Report on the results of
XV International Exhibition Forum
Protection Technologies/FireTech-2016

Official statements on the Forum:

International Exhibition Forum Protection Technologies/FireTech '2016MYKOLA CHECHETKIN
Head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine

Taking into account the actuality of questions that are within the competence and responsibility of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, we are ready to present to you the best achievements of leading home and foreign developers of facilities of safety and defence, that are of European standards and modern world technical progress trends. These are new samples of fire vehicles and rescue equipment, modern firefighting systems, means of communication and notification, personal protective equipment etc.

On October 11, 2016, the eve of the Day of Defender of Ukraine, XV International Exhibition Forum "Protection Technologies/FireTech - 2016", XIII International Specialized Exhibition "Arms and Security - 2016" and X International Aviation and Space Salon "Aviasvit - XXI" opened their doors to the visitors of the International Exhibition Centre.

The exhibitions were officially opened by:
Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine – Oleksandr Turchynov
Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine – Arsen Avakov
Minister of Defense of Ukraine – Stepan Poltorak

Official opening ceremony participants:
Chief of the General Staff and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – Viktor Muzhenko
Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine – Yuriy Allerov
Head of the State Border Service – Viktor Nazarenko
Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine – Yuriy Brovchenko
Director General of SC Ukroboronprom – Roman Romanov
General Director of International Exhibition Centre Ltd. – Anatoliy Tkachenko

Foreign guests of honor:
Head of the National Security Bureau of Poland – Paweł Soloch
Minister of Defense of Romania – Mihnea Motoc
Minister of Defence Production of Pakistan – Rana Tanveer Hussain
Defence Attaché of the British Embassy in Ukraine Captain 1st Rank Royal Navy – Karen McTear
and other representatives of the diplomatic corps.

International Exhibition Forum Protection Technologies/FireTech '2016Exhibition was covered by 278 media representatives from 182 accredited media resources, including 15 foreign media such as the Press Agency of the Ministry of Defense of France, Jane's Defence Weekly, Associated Press, BBC News, Radio France Internationale, European Security and Defence Mittler Report Verlag, Lundi13, Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings Limited, Xinhua News Agency, Polskie radio, Polish Press Agency and others.

International Exhibition Forum Protection Technologies/FireTech '2016The exhibition program comprised 32 scientific and presentational events.
Joint format of the exhibitions made them a large-scale international business and scientific forum dedicated to the full range of issues of defense and security of state and society. In general, three exhibitions covered the total space of over 30 000 sq.m – 26 000 sq.m in three halls indoors and over 5 000 sq.m outdoors. The total number of exhibitors – 477 companies, including 45 companies from 15 foreign countries (China, USA, Switzerland, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Israel, Great Britain, Belgium, Finland, France, Ireland).

At the invitation of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and SC Ukroboronprom, the exhibition was visited by official delegations from 12 countries:
1. Poland – Head of the National Security Bureau
2. Romania – Minister of National Defense, Deputy Chief of General Staff
3. Czech Republic – Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade
4. Pakistan – Minister of Defense Industry, top officials of the General Staff of the Land Forces, representatives of the defense industry
5. Qatar – Chairman of the Military Industrialization Committee
6. Slovakia – representatives of the Ministry of Defense
7. Hungary – representatives of the Space Bureau of the Ministry of National Development
8. Latvia – representatives of the Ministry of Defense
9. Lithuania – representatives of the Ministry of National Defense
10. Bahrain – representatives of the Ministry of Defense
11. Nigeria – representatives of the Ministry of Defense
12. United Arab Emirates – representatives of defense institutions

Over 18,000 professional visitors attended the exhibition throughout its duration.
In general, there is a growing interest in Ukrainian defense industry from foreign companies. The representatives of approximately 100 companies from 29 countries (Canada, Sweden, Germany, Finland, France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Austria, Hungary, Netherlands, UK, USA, Georgia, Belarus, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Kuwait, Egypt, Bangladesh, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Australia) were among the guests of the exhibitions.

International Exhibition Forum Protection Technologies/FireTech '2016In particular, 95 companies – Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers (Switzerland, Ireland, Poland and Belarus) were the participants of the XV International Exhibition Forum "Protection Technologies/FireTech - 2016".

The exhibition is supported by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and Civil Association "International Association of Civil Protection of Ukraine". Partner of the exhibition is the Association "Technogenic Safety and Civil Protection".

International Exhibition Forum Protection Technologies/FireTech '2016This year's Forum "Protection Technologies/FireTech - 2016" was dedicated to the landmark date – the first fire truck of Ukraine celebrated its 100 years. Forum had the thematic direction. On this occasion, Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Civil Protection with the support of State Emergency Service of Ukraine initiated the issuance of the set of picture postage stamps, envelopes and postcards "History of fire transport of Ukraine". Besides that, the National Bank of Ukraine carried out the thematic issue of the coin of 5-hryvnia denominational value depicting the first fire truck of Ukraine.

The importance of the event and its actuality for the country and for everybody was shown by an appreciable quantity of exposition visitors – more than 5000 specialists from 15 countries (United Kingdom, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, USA, Finland, Spain, Austria, Israel, Egypt, Belarus and Ukraine). Such a large number of visitors shows the active position of citizens in the sphere of individual and collective protection both at work and in everyday life. This is because in all developed countries of the world one of the most important indicators of the level of development and safety of the enterprise is the status of fire safety systems, occupational health and safety.

The exposition was presented in several thematic areas: "Fire safety of building, constructions and areas", "Technical equipping of the fire and rescue squads", "Individual protection means", "Labour protection and industrial safety", "Nuclear and radiation safety", etc. In particular, by the following enterprises:

"Alkhim" Company (Ukraine) demonstrated at the exhibition the own-produced foam "Alpena" for extinguishing fires of classes A and B. Product conformity to "Rules of rescue and firefighting providing of civil aviation flights in Ukraine" allows to use the foam on the airfields and in airports.

"D-33" Company (Ukraine) demonstrated fireproof paints Amotherm Steel WB produced by J.F. Amonn SpA / AG Company (Italy).

International Exhibition Forum Protection Technologies/FireTech '2016"Atemluft-Gas Tekhnika" Company (Ukraine) presented to visitors the breathing apparatus in compressed air "MSA AirXpress Fire", full face panoramic mask "3S-PS-MaXX", life cap "RespiHood". The Company also provides product professional technical support.

"Webcom" Company (Ukraine) presented the collective protection from nuclear, chemical and biological threats. The Company is the system integrator of solutions in the sphere of civil protection. The Company is the official distributor of "Beth-El Zikhron Yaaqov Industries Ltd." Company (Israel) in Ukraine.

Visitors were taught on first aid on the stand Desnyanska region organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine (Ukraine), also the Organization provides medical care at sports and mass public events.

The exposition of "Kapitel-Dnipro" Company (Ukraine) was presented by full range of highly efficient materials for fire and rust protection for structures and communications.

International Exhibition Forum Protection Technologies/FireTech '2016The official representative in Ukraine of the "Brandschuts Technik Mueller" Concern (Germany) – "Marko Ltd" Company (Ukraine) presented at the exhibition aqueous film forming foams AFFF-106, TRIDOL 6-10, SINTO, S.F.P.M. for extinguishing fires of various degrees of complexity. The Company is a manufacturer of equipment for the maintenance of fire-extinguishers' tech inspection; diesel and fire pumps.

"OZON S" Company (Ukraine) demonstrated at the exhibition warning unit BO-FM-05, that provides notification of people in outdoor area. The feature of the device is its battery power. Block notification has built-in power source – solar and electrical battery.

"Pirena" Company (Ukraine) showed fire-fighting equipment and personal protection equipment. The Company is the exclusive representative of "Para La Oro" Company (Belarus) and the official dealer of "Harvik Rubber Industries" Company (Malaysia).

"Star Technology" Company (Ukraine) is the official and authorized partner of world leaders in the sphere of security: "Polimaster" (Belarus), "Environics Oy" (Finland), "WONWOO Engineering Co." (Korea), "Blücher GmbH." (Germany), "Raytec" (UK). The Company offers its services on radiation, chemical, biological and nuclear safety.

"Status-S" Company (Ukraine) presented a breathing apparatus, rescue cushions, pneumatic tents, protective clothing, equipment for firemen and rescuer by such companies as "Scott" (UK), "Lubawa" (Poland), "Holik" (Czech Republic), "PAB" (Croatia), "Protektor" (Poland).

Representative of "Bronto Skylift" (Finland) in Ukraine, "Trans-Service-KTT" Company (Ukraine) provided promotional information on hydraulic lifts on truck cross-country chassis with a working height of lift from 50 to 112 m for fire fighting and evacuation of people during liquidation fires in high-rise buildings.

"Ukragrotekh" Company (Ukraine) offer their services in the development of emergency response plans, complex automated systems for early detection of emergency situations.

International Exhibition Forum Protection Technologies/FireTech '2016Special firemen protective clothing, helmets for firemen and rescuers, breathing apparatus with compressed air, foaming agents to fire fighting, personal protective equipment and other rescue and fire - technical equipment was demonstrated by "Talan" Company (Ukraine).

Publishing house "Fort" (Ukraine) offered to visitors-specialist technical literature and visual aids, safety signs, elements of design of office on civil protection, fire safety, labour protection.

Modules and equipment of automatic gas fire fighting systems, portable carbon dioxide extinguishers, spare parts, cooling towers "IVA" and "Kharkiv", axled ventilation units, steelwork to order, solid boilers – own-produced items were presented at the stand of "Kharkiv Mechanical Plant" (Ukraine).


International Exhibition Forum Protection Technologies/FireTech '2016On the 12th of October the celebration of the centenary of the first fire truck of Ukraine was held. The event was attended by:
- Deputy Minister-Head of the administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Oleksiy Takhtay,
- Head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine Mykola Chechetkin,
- Head of the Department of education TIEMS USA Professor George Markowski,
- General Director of "International Exhibition Center" Anatoly Tkachenko,
- Director of Department of money turnover of the National Bank of Ukraine Viktor Zayvenko,
- Head of the Center of philatelic products of Ukrainian state enterprise of postal communication "Ukrposhta" Natalia Mukhina.

After presentation and procedure of the cancellation of the series of postage stamps everyone interested had the opportunity to send congratulatory letter with the commemorative postage stamp. Such possibility was given by the off-site Department of "Ukrposhta", that worked on the exhibition during this day.

International Exhibition Forum Protection Technologies/FireTech '2016On the 13th of October Vice Prime Minister-Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine Gennady Zubko visited the exposition of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, where the inventions and achievements in the sphere of civil defense, fire and technogenic safety were presented.

Within a framework of XV International Exhibition Forum "Protection Technologies/Firetech - 2016" the winners of three competitions were awarded:
- All Ukrainian competition of professionals on occupational and fire safety "Occupational safety - 2016".
Organizer is the magazine "Ohorona pratsi i pozhezhna bezpeka";
- XIII Competition for the best fire protection and rescue products in the sphere of civil, fire and technogenic safety.
Organizer is the State Certification Centre of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine;
- III Competition of inventive and innovative projects in the sphere of civil protection, fire and technologenic safety.
Organizer is Ukrainian Research Institute of Civil Protection.


International Exhibition Forum Protection Technologies/FireTech '2016The firefighting autolift produced by Rosenbauer became the novelty of the exposition with lifting height of the cradle up to 56 m (on a base of Scania P360). The special truck was presented by "THG AG" Company (Switzerland).

"Flexsol" Production Company (Ukraine) presented flexible containers for storage and transportation of drinking quality and industrial water, storage tanks for oil-products and for fire fighting activity. In addition, the Company offers a solutions for organization of rescue operations, fire fighting, emergency response on water, floods of territories, evacuation and temporary placing of the injured people.

"D Light" Company (Ukraine) presented the own-produced invention – firefighting trailer PC 0505 and firefighting module. Technical equipment is used for localization fires, extinguishing of forest fires, also for water supplying to remote settlements. The setting allows to minimize time of response in case of fire occurring and to prompt responding to fire on initial stage without involving large trucks.

International Exhibition Forum Protection Technologies/FireTech '2016"Portwest" Company (Ireland) brought joy numerous visitors with protective clothing, shoes, gloves and personal protective equipment of its own production. Company's plants certified by Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) and are located in 17 countries of the world.

"UkrZIZ" Company (Ukraine) presented their own-produced work clothing and footwear, personal protective equipment for consumers of various branches of industry.

