Report on the results of
X International Agroindustrial Trade Fair AGROFORUM – 2013

X International Agricultural Trade Fair AGROFORUM was held from the 5th to 8th November 2013.
Organizer of the event:
International Exhibition Centre.

The event traditionally was held by the support of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.
According to the order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine from 20.02.2013, №117 "About carrying out of exhibitions and fairs in 2013" International Agricultural Exhibition "AGROFORUM 2013" was included in the list of the domestic and foreign exhibitions and fairs to be held in 2013 with the participation of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine.

On the 5th of November at the opening ceremony of the International Agricultural Trade Fair "AGROFORUM 2013" the following people were presented:
Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Davydenko Valeriy
Deputy Director of the Department for Engineering and Technical Support and Agricultural Engineering of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine Hrynko Pavlo
Deputy Director-General, Head of the Department of the organization of exhibitions International Exhibition Centre Lykhohrud Olha

During the official opening of the ceremony a greeting addressed to the exhibition from the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Mykola Prysiazhniuk was read.

In his greeting to the participants and guests on the occasion of the opening the Deputy Minister Davydenko V. noted the significant potential of the domestic agricultural sector, the possibilities of conducting the profitable business in the sectors of agriculture, as well as focused on the fact that the event helps to improve the country's image.

The basic thematic sections of the exhibition - agricultural machinery, mini-machinery, mechanization, trailers, equipment and spare parts; drip irrigation systems, equipment for the post-harvest grain handling, photoseparators, dryers, equipment for the preparation of seeds for sowing, elevators, weighting, calibration equipment; constructions for grain storage, agricultural equipment, farm animals housing, equipment for food and processing industries; modern technologies for crop production, breeding, seed production system, horticulture, mineral and organic fertilizers, chelated micronutrient fertilizers, plant protection products, substrates, veterinary medicine, technology and equipment for feed, feed additives and premixes; agricultural science.

In these sections there are products of both Ukrainian and well-known manufacturers from Belarus, Italy, Spain, China, Latvia, Germany, Poland, Russia, the USA, Turkey and France.

At the exhibition there was presented the stand of the Department for Engineering and Technical Support and Agricultural Engineering of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, at which the main activities of the Department were shown.

At the exposition of winnowing, grain drying, and elevator equipment and fast erected constructions for grain storage were represented such companies as: Sioux Steel Company (USA) – world famous company, which represenred the constructions for the storage of grain, as well as fast erected buildings for keeping of livestock and storage of the agricultural machinery; Avangard - Zhytomyr LTD (Zhytomyr city) - the company specializes in the construction and reconstruction of grain cleaning, drying systems and elevators; Vernisazh, PC (Zhytomyr city) − manufacturer of winnowing and weighing equipment for the grain; Orient Way, LLC (Luhansk city) − the only representative of color sorting equipment (sorter) in Ukrainian market of a major Chinese manufacturing company; SCAFCO - UkrEnergoPerspectiva, LLC (Kyiv city) − specializes in manufacturing of equipment for the storage and handling of grain, construction of port and line elevators; Spetselevatormelmash, LLC (Kharkiv city) – development, manufacture and commissioning of elevators, cleaning and calibration machines for grain and seed, etc.; Stalspecmontazh 21, LLS (Kharkiv city) − specializes in designing and manufacturing of arch constructions for grain storage; in the section of weighting, metering equipment, instruments for determining the quality of the grain are represented: Mekhanotron, Private Scientific and Industrial Enterprise (Cherkasy city) − weighting, filling and packaging equipment; Sweda, Scientific and Production Firm, LTD (Zaporizhzhia city) − is one of the leaders in the development, manufacture and implementation of the industrial weighting equipment; the exposition of agricultural machinery, spare parts and equipment for precision farming, oil and lubricants were represented by the companies such as: Amaco Ukraine LTD (Kyiv region) − is a part of a large international network of companies that operate in the USA, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The main activities of the company − technological solutions in agriculture, construction machinery and commercial vehicles; INSIMA (Kyiv region) – is the official dealer of vehicles YTO in Ukraine.

The production is presented in different areas, namely agriculture and communal equipment (wheeled tractors, mini tractors, medium power tractors, tillage equipment, seeders and sowing machinery, fertilizer spreaders, Grassland attachment equipment, trailed sprayers, construction and equipment for tractors), warehouse equipment, construction equipment; Moto Hutorok Company (Dnipropetrovsk city) − is one of the leading representatives in selling mini farm machinery and gardening tools; Technika, PE (Bila Tserkva city, Kyiv region) – sale of imported agricultural equipment from the leading European and American manufacturers; Agropromtehtrans LTD (Kyiv city) − agricultural machinery, spare parts, as well as plant protection products, fertilizers, plant protectants; Agroservistraktor PE (Dnipropetrovsk city) − the Ukrainian manufacturer of mini agricultural equipment, drills and equipment; Berti, PJSC (Berdiansk city) − plant specializes in manufacture of the conveyor tapes, belts, etc.; Petrolayn, Enjoy Invest, LLC (Kyiv city) − company represented the counters of fuel, pumps, gas stations, filling stations, flow meters on the engines, GPS monitoring of transport; MicroTronic Ltd (Simferopol city) − company specializes in the sale of fuel control systems, the control of technological operations, fuel dispensing, automated accounting systems for agricultural enterprises; In the section of irrigation were represented: Company Santehplast, LLC (Kharkiv city) – equipment and accessories for drip irrigation; Aqua - Holding, Trade House, LLC (Dnipropetrovsk city) − exclusive services for the complex engineering in the industry of water treatment systems and water purification; KAMP, LTD (Kyiv city) − PVC hoses, clamps, technical connection fittings for irrigation, drip irrigation systems, etc. By the company OBR Spolka Akcyjna (Poland) − the first and the largest manufacturer in Poland − were represented the polyethylene films for greenhouses and gardens, silage films, etc.

The increasing competition in the agricultural market caused the raise of the role of the logistics sphere in shaping of costs for production and sale of agricultural products. In particular, at the exhibition was presented the production of such famous companies as: DAF TRUCKS - one of the most popular brands of trucks among the transport operators of Ukraine, Representative Office in Ukraine Schmitz Cargobull - Europe's leading manufacturer of vans, dump trailers, and flatbed semitrailers tilts; Aleko, plant, LTD (Volnovaha city) − the manufacturer of the flatbed bodies and grain carriers; Transmarket Ltd (Kyiv region) − the official dealer of the leading manufacturers of trailers and semi - trailer equipment.

In the section of equipment for livestock and poultry feed and veterinary their products represented such companies as: Wesstron Product s.c. (Poland) − equipment for poultry and pig farms; Promelectro, Ltd (Kharkiv city) – production and sale of household shredders, which are designed for processing of grain and root crops for making pet food in the personal subsidiary farms; Protex - trade, Ltd (Kyiv city) – the supplier of high quality feed additives, fishmeal; Anmaks, PC (Kyiv city) − represented at the exhibition the technologies of French leaders in growing rabbits; Agrokhim, TIC, LTD − the company presented the concentrated disinfectants for livestock and poultry; Belecotechnika LTD (Belarus) − veterinary medicines, finished feeds and feed additives for farm animals and birds; Biocom LTD (Belarus) − milk substitutes, concentrates, special feed additives, premixes; InterLabService - Ukraine Ltd (Kyiv city) − laboratory equipment, test systems for veterinary and quality of feed; Ukrzoovetprompostach, ISE, OJSC (Kyiv city) − the modern scientific and production and educational absorptive complex with the branched inventory distribution network of branches, which injects in life generally recognized principle of "Healthy animals - healthy food and healthy society". Therefore, the production of this company is aimed at ensuring of stably - controlled epizootic situation in Ukraine.

The attention of visitors attracted the exposition of enterprises operating in the field of agrochemicals and fertilizers: Bioperspektyva Ltd (Kyiv city) – means of plant protection; Kisson Company (Zaporizhzhia city) − mineral and organic fertilizers, growth stimulants, means of plant protection, substrates; Novofert LTD (Severodonetsk town) – the leading Ukrainian manufacturer of water - soluble nitrogen - phosphorus - potassium fertilizers with the trace elements of chelated form; Sabera International Company LTD (Kyiv city) − the company introduced water - soluble chelated fertilizers of Drip Fert (Turkey), drip irrigation system Firat (Turkey), greenhouse covering and polyethylene films of Turkish company Imece Plastik; Technofora LLC (Kyiv city) − specializes in designing and manufacturing of the innovative products for agricultural use (pesticides, