Alay, Ukraine, Kyiv

Development and production of fire alarm devices and systems and cabling and wiring products.

Alkhim, Ukraine

Own production and trading of fire-fighting ffoam compound "Alpen" for firefighting.

ALLBIZ, Ukraine

Web portal for security industry specialists.


Web portal for security industry specialists.

Ambient-Acoustics, Ukraine, Kyiv

Production of personal hearing protection from the noise of by form of human ears.

Analytics-Science-Technologies, Ukraine, Kyiv

Radiating and ecological safety; dangerous kinds of technogenic activity; development of system and means of antiterrorist activity; working out, designing and development of technologies and means.

Association "Technogenic safety and population civil protection", Ukraine, Dnipro

Association’s membership performs works on risks calculation, safety declaring, development of plans on emergencies liquidation, design, production, installation and maintenance of means for providing safety and population civil protection.

Atemluft-Gas Technika, Ukraine, Odesa

The official representative of "Bauer Kompressoren GmbH." (Germany) and "MSA Auer" (Germany).

Bastion-M, Ukraine

Fire and security alarm systems, fire alerting systems, smoke extraction systems, monitoring of fire automation. Video surveillance and access control systems.

Benyah, Individual Proprietor, Ukraine, Kharkiv

Manufacturer of garment accessories, headgear, safety footwear, epaulets, and chevrons for law enforcement agencies.

Bezopasnost, Catalog, Ukraine

Professional issue on safety and security.

Bezpeka zhittediyalnosti, Ukraine, Kyiv

Professional issue on safety and security.

Bionic-House, Ukraine, Kyiv

Development of protective mixes for woodworking.

Biznes-Gid, Ukraine

Professional issue.

Biznes i bezopasnost, Ukraine, Kyiv

Professional issue on safety and security.

Budynok Invest Stroy, Ukraine, Kyiv

Supply of corrugated pipes of stainless steel.

Cherkasy Institute of Fire Safety named after Chornobyl Heroes National University of Civil Protection of Ukraine, Ukraine, Cherkasy

Scientific and educational establishment of the State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies.

Columb, Ukraine, Kyiv

Manufacturer of flags, banners and pennants; flagpoles, stands for flags, flags and pennants; Badges, medals, badges, certificates; souvenir products (including VIP); heraldic products; gifts for anniversaries, celebrations; interior advertising.

Consafety, Ukraine, Kyiv

Personal protective equipment, shoes, clothing.

D-33, Ukraine

Distribution of fire-retardant materials for building structures of "AMONN" trade mark (Italy).

D Light, Ukraine, Kharkiv

Manufacture and sale of special-purpose machinery, support manning.

Delim-Ukraina, Ukraine, Lviv

Accessories for protective clothing and uniforms.

Desniansky district organization of Red Cross Society of Ukraine, Ukraine, Kyiv

Ukrainian public voluntary humanitarian organization. Education of the population to provide first aid "First aid School", medical care of sports and social activities.

Dovidnyk specialista z ohorony prazi, Ukraine, Kyiv

Professional issue on safety and security.

Drug-store of hormonal agents, Ukraine

Individual medical bags.

Expert 112, Ukraine, Kyiv

Autonomous System aerosol fire "FireStop".

F+S: Firefighting and Security Technologies, Ukraine, Kyiv

Professional issue on safety and security.

Flexsol, Ukraine, Kyiv

The official representative of "Pronal" (France) in Ukraine. Production of flexible storage tanks and transportation of fluids, including hydrocarbons, chemicals, industrial waste and drinking water. Production booms, dams and water-filled pools for breeding fish. All products are manufactured by French technology and meet international quality standards.

Fort, Publishing Company, Ukraine, Kharkiv

Publication of regulatory and technical literature and visual aids, safety signs, design offices on civil protection, fire safety, occupational safety.

Garda, Ukraine, Odesa

Production of leather footwear.

Garment Factory, Ukraine, Kyiv

Manufacturer of workwear.

Grand Textile, Ukraine, Kyiv

Special purpose textiles.

Grusha UA, Ukraine

Manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade of tea and coffee for home and office.

Institute of State Management in the sphere of civil defense, Ukraine, Kyiv

Organization of events to react and liquidate the consequences of emergencies.

Investment Group of Ukraine, Ukraine, Kharkiv

Introduction of new technologies: CoolFire, Pyrocool fire extinguishers, Aqua-Eco valves and sprays fire extinguishing.

