste management and their financing

Expoforum, Poland

industrial enterprises from Poland

Fabrikant TP, Kyiv, Ukraine

trading portal Fabrikant.ua gives an opportunity to carry out the full complex trading and purcharing procedures online

Fam-Engineering Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

geared motors, electric motors, vibratory equipment, transmission components, industrial supplies, structural profile, linear actuators, gas springs, industrial chemistry, electrical equipment, robotics. Representative of ТМ Bonfiglioli (Italy), Elesa + Ganter (Italy - Germany), Italvibras (Italy), Maytec (Germany)

Favorit AM PE, Lviv, Ukraine

official representative of PIERCE CONTROL AUTOMATION Plant, TIGEMMA TM (Czech Republic) – CNC portal gas cutting machines

Faza research and production company Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

surface treatment technologies; eco - friendly washing solutions and equipment; welding protection; titanium and stainless steel weld cleaning; Bio - Circle washers, ultrasonic, stream washers. Representative of ТМ Bio - Chem (Germany)

First Universal Trading Company Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

industrial washing machines, communal machines, cleaning equipment. PERKUTE (Germany), MAGIDO, DULEVO (Italy), AVANT (Finland), NILFISK (Denmark)

Fractality Ltd, Kyiv, Ukraine

supply of tools for milling machines and lathes, spark erosion machines; personnel training; tools' startup procedures. Representative of ТМ Iscar (Israel), Stock, ROEHM, KNOLL, MAPAL (Germany), Wey - Juan, NINE 9 (Taiwan), Yougar (Korea)

Fregat Ltd, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

wheels and rollers for all kinds of machinery. Official distributor of the German company TORWEGGE GmbH&Co in Ukraine

Fronius Ukraine Ltd, Kyiv region

production of standard semi-automatic equipment for MIG/MAG welding, sales of various welding and cutting equipment, and also full spectrum of corresponding services. Representative of ТМ Fronius (Austria), Hypertherm (USA), BTH, Georg Fischer (Germany)

Frunze-Electrode Ltd., Sumy, Ukraine

production of welding electrodes

Fuxin Tianyuan Steel Balls Mafacturing Co., Ltd, China

steel ball bearings

Galika AG, Switzerland

grinding, turning equipment and machines, horizontal and vertical turning centres, forge - pressing, thermal treatment equipment; representative of more than 40 companies, particularly: AGIE CHARMILLES, FEINTOOL (Switzerland), GASPARINI (Italy), HELLER (Germany) and others

Galpodshipnik Trading House, Kyiv, Ukraine

bearings, drive belts, fastenings, chains and star gears, couplings, lubricating systems and equipment testing. Representative of SKF (Sweden), SNR - NTN (France), Timken (USA), Optibelt (Germany), Sampla (Italy) and others

Galsoft-Service Ltd., Lviv, Ukraine

dealer's service in metalworking machinery wholesale; production of plastic tableware. Representative of ТМ MURATEC (Japan), MAXIMART (Taiwan), DURMA, UZMA, BENDMAK (Turkey)

Gates Europe BVBA, Belgium

industrial power transmission systems, hydraulic systems

Gertner Service GmbH, Germany

linear and angular motion sensors, rotation sensors, digital indication systems and CNC. Representative of Heidenhain (Germany)

Gleason Sales, Germany

turning and milling machines, machining centers, grinding machines

Gomel Hydraulic and Pneumatic Automatics Design Technical Agency, Republic of Belarus

making and delivering hydraulic drives and hydroelectronic piloting systems

Gomel Hydroprivod Plant RUE, Republic of Belarus

control hydro equipment for tractors and agricultural cars, inbuilt and joint type equipment for metal working machine tools

Gomel Machine Tool Units Plant JSC, Republic of Belarus

СNС metal processing machinery

Gostol TST d.d., Slovenia

blastshooting machines

Grik Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

manufacture of personal protection means for head, eye, face, respiratory organs; also import of electrodes, rods, powders for surfacing and spraying. Representative of TM Kennametal Stellite GMbH (Germany)

Guehring Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

precision metal-cutting tools of TM Guehring (Germany)

Gutsol Industrial Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

sales of milling, drilling, grinding and measuring machines and spark erosion CNC machine - tools, auxiliaries and tools; related services

H.T.H.-High Technology Hoses S.r.l., Italy

production of industrial hoses

Hangzhou Jie Drive Techoology Co., Ltd, China

gear reducer R&D, manufacturing, sales and service

Hangzhou Transaling Industrial Co., Ltd, China

A and B series standard roller chains, bush chains, stainless steel chains, silent chains, leaf and special chains, conveyor chains, etc.

Hennlich Ukraine Ltd., Donetsk region

injection valves "Lechler", rotary bindings "Maier", dosing pumps "SERA", power chains and beatings "IGUS", linear sliding bearing "HIWIN", "THK", fastenings "HALLITE"

Hermle WWE AG, Switzerland

supplier of machining centers and universal milling machines, technologies, repair and service

Hid-Tek Makina San Ve Tic Ltd Sti, Turkey

hydraulics, pneumatics, vacuum technology, automation of production

Houfek a.s., Czechia

CNC machines (machining centers), machines for grinding sheet metal after laser cutting, stamping and other technology cycles

Hydrohouse Ltd., Vinnitsa, Ukraine

suply of hydraulic components for various hydraulic systems. Representative of ТМ Hypress, IMM, STELMI (Italy)