"Bastion-M" Company (Ukraine) offered their highly professional services in design, installation and maintenance of automatic fire extinguishing systems, fire alarm systems, smoke protection systems and technogenic security alerts, etc.

"Bionic-House" Company (Ukraine) presented new developments in the production of fire-retardant bioprotective coverages and impregnating agents for wood from environmentally clean raw materials.

"BudynokInvestStroy" Company (Ukraine) demonstrated own-produced flexible liner stainless steel for fire extinguishing systems that can withstand hydraulic impact, the pressure to 25 atmospheres and overfalls of temperatures.

"Partner Systems" Company (Poland) presented own-produced filters for water purification in crisis situations (during emergencies, terrorist acts, accidental or deliberate contamination of water), as well as tools to keep drinking water in the field.

International Exhibition Forum Protection Technologies/FireTech '2016"Manu" Company (Ukraine) presented to the visitors a floating portable pump "Pavlis a Hartmann" (Czech Republic) and portable fire pump "Johstadt" (Germany), portable fire water monitor ("Ally Fire Tech Corp.", Taiwan).

"Consafety" Company (Ukraine) presented to wide public an interesting range of personal protective equipment such famous brands as "3М" (USA), "Delta Plus" (France), "Safety Jogger" and "Oxypas" (Belgium).

"Korpus Ukraine" Company (Ukraine) offered to the visitors a complex supply of firefighting equipment to the objects of housing, industrial, administrative building and facilities (fire cabinets, fire sockets, fire extinguishers, etc.).

"Alay" Company (Ukraine) advertised own-produced cables and wires for various applications, from ordinary to fireproof cables.

"Klark" Company (Ukraine) presented a wide range of own-produced products: corporate, waterproof, fireproof, protective clothing and footwear for use in various branches of industry.

Portable powder and carbon dioxide extinguishers were presented at the exposition of "SK" Company (Ukraine).


The Forum program consisted of many informative, educational, research and practice seminars and conferences. As part of the exhibition the Institute of State Management in the Sphere of Civil Protection held the 18th All Ukrainian Research and Practical Conference of Rescuers "Modern status of civil protection in Ukraine: prospects and way into the European space", where the participants discussed issues of reforming the civil protection system of Ukraine under the decentralization of state power, and actual problems of prevention of disasters, technogenic, fire and environmental safety, and the issue of government regulations in the field of civil protection, etc.

With experts of the Department of resource supply of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine the seminar "Improvement of organization of logistical support of assigned subdivisions of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine" was held.

The International scientific and practice conference "Disaster Control and Emergency Management" was held by the International Program Committee TIEMS, Ukrainian Research Institute of Civil Protection and Research Center of Innovative Technologies

During the round table "Investigation of fires. The current status and prospects of development" the participants of the event analyzed the status of activity of the territorial units of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine on questions of the investigation of fires. Also they discussed practical issues on application of equipment and facilities used in the investigation of fires by the experts of the Expert Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, etc.

Participants of the Exhibition Forum also held their own events.
For example, "OZON S" Company (Ukraine) organized scientific and practical seminar on a topic "Appliance of advanced information and communication technologies to informing and alerting the public about emergencies industrial, natural, social, terrorist and military character".

International Exhibition Forum Protection Technologies/FireTech '2016The visitors of seminar of "ALAY" Company (Ukraine) had an opportunity to discuss issues of technical regulation and market supervision market fire alarm and cable products.

About fire and technogenic safety at the enterprises, more specifically about basic principles and practical problems solving were under discussion during Autumn Congress, which was organized by the magazine "Ohorona pratsi i pozhezhna bezpeka" of Publishing House "MEDIA PRO" (Ukraine).

It is worth noting that almost all the companies-exhibitors were satisfied with established business contacts during the Forum's working days, 55% of exhibitors expressed a desire to participate in the Forum next year. The abovementioned facts confirm once again the high level of interest of experts to novelties and innovative solutions in the field of fire prevention activity, technogenic and industrial safety, rescue equipment, means for the personal and collective protection, labour protection.

See you on the 10th-13th of October 2017 during the
XVI International Exhibition Forum "Protection Technologies/FireTech"!