Kainozoy, Ukraine, Kyiv

Field portable water filters and desalinators; water disinfection and water conservation agents, gasoline burners, freeze - dried food. Representatives of such brands as "Katadyn" (Switzerland), "Spectra Watermakers" (Switzerland), "Micropur" (Switzerland), "Optimus" (Sweden), "Trek'n Eat" (Germany).

Kapitel-Dnepr, Ukraine, Dnipro

The official representative of the company "Eurostyle", the exclusive importer of fireproof materials of TM "Defender".

Kharkiv Mechanical Plant, Ukraine, Kharkiv

Producer of modules and equipment of automatic systems of gas fire extinguishers, portable extinguishers, spare parts.

Klark, Ukraine, Kyiv

Production of chemical protection suits, protection of water.

Kompass, Ukraine

Informational system.

Korpus Ukraine, Ukraine, Odesa

Manufacture and supply of fire-fighting equipment.

Kulik System LLC, Ukraine, Kyiv

Manufacture of ergonomic chairs of exclusive design for office and home.

Lviv State University of Life Safety, Ukraine, Lviv

Scientific and educational establishment of the State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies.

Manu, Ukraine, Kyiv

The official representative of "PF Pumpen und Feuerlöschtechnik GmbH." (Germany), "Task Force Tips Inc." (USA), "Streamlight Inc." (USA), "Pavliš & Hartmann s.r.o." (Czech Republic), "Paratech" (USA), "Johstadt" (Germany), "Checkers" (USA).

Marko Ltd, Ukraine, Odesa

Producer and supplier of synthetic, filming foam agent AFFF-106, TRIDOL 6-10, СИНТО, S.F.P.M. for extinction of fires of different complication. Service of technical maintenance of fire-extinguishers on the enterprises of customers on all Ukraine by means of movable units. Producer of equipment for the supplying of points tech inspection of fire-extinguishers; diesel, fire motorpumps. Company is the official representative in Ukraine of "Brandschuts Technik Mueller" Concern (Germany).

Mycopter, Ukraine, Kyiv

DJI quadrocopters.

Nadzvychaina Sytuatsiia, Ukraine

Professional issue on safety and security.

National University of Civil Protection, Ukraine, Kharkiv

Scientific and educational establishment of the State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies.

Nuclear and Radiation Safety, Ukraine, Kyiv

Professional issue on safety and security.

Ozon S, Ukraine, Dnipro

Design of systems for early detection of emergency situations and alert: from design to commissioning, with the subsequent maintenance.

Ohorona pratsi, Ukraine, Kyiv

Professional issue on safety and security.

Ohorona pratsi i pozhezhna bezpeka, Ukraine, Kyiv

Professional issue on safety and security.

Ohoronne telebachennya, Ukraine

Web portal for security industry specialists.

Partner Systems, Poland

Manufacturer of filtering devices for water purification in crisis situations (during emergencies, terrorist acts, accidental or deliberate water contamination) and devices for storing drinkable water in field conditions.

Pereviznyk, Ukraine

Professional issue.

Pirena, Ukraine, Vinnytsya

Producer and suppler of firefighting means, personal protective equipment, and also firefighting operating equipment. The company is an exclusive representative of "Para La Oro" (Republic of Belarus) and official dealer of "Harvik Rubber Industries" (Malaysia).

Portwest, Ireland

Design and manufacture of protective clothing, footwear, gloves and PPE.

Pozhezhna bezpeka pidpryemstv, ustanov, organizatsiy, Ukraine, Kyiv

Professional issue on safety and security.

Pozhezhna i tekhnogenna bezpeka, Ukraine, Kyiv

Professional issue on safety and security.

Pozhezhno - Tekhnicny Complex, Ukraine, Kyiv

Exclusive distributor of the Group "Brandtreyd" (Republic of Belarus).

Press-Birzha, Ukraine

Professional issue.

Promenergoremont, Ukraine, Kharkiv

Manufacturer of gas firefighting systems components, mobile fire extinguishers.

Promyslova bezpeka, Ukraine, Kyiv

Professional issue on safety and security.

Prosat, Ukraine, Kyiv

Equipment manufacturing corporation "Xinwei", which is a leader in developing solutions for professional Communications in China.

Protection Technologies, Ukraine, Kyiv

All-service masks, respiratory protective equipment in protective facilities, air filtration equipment.

RC TacMed, Ukraine, Kyiv

Wholesale and retail trade in Tactical Combat Casualty Care products.

Sich Paracord, Ukraine, Kyiv

Production of paracord to order:
- survival bracelets;
- safety cords;
- collars and leashes for dogs and others.

SHARME, Ukraine

Manufacturer of insignias, flags and pennants, workwear, logo application.

SK, Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya

Manufacturer and seller of fire-fighting equipment (portable powder and carbon dioxide extinguishers).

Skystep Plus, Ukraine, Kyiv

Shoes producer.

Soyuz-Tekstil, Ukraine, Kyiv

Provides wool and wool mixture clothes of departmental assignment of Minskyi kamvolnyi kombinat production.

Sparing-Vist Center, Ukraine, Lviv

Manufacturer of radiation damage monitor under the brand name "EKOTEST".

Star Technology, Ukraine, Kyiv

Radiation, Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Safety. Is the official and authorized partner of the world leaders in the field of security: "Polimaster" (Republic of Belarus), "Environics Oy" (Finland), "WONWOO Engineering Co." (Korea), "Blücher GmbH." (Germany), "Raytec" (United Kingdom).

State Emergency Service of Ukraine, Ukraine, Kyiv

Ensuring the implementation of state policy in the field of civil protection, protection of population and territories from emergency situations and prevent their occurrence, emergency response, rescue cases, fire fighting, fire and technological safety, operation of emergency services, prevention of injuries outside work, as well as hydrometeorological activities.

State Certification Center of State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies, Ukraine, Kyiv

Providing services on the standardization and certification, quality operation systems and services in the sphere of fire and technogenic safety.

Status-S, Ukraine

Breathing apparatus, rescue cushions, pneumatic tents, protective clothing, equipment for firefighters and rescuers of companies such as "Scott" (United Kingdom), "Lubawa" (Poland), "Holik" (Czech Republic), "PAB" (Croatia), "Protektor" (Poland).

Talan, Ukraine, Severodonetsk

Manufacturer and supplier of special protective clothing for firefighters, helmets for firemen and rescuers, breathing apparatus with compressed air, blowing agents for firefighting, personal protective equipment and other rescue and fire-technical equipment.

Talanlegprom, Ukraine, Kyiv

Footwear manufacture. Wholesale of clothing and footwear.

Tatra Export, Czech Republic

Producer of high mobility heavy duty AWD trucks and chassis. Applications: firefighting, defense, construction, mining, forestry, oil & gas, utilities.

Technologii zahystu, Ukraine

Professional issue on safety and security.

Technopolis, Ukraine, Dnipro

Professional issue on safety and security.

THG AG, Switzerland

Supply of special vehicles.


Web portal for security industry specialists.

Trans-Service-KTT, Ukraine, Odesa

Representative of the "Bronto Skylift" (Finland) in Ukraine. Hydraulic lifts on truck chassis with cross - country capacity with a working height of up to 112m for firefighting and rescue activity at high height.

Ukrahrotekh, Ukraine, Kamyanske

The development of emergency response plans, complex automated systems for early detection of emergency situations.

Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Civil Protection, Ukraine, Kyiv

Research and analysis of the risks of emergencies, their assessment, forecasting the emergencies and development of evidence - based preventive measures. Fundamental and applied scientific research on prevention and fire suppression.

Ukrintek, Ukraine, Khmelnytskiy

Supply of lighting equipment and devices for the military, as well as clothing and footwear.

Ukrsnabsoyuz, Ukraine, Dnipro

Manufacture of grosgrain (elastic, trouser, ribbons), belts and cords for clothing industry.

Ukrtextilsnab, Ukraine, Dnipro

Manufacturer of woven ribbons and cords for special purposes.

Ukrziz, Ukraine

Production and supply of protective clothing, footwear and personal protective equipment.

Uniform and Computer Embroidery, Ukraine, Kharkiv

Outer garment, headwear and computer embroidery.

Uniform Club, Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya

Manufacture of special clothing and shoes.

Vesna-Dilogiya, Ukraine, Dnipro

Manufacture of special clothing and uniforms.

Webcom, Ukraine, Kyiv

The official distributor of "Beth-El Zikhron Yaaqov Industries Ltd." (Israel) in Ukraine. Supplier of filter - ventilation units, explosion devices, filters absorbers, overpressure valves and other means of collective protection.

Zyalik S.V. Individual Proprietor, Ukraine, Kyiv

Development of high-coverage "Aldena" for products and structures made of wood and fabrics.