Hydroma Spol. s.r.o., Czech Republic

supply of hydraulic components

Hydropress P.H Ltd, Kyiv, Ukraine

supply of industrial hydraulics components for hight pressure pipelines and oil stations. Representative of ТМ Hydropress (Poland), Cast, Stucchi (Italy)

Hydrotor S.A., Poland

gear pumps, oil engine pumps, valves, flow dividers, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic power packs, valve blocks

I.C.E., Italian Trade Promotion Agency, Kyiv, Ukraine

organizes promotion activities and provides information and advice to Italian and foreign companies

IFS Ukraine company, Kharkov

IFS software offers specialization of resourses' management for various fields of industry

Imperia Metalov Ltd, Kharkiv, Ukraine

metal-cutting tools: SGS Tools Company (USA), SUMITOMO ELECTRIC (Japan), DHF (Taiwan), DOLFAMEX (Poland), NAREX (Czech Republic). Auxiliaries: D'ANDREA (Italy), HAIMER (Germany), BISON - BIAL (Poland). Machine - tool systems - rotation converters: OMG (Italy). Metal - processing machinery Twinhorn, ARES SEIKI, QUASER, TOP WORK, FORCE ONE and EDM (Taiwan)

Industrial Automation Companies' Association, Kyiv, Ukraine

represents the interests of Ukrainian Society of Industrial automation enterprises

Industrial Technologies Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

equipment and spare parts for industrial enterprises of Ukraine. Representative of ТМ NKE AUSTRIA, IMO (Germany), Unionocel, PEI, Rotar and many others

Infra-Spektr Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

realization of coordinate measuring machines FARO (Switzerland), 3D Systems (USA), thermal viewers FLIR (Sweden), liquid, gas and steam flow meters GE SENSING (PANAMETRICS), pipeline diagnostics systems TELETEST FOCUS (Great Britain)

Innovation Alliance Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

metal processing tools. Official dealer of TM TYROLIT (Austria), FESTOOL, BMI, WIHA (Germany) in Ukraine

Instail Ltd., Poltava, Ukraine

production of diamond tools: grinding and polishing circles, pastes, pencils, needles, "Rockwell" heads. Production of customized diamond equipment by customer specifications

Institute For Super Hard Materials named after V.N. Bakul, Science and Technology Diamond Concern Alcon of National Academy of Sciences Of Ukraine, Kyiv

fundamental scientific researches of physical and chemical processes of mono and polycrystalline, disperse and film diamond and diamond - like materials creation and growth

Institute of Technology of Metals of National Academy of Sciences, Mogilev, Republic of Belarus

the institute develops, produces, delivers, installs and performs service of environmentally friendly resource saving technologies and equipment for:
- continuous casting of ferrous and nonferrous metals;
- electroslag casting of billets, including bimetal;
- centrifugal casting of bimetals;
- crushing of steel cuttings

Instrument-Spektr R&D Company Ltd., Zaporozhye, Ukrane

supply of industrial machinery and tools: metal chemical composition analysers, industrial brushes, metal cutting tools. Representative of ТМ OLYMPUS, INNOV - X Systems, OSBORN, RUKO, KAINDL

Intech Research&Production Company, Odesa, Ukraine

development of CAD systems for metal - cutting. Software for thermal cutting machines: development, implementation, maintenance

Intek Vacuum Ukraine Ltd., Kyiv

vacuum pumps, compressors and blowers, pump assemblies, deposition and etching equipment for the semiconductor industry. Representative of TM Edwards (UK), Hibon (Франция), Lutоs (Czech Republic), VAT (Switzerland), Oxford Instruments (USA)

Intron Plus Ltd., Moscow, Russia

design and production of non - destructive testing devices, industrial objects' diagnostics

Intron-SET, Donetsk, Ukraine

fault indicators, hardometers, vibration testing devices. Official dealer of Russian TM PANATEST, DIAGNOST, INTRON - PLUS, INTERPRIBOR, MET, ALTEC, KROPUS

Iraundi S.A., Spain

production of bearings

Irbis Trading House ISC, Kharkiv, Ukraine

bearings of SKF, INA, Timken, NSK, FAG, Nachi, Asahi, CIS and Eastern Europe trademarks; supply of SKF, Contiteh, Stomil Sanok driving belts; mechanical rubber goods of Russian plants; lubrication systems of Linkoln; filters and filtering systems; motor - reducers of Rexnord, Tramec, Varvel

Ivanovo Heavy Machine Tool Building Work JSC, Russia

high-technological advanced metal processing machinery

J.G. SERVICE, Poland

hard alloyed metal cutting tools

Kaercher Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

effective complex solutions for cleaning of commercial and industrial premises

Kaeser Compressoren Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

supply and sales of compressor equipment, compressed air preparation systems, vacuum devices, chillers, adsorbtion driers. KAESER service and supply of spare parts

Kakhovka electric welding equipment plant JSC, Kherson region, Ukraine

production of electric welding equipment

Kaynak Teknigi San. Ve Tic. A.S., Turkey

exclusive distributor of LINCOLN ELECTRIC'S welding machinery, equipment, welding wires and electrodes; manufacturer of welding electrodes and wires by TM ASKAYNAK, KOBATEK

Kemis Plus d.o.o., Slovenia

adhesives in the complementary program they sale technical sprays, lubricants, protective coatings, etc.

Ketten Ltd., Kyiv region, Ukraine

load lifting equipment rigging products: hoists, jacks, hoists, clamps, clips, hooks, chains etc. ТМ H.F.S. (Austria)

Kintek SRL, Italy

wide range of tools for CNC Machines (lathes and milling machines) and tool holders

Kirov region support Center of export - oriented small and medium - sized businesses, autonomous non - commercial organization, Russia

weight loading equipment, metal processing machines, measuring tools

Knuth Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH, Germany

wide range of metal processing machines: Hydroabrasive and plasma cutting devices, machining centers, turning, boring and grinding machines – hand - control and with CNC, sheet bending equipment, guillotines, presses etc.

Kobrin Tools' Plant "SITOMO" Unitary Enterprise, Republic of Belarus

production of hand tools

Koda UA Company Ltd., Kharkiv, Ukraine

electronic track and truck scales, weighbridges, crane and bench scales, precision scales, roughness and hardness testers

Kovosvit Mas, a.s., Czech Republic

production of metal processing machinery

Krankomplekt R&D Company Ltd., Zaporozhye, Ukraine

design, production, modernization and assembly of weight loading and electric equipment

Krasny Borets Machine-Tool Plant, Rupe, Orsha, Republic of Belarus

production and sale of surface-, round-, spline-, profile grinding, milling, equipment (including machines with CNC), open crank presses, small mechanization means

KSK-Automation Ltd, Kyiv, Ukraine

industrial equipment: controlling devices, electric drives, controlling and measuring devices, shut - off and control valves. Official representative of ТМ: Mitsubishi Electric (Japan), Jumo, Krohne, Gemu, Flux, GSR, Bopp & Reuther (Germany), InterApp, Valpes, Scaime (France), Alpha Рompe, CSF (Italy), YTC (South Korea), Pepperl + Fuchs (Germany, Italy), United Electric Controls (USA), RTK (Germany), Sigeval (Spain)

KUHTREIBER s.r.o., Czech Republic

production of welding equipment, machines and expendables, service

Kyiv Polytechnical University, National Technical Institute of Ukraine, Kyiv

higher educational establishment of research profile, which holds fundamental and scientific surveys in the following fields: modernization of electric power plants, new and renewable energy sources, modern energy - saving technologies

Kysil PE, Lviv, Ukraine

design of models, prototyping

Lakokraska JSC, Lida, Republic of Belarus

production and sale of paint materials, polyvinyl acetate dispersion, phthalic anhydride and plasticizers

Laris PE, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

stainless metal, towel driers, handrails, non-standard metal items

Lazerit research and production company Ltd., Odessa, Ukraine

laser marking and metal-cutting equipment

Leader Engineering Company PE, Kharkiv, Ukraine

manufacture of reciprocating and screw compressors, industrial pneumatic: pneumatic cylinders, valves, pneumatic tools and equipment for the purification of compressed air filters, dehumidifiers. Representative of TM OMI (Italy), SUMAKE (Taiwan)

Leave Industrial Co. Ltd., China

production of high strength aluminum base series

LEZ Trading House Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

official representative of Losinoostrovsky Elektrode Plant, Moscow, Russia - producer of welding electrodes

Liag Technik Service Ukraine Subsidiary Company, Kyiv

ventilation equipment and components, pipe tools, pipe cleaning equipment, metal processing machines, items for air - conditioning, heating and sanitary engineering, pumps and valves, measuring instruments. Represenative of ТМ Schroder, Prinzing, Boschert (Germany), Forstner (Austria), Orbitalum (Switzerland)

Lipetsk Machine - Building Plant JSC, Russia

machine-tools-building, production of grinding, radial - turning machines, magnet and gripping plates

Lugansk Thermal Equipment Plant "Lugatherm" Ltd., Ukraine

development and manufacture of heating equipment, automated solid - fuel boilers anthracite with intel - control

M&V spol. s r.o., Czech Republic

production and supply of metal - cutting tools

M.G. di Magrini Giuseppe SRL, Italy

production of high quality metal cabinet with drawers, heavy - duty work banches, tools holder, cup boards and trolleys

MachEnTech Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

official representative of the world leading producers of metal processing machinery, injection moulding machines: ТМ Mitsubishi Electric (Japan), Sunnen (USA, Switzerland), AVIA FOP (Poland), Rhenus Lub (Germany), Erowa (Switzerland). Technology design, service, supply of spare parts, materials and cutting tools

Macrolab Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

portative spectrometers, X-ray phase analysis spectrometers and diffractometers, grinding and polishing tools

Master Textyle Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

official representative of Master Textile Millls ltd in Ukraine - a leading manufacturer of special fabrics

Matica MB d.o.o., Slovenia

fasteners, rivit fasteners, self - clinching material, welding material and tools

Megadyne - HU Kft, Hungary

production of bearings

Melitek - Ukraine Ltd., Kyiv

supply, technical and methodological support, warranty service of scientific equipment: chemical testing devices, non - destructive testing etc.

Mendol Ltd., Dneprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine

production of welding electrodes

MHD Maschinenservice GmbH, Germany

production, recondition, complete remanufacturing and modernization of gear cutting machinery, also with CNC

Microsfera Ukraine Ltd., Dnepropetrovsk

sale of special-purpose materials

Microtech Research&Production Company, Kharkiv, Ukraine

production of measuring tools, drills, end mills, saws and other instruments: repair of tool

Migatech Industry Ltd, Kyiv, Ukraine

industrial electric welding equipment: CNC thermal cutting machines, hot zinc coating lines, etc. Welding automation and mechanization

MikRA Ltd, Kyiv, Ukraine

digital and analogue thermoregulators, temperature and pressure indicators, programmable controllers, heat counters, time relay, optic sensors, specialized controllers

Mineral Wax Plant JSC, Minsk region, Republic of Belarus

production of a wide range of lubricants, oils, chemicals, cutting tools, and paraffin waxes, lubricants for various industries

Ministry of Education of Republic of Belarus, Minsk

creation of a system of continuous education; introduces new technologies, materials, equipment, developed by the universities

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Belarus, Minsk

support of ecenomic partnership with foreign countries

Mir Vesov Ltd, Donetsk, Ukraine

automobile scales, resistive - strain sensors, weight and pressure indicators

MK Dva Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

grinding materials for metal-, wood- and glassworking. Representative of ТМ Hermes Schliefmittel Gmb & Co, Awuko, VSM (Germany)

Motor Sich Private Enterprise, Zaporozhye, Ukraine

development and production of airplane engines, gas power plants, drives; repair and modernization of helicopters; production and modernization of CNC metal processing machines

Motorimpex External Trading Company Ltd., Kharkov, Ukraine

hydraulic equipment (pumps, engines, filters, cylinders, metering control pumps, valves and manipulating apparatus, auxiliaries). Representative of Ponar (Poland); Atos spa; Dropsa Spa (Italy); "M+S HYDRAULIC" (Bulgaria)

MSH Techo Ltd., Moscow, Russia

supply of modern vacuum and compressor equipment, researches and high - technology processes facilities

Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp., Japan

electronic equipment, robotics, high precision machining equipment, metal cutting tools, bearings, hydraulic components, automobile components, special steels and coatings

NAK Trade and Production company Ltd., Lviv, Ukraine

power hydraulics, high and low pressure sleeves, hyrdocylinders and components, pump stations, hydrauliс pipes and fittings, filters and filtering equipment, facilities for production of high pressure sleeves, pneumatics. Representative of ТМ Stomil (Poland), Semperit (Czechia), Norgren (USA), Parker, Uniflex (Germany)

NAREX Zdanice, spol. s r.o., Czech Republic

production of taps of high - speed steels (HSS) and extra high - speed steels (HSSE)

New Standard Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

production of spare parts and non - standard auxiliaries; chrome coating, surfacing, grinding of various units and stocks; production and renovating of matrix, feed - screws and sleeves; thermal treatment, turning and milling works

NID Group Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

special garments

Ningbo Angricht Auto Parts Co., Ltd., China

pneumatic fittings, brass pneumatic connection, pneumatic quick coupler, valve, hydraulic quick coupler, silencer, air hose and air blow guns etc.

Ningbo Sono Manufacturing Co., Ltd, China

air source units, execute components, control components, punches, fittings, tubes etc.

Nui Utensili Europa SRL, Italy

production of carbide metal - cutting tools

Odessa Radial Drilling Machine Plant PE, Ukraine

radial drilling machines, table - type radial drills, vertical drilling machines etc

Oliver Ltd, Belarus

production and supply of welding materials and equipment for manual, semi - automatic and mechanic welding and cutting

OPEN MIND Technologies Schweiz GmbH, Winkel, Germany

development of automatic design and programming systems, posrtprocessors. 2D-, 3D-strategies, 5-axes and tunring processing, special applications

Optimal-MM Ltd., Khmelnitsky, Ukraine

plasticizing cylinders and other spare parts for injection molding machines and extruders of domestic and foreign production

Osborn International GmbH, Germany

metal brushes for industrial purposes

Pevag Ukraine Ltd, Lviv

hoisting equipment, chains, slings, auxiliaries, rigging, anti-slipping chains, tyre protection means, conveyor chains, chain cargo fastening devices. Representative of ТМ Pewag Austria, Pewag Schneeketten, KWB (Austria)

Phoenix Machine-Tools AG, Switzerland

metal processing machinery

Physic and Technological Institute of Metals and Alloys of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv

scientific researches and developments

Physical-Technical Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, State Scientific Institution, Minsk

researches in the area of physics of strength and plasticity of materials, elaboration of up-to-date methods and technologies for creation and processing of materials

PM-CM Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

supply of metal processing machinery, spare parts, tools, cranes, storehouse systems. Technical maintenance. Representative of ТМ FICEP S.P.A., Nuova C.M.M., OMIS, PM-PIEMME S.A.S. (Italy), Stierli (Switzerland)

Pneumatics Private Company, Simferopol, Ukraine

wide range of pneumatic equipment


pneumatic equipment

Polskie Liny Sp. z o.o., Poland

manufacturer of ropes, wires and steel slings

Poltava Diamond Tool Plant PJSC, Ukraine

metal, wood and glass working tools: diamond wheels and CBN wheels, cutters and inserts of super hard materials, draw plates, blocks, diamond honing tools, correction pencils, diamond grinding heads, diamond bores and pastes

Polystar joint venture Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

welding equipment

Power Belt Ltd., Zakarpatye region, Ukraine

ball screws, linear guide lines, actuators, belts, sheave components, conveyor belts, chains, drive sprokets, couplings, gearboxes, vibratory bearings, toothed gearwheels, trapezoidal screws. Representative of ТМ TBI MOTION (Taiwan), UNIMOTION (Slovenia), SATI (Italy), VISION (China), OPTIBELT (Germany)

Praktika Ukraine Ltd., Dnepropetrovsk

exclusive supplier of band saws for metal of Honsberg (Germany), circular cutting saws Julia (Italy), puncheons for pattern forming and forming taps of ZECHA (Germany); services for band saws welding, recovery and sharpening

Prigma-Press Inc., Khmelnitsky Press - Forging Equipment Launching Plant, Ukraine

design and production of press-forging machinery

Privod Plus Ltd., Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

motor-reducers, electric motors, couplings, backstops, cardan joints, brakes etc. Representative of ТМ Bauer Gear Motor GmbH, Hansa - Motoren Reparaturbetrieb GmbH (Germany), Dinamic Oil, S.T.M.S.p.a, G.S.M.S.p.a. (Italy)

Professional Safety Educational and Production Center, Kyiv, Ukraine

trainings on labor safety and industrial security; consulting, preparation of documents, production and supply of personal protection means

Profi-Instrument R&D company Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine


Profiplast JV, Sumy, Ukraine

manufacturing of equipment from polymers (polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, PVDF): containers, fans, ventilation systems, electrical equipment, hydraulic seal sheet polymers steel tanks, concrete tanks, "BioStok" production stations for wastewater treatment

Profline Co Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

production and supply of conveyors and spare parts to them for all fields of industry, supply of driving elements etc.; transporter belts of NITTA (Japan - Netherlands), steel transporting grid belts of TOPAZ (Czechia), rubber - fabric conveyor belts SAVA (Slovenia), chain cable - cases Kabelcshlepp (Germany), tetrafluorethylene thermoresistant grids and belts FIBERFLON (Germany)

Prominstrument Subsidiary Company, Kyiv, Ukraine

hard alloyed tools: metal - cutting, bench, diamond tools; pneumatic tools, auxuliaries for machine - tools. Representative of ТМ STELLRAM (Switzerland), CERIN (Italy), CORUN (Serbia), Kirovgrad Hald Alloys Plant (Russia) and others

Promtechconstruction Research and Production Small Private Enterprise Donetsk region, Ukraine

bushing-roller chain drives; transporter chains; special chains according to individual orders

Radian R&D company, Nikolaev, Ukraine

production of thermal cutting machines for sheet metal profiled cutting. Production of engraving machines for natural stone processing

Radiy R&D company PE, Kirovograd, Ukraine

design and manufacture and energy - saving lightings

Rapid Cutting Factory Production&Commercial Company Ltd, Kharkiv, Ukraine

waterjet cutting services of any materials

Real PE, Chernigiv, Ukraine

production of information stands, boards, plates; prohibitory, restrictive and mandatory signs of industrial, fire and electric safety, labour safety

Refit Ltd., Ivano - Frankovsk, Ukraine

supply of automation means and CNC machines' spare parts; support in choosing the equipment, technical consultations, free training for personnel in automation means' use

Remiks SE, Bila Tserkva, Ukraine

sensors, vibrators, microprocessor regulatorіs. Representative of TM Skov (Denmark), Finetek (Taiwan), Hycontrol (UK)

Remmach SPb JSC, Saint - Petersbourg, Russia

supply of heavy and unique metal processing machines by HNK (South Korea): boring mills, horizontal boring mills, rigid - bed milling machines, gear cuttrers, heavy boring, duplex machines, machines for processing of marine screw propellers and crankshafts; foundry supply; production, repair and modernization of heavy and unique metal processing machines

RFA Robotics, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine

official intergrator of industrial welding robotics, representative of YASKAWA MOTOMAN (Japan) in Ukraine

RMP Ltd., Latvia

supply of German briquetting systems "RUF" and chipping systems "Erdwich" for complex solution of metal processing wastes utilization

Robotics Engineering Construction Bureau Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

industrial robotics, auxiliaries, welding tables and spare parts. Representative of ТМ Panasonic (Japan), StrongHandTools, BuildPro, GoodHand (USA)

Robur Baltia SIA, Latvia

automation of complicated technological processes for Euromac punching machines

Roesler Oberflaechentechnik GmbH, Germany

metal and other surface treatment equipment

Rolleri Ukraine Ltd., Kyiv

promotion, import and supply of bending tools Rolleri (Italy) to Ukraine

Romineks-Ukr Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

wholesale of machines, industrial equipment, planes. Representative of ТМ DMT (Germany), JINN FA, ARISTECH (Taiwan), ONA (Spain), WATERJET (Italy)

Rostok Ltd, Moscow, Russia

special metal processing equipment

Rui'an Yitong Trading Co., Ltd, China

machinery and equipment like paper cup machine, paper bowl machine, sealing machine, paper plate machine etc.

Ruso Trading House Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

electric and gas welding equipment, service. Representative of ТМ Rilon, ТМ Jasik (China), Simferopol Motor Plant, Energy - Welding (Ukraine), Abicor BINZEL (Germany)

Rut Engineering Enterprice Ltd., Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

blastrooms, barreling machines and technologies, conservation lines, technological liquid purification equipment, magnet drilling machines, beveling machines, stable magnets and magnet cross - beams, replacement exhaust systems, band saws, ring cutters, pipe-end treatment equipment etc. Representative of ТМ Roesler Oberflaechentechnik GmbH, Wikus, Nutrix (Germany), PowerTools (The Netherland)

S.T.M.-Ukraine Ltd., Kyiv region

drive equipment (geared motors, electric. engines, gearboxes) of the leading European manufacturers. Representative of ТМ S.T.M.S. р. A., NERI MOTORI S.R.L. (Italy)

Sammit Ltd., Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

supply of welding equipment and components. Welding equipment and materials. Representative of ТМ KEMPPI (Finland), HYUNDAI WELDING CO., LTD (South Korea), THERMAL DYNAMICS, SIMZ (Ukraine), ABICOR BINZEL (Germany)

Sandvik, Enterprise with 100% Foreign Investment, Kyiv, Ukraine

sale of hard-alloyed metal-working tools, development of technologies and regimes of tool exploitation. Representative of TM SANDVIK COROMANT (Sweden)

Scame Forni Industriali Spa, Italy

production of conveyor furnaces

Scientific - Practical Materials Research Centre of NAS of Belarus State SSPA, Minsk

organization and carrying out of research and development work in the field of physical, as well as physical and chemical materials research, working out and assimilation of production of new types of competitive goods

SciTeex Sp. z o.o., Poland


Seco Tools Ukraine Ltd., Dnepropetrovsk

metal processing milling, drilling and thread - cutting tools. Representative of ТМ SECO (Sweden)

Sew-Eurodrive Ltd, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

drive equipment, electronics, motor - reducers, frequency convertors, servo - motors, industrial reducers with 1500кНм torque consumption. Representative of SEW - EURODRIVE GmbH&Co.KG (Germany)

Sfera-Techno Ltd, Kyiv, Ukraine

integration of laser sheet cutting machinery, coordinate cutting preses, flanging presses of TRUMPF (Germany); leveling machines of HRC AG (Switzerland); waterjet cutting systems of FLOW (USA), trimming systems of FLADDER (Denmark), automatic bending systems of CODATTO (Italy)

Shandong Linqing Kaiyou Bearing Co., Ltd, China

deep groove ball bearings, tapered roll bearings, cylindrical roller bearings etc.

Shanghai Renle Science&Technology Co., Ltd, China

frequency conversion series, intelligent electric equipment, new energy electric equipment and complete sets of LV/HV power transmission and distribution equipment etc.

Sidertaglio Lamiere SRL, Italy

cutting plates production and trade

Siemens Ukraine with 100% Foreign Investment, Kyiv

representative SIEMENS (Germany). Sinumerik, Sinamics, Simodrive, Simotion, Simovert Master Drive Motion Control – manipulating systems and drives for machining centers, machine - tools and cranes

Skladskaya Technika Trading House Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

hoisting and transporting equipment, rollers, wheels. Representative of ТМ Blickle (Germany)

Slovacke Strojirny, a.s., Czech Republic

extremely precise grinding machines, conventional and CNC lathes and CNC gear - cutting machines

Smart Machines Ltd., Donetsk, Ukraine

supply of equipment, auxiliaries, and tools. Warranty and post - warranty service. ТМ Promotec, C.R.M., Jouanel, Gecam, DURMA

Smela Foundry Plant Ltd., Cherkasy region, Ukraine

foundry production

Smeral Brno a.s., Czech Republic

punching machines, hydraulic presses, cross wedge rolling, hydro - pneumatic hammers, automated molding lines, tools

Snol-Ukraine Ltd., Kyiv

high-temperature laboratory and industrial electric ovens, drying cabins, sterilizators, thermoisolation materials

Sodick Co., Ltd., Representative office in Moscow, Russia

electric spark, electric erosion machinery and instrument

Sodicom-Dnepr PE, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

spark erosion machine-tools, spare parts, expendable materials. Representative of ТМ Sodick (Japan), Excetek (Taiwan)

Sorma s.p.a., Italy

production of diamond and hard - alloyed cutting tools

Special Techological Equipment Research and Production Firm Ltd, Khmelnitsky, Ukraine

production and supply of galvanic equipment, including automatic lines, operators, galvanic baths. Representative of ТМ SIMONA (Germany), NAVIKOM (Russia), PROGALVANO (Italy)

Specialist-Pneumatics PE, Kyiv, Ukraine

compressors, air preparation equipment, industrial automation means, industrial pneumatics

Spinner Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik GmbH, Germany

CNC metal processing machinery

SPZ-Group Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

bearings of "Samara Bearing Plant" (Russia)

Stanexim-Ukraine Ltd, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

supply of equipment, selection of tools, development of machining technology, process automation, service and personnel training. Representative of ТМ BZAL, Karnyi Borets (Belarus), EMCO (Austria), PEGARD (Belgium), CIEFFE (Italy)

Stankoinstrumentimport Ltd, Kyiv, Ukraine

metal processing machinery and tools; representative of Walter (Germany) and other European manufacturers of tools and machinery

Stan-Komplekt JV Ltd, Kyiv, Ukraine

metal-working machinery: SAHINLER, Sente Makina, Ermaksan (Turkey), Gomel machine - tool building plant named after Kirov, VIZAS, Vistan (Belarus), Dmitrov milling tools pant etc (Russia), ARSENAL (Bulgaria), HARDINGE (USA) and others.; welding and compressor equipment, loading machinery and accessories

Stankopromimport Ltd., Kharkov, Ukraine

service and warranty maintenance of metal processing machines

Stankoresurs Research&Production Association Ltd., Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

spare parts for machine tools, including those with CNC of domestic and foreign made. Representative of ТМ Balt - System (Russia), Artex, Dynamo (Bulgaria), Precizika Metrology (Lithuania), Givi Missure (Italia)

Stark Industry Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

pneumatics, hydraulics, automation, conveyor components, drives, filtration and measurement systems. Representative of ТМ LOESER (Germany)

State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk

republican body of state governing conducting state policy and implementation of function of state regulation in the sphere of scientific - technical and innovation activity as well as the protection rights on objects of intellectual property

State Institute on Chemical - Recovery Industry Enterpises' Development SE, Kharkov, Ukraine

design and development documentation, development of chemical - recovery enterprises

State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine

machine-building, metalworking, textile items etc.

State Science and Production Association "Center", Minsk, Republic of Belarus

development and production of: crushing, grinding and classifying equipment for processing and enrichment processes of metallic and nonmetallic materials, technological, medical and laboratory centrifuges, plasma and water jet cutting equipment, rides, test stands, non - standard equipment

Stomil Sanok Ukraine Ltd., Kyiv

rubber products: belts for agricultural machinery and industrial equipment; EPDM gaskets for window and door systems, automobiles, industry. Representative of TM STOMIL SANOK (Poland), brand HARVEST BELTS

Support Ltd., Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

CNC lathe chucks

SUPTEK Yag Keceleri San. ve Tic. A.S., Turkey

hydraulic components, rubber products

SV Altera Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

industrial automation systems, differential protection, regulated electric drives, sensors, converters. Exclusive representative of TM Lenze, VIPA, KOBOLD, Ascon, Lovato, Terasaki, Wieland

Svarka Eurazii Ltd., Moscow, Russia

development and production of welding electrodes of general and special purposes

TaeguTec Ltd., Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

hard-alloyed plates, holders, end mills, mills, drills, mandrels, collet chucks, grooving tools, cutting tools, special tools. Representative of ТМ TaeguTec (South Korea)

Tailift CO., LTD, China

metal processing machinery

Taizhou Dongye Electric Motor Co., Ltd, China

YC Series single phase electric motors (CE), NRV-VS worm gear reducers, worm gear reducers and so on

Tama Spa, Italy

manufacture of filtration units, components and systems for air purification plants

TC-Metiz Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

rope products of "Volgograd Plant" and "Cherepovets Plant" of "Severstal - Metiz" group of companies (Russia). Manufacture of lifting devices (wire rope slings, chain slings, textile slings etc) of steel cables, textile belts and chains

Techcom TC Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

components for equipment for tinned food production, dairy, oil and fat, alcoholic beverages, beer and soft drinks, food, perfume industries. Representative of TM NGB (Israel), Movex, Magris (Italy)

Techmach Research and Production Private Enterprise, Odesa, Ukraine

CNC portal thermal cutting machines

Technopolis Ltd, Kyiv, Ukraine

metal-working machinery, equipment and tools of leading European producers (KENNAMETAL, MONFORTS), technological projects, engineering

Techosnastka JSC, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

design and manufacture of industrial equipment: plastic injection molds, aluminum, zinc, copper alloys, molds for compression molding of thermoset plastics and rubber stamps, bending, exhaust etc.

TechStroy Trading House Ltd., Taganrog, Russia

manufacture, repair and modernization of wheel - type turning machines

Techtronic Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

industrial machinery for production, repair and modernization of automatic and mechanic machines and presses. Representative of ТМ Pneumax, Duplomatic (Italy), Norgren, Schmalz (Germany)

Teploantikorzashchita R&D Center Ltd., Lugansk region

production of cold zinc-plating solution ZINTEC, liquid thermoisolation ALLISOL

Thermoengineering R&P company Ltd., Kyiv region, Ukraine

powder painting equipment. Furnaces: laboratory, heating, melting. Production of refractory materials and ceramics. ТМ TermoPro®, TermoLab®

Tokopodvod&Electroprivod Company Ltd., Kharkiv, Ukraine

single-girder bridge cranes, cable reels, trolley track, cable trolleys; assembly, reconstruction and modernization of weight lifting cranes; power and data transfer systems CONDUCTIX Wampfler AG (Germany)

Toolpress - Techno Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

supply of sheet metal equipment; partner of DARLEY BV (The Netherlands), EXACTA PRECISION PRODUCT (Canada), UKB Gmbh, SCHÄFER TOOLS (Germany), FICEP (Italy), NIBBLER (Sweden) and others

Topstar Research&Production company Ltd., Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

precision metal-cutting tools

Torwegge GmbH&Co KG, Germany

wheels and rollers for storehouse equipment

TOS Kurim–OS, a.s., Czech Republic

production of large-size milling machines and machining centres which enable machining of heavy workpieces of complicated dimensions and sophisticated shapes from as many as five sides, making use of continuous control in five axis

Triada Ltd Co, Zaporozhie, Ukraine

supply of welding equipment, automatic welding lines and complexes, materials. Representative of ТМ FRONIUS (Austria), "Selma" (Ukraine), ABICOR BINZEL (Germany), ASKAYNAK (Turkey)

Tribotec, spol. s r.o., Czech Republic

multi-line, progressive, two-line and single-line central lubrication for oils and greases; hydraulic aggregates and components

Tubes International Ltd, Lviv, Ukraine

hoses and junctions for industry, high pressure hoses. Representative ТМ AFLEX Hose, IVG, MERLETT, SCHAUENBURG, FINN POWER

TwisT Engineering Company Ltd, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

supply of САМ-software of Esprit (USA), precision cutting tolls of Guehring (Germany), thread processing tools of Vargus (Israel) and others. Representative of ТМ Corun (Serbia)

Ukrainian Industrial Company Ltd, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

metal-working machines, machining centers, abrasives, auxiliaries. Representative of StarragHeckert Technology AG (Switzerland), FPT Industrie S.p.A. (Italy), Elb - Schliff Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH, Reform, Saacke, JENARer MeBtetechnik GmbH, Guehring (Germany), Eaton Leonard (USA), SAINT - GOBAIN Abrasives (Great Britain), CGW (Israel), Seco Tools (Sweden) and others

Ukrainian National Company "Ukrverstatoinstrument", Kyiv, Ukraine

machines, metal-cutting equipment and tools

Ukrainian Union for Non-destructive Control and Technical Diagnostics, Kyiv,

all-Ukrainian public creative union of specialists in the domain of fault detection, various methods of materials, items and buildings quality control

Ukrelektrokabel Association, Kyiv

association of enterprises - producers of cable and wire products

Ukrgalvanochim Ltd, Kharkiv, Ukraine

chemical substances, additives for surface treatment

UkrPromLiftSvar Lrd., Kyiv, Ukraine

services for enterprises who are engaged in hazardous activities. Professional training. Welders' attestation. Electrotechnical laboratory

Ukrtechnopromsnab JSC, Zhytomyr, Ukraine

machines for profile grinding of various items, grinding equipment

Ukr-Techno-Tsep Ltd., Kyiv

supply of chains, metal hoses, greasers. Representative of Stankochain (Barnaul, Russia); PE "Electric Assembly Systems", Ukraine

UkrTechSnab Ltd., Pavlograd, Ukraine

CNC metalworking, agricultural and food industry items, products for oil and gas industry

Ultrakon R&D and production company, Kyiv, Ukraine

fault indicators, thickness meters, visual control devices, technical diagnostics

Unicos Ltd., Donetsk, Ukraine

lubricating materials, emulsions, oils for metal processing, conservation solutions, technological lubricants. Representative of ТМ UNIL (Belgium), Anderol (USA), Barkor (Ukraine)

Universal Protective Coatings Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

innovation products for hydroisolation and protection of porous construction materials

Varitec Ltd., Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

supply of metalworking and metallurgical machinery, including provision of tools, technological and service support. Representative of ТМ Doosan (South Korea), HansLaser (China), LOCH, Jaespa (Germany), Travis (Spain)

Varius Technical Center Ltd, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

supply of metal - working machinery and tools, hard - alloyed tools, auxiliaries for CNC machines. Representative of TM TaeguTec, Doosan (South Korea), measuring tools and controlling devices IDF (Italy), Wikus (Germany), Artech (Bulgaria)

Vashchenko PE, Kyiv, Ukraine

trade and service of sheet metal processing machines and tools. Representative of ТМ Spiro (Switzerland), HM Transtech (Slovakia), Trumpf (Germany), SWAH (Czechia), ТАМА (Denmark)

Veda Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

production of strains, dozing devices, weight measuring equipment, equipment for magnetic abrasive treatment, monitoring and control systems for technical objects

Veskont Ltd., Lugansk region, Ukraine

industrial climbing equipment

Victoria Ltd, Kyiv, Ukraine

bearings, bearing balls, rollers

Vishnevoe Shoe Factory Ltd., Ukraine

protective shoes production

Vistec Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

welding materials, welding and cutting equipment. Representative of ТМ ЕSAB (Sweden), VISTEC (Ukraine), СOGNE (Italy), SAARSTAHL (Germany)

Vistek, Artemovsk Machine - Building Plant PJSC, Donetsk region, Ukraine

high-strength round-link chains for mining equipment: small - size chains for general purposes; scraper chains, scrapers, connecting links; nuts and bolt; welding electrodes; low - carbon steel wire dia. 1,6-6,0mm.; common nails in assortment, including zink - coated (white zink)

VIZAS Plant JSC, Vitebsk, Republic of Belarus

СNС metal processing machinery

Vneshtorg-Mikron, Production and Trade Company, Odesa, Ukraine

metal processing machinery and components

VO Oven Ltd., Kharkov, Ukraine

development and production of technological processes automation systems

VSM – Vereinigte Schmirgel- und Maschinen - Fabriken AG, Germany

abrasive materials

VTK Ltd., Kharkov, Ukraine

bearings of TM FAG/INA (Germany)

Wafangdian Guangyang Bearing Group Co., Ltd, China

bearings, ferrules

Weber Comechanics Ltd., Moscow, Russia

selection and supply of metal processing machinery, wide spectrum of engineering services

Welders' Association of Ukraine, Kyiv

public union of scientists, officials and operators employed in the sphere of welding and related processes

West Labs Ltd., Kharkiv, Ukraine

CNC metalworking machines, motion controllers with 3 to 12 axis, electric automation controllers, operation consoles, metalworking. Representative of ТМ ADEM CAD/CAM/CAE (Russia), Kollmorgen (Germany), Parker (USA), WL (Ukraine)

Wika Pribor Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

supply of industrial manometers, thermometers, electronic sensors

Yilmaz Reduktor Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S., Turkey

motors, controllers, speed reduction mechanisms

Zaporozhelectrode Ltd., Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine

production of welding electrodes under ТМ MAXweld

ZCC Cutting tools Europe GmbH, Germany

metal cutting tools

Zenitech Ukraine Ltd., Dnipropetrovsk

sale of metalworking and woodworking machinery and accessories. Representative of TM Epple (Germany), Zenitech (Switzerland), Yangli (China), Hurco (USA)

Zont company with additional liability, Odesa, Ukraine

production of equipment for thermal metal - cutting, plasma and laser lines, CNC gas cutting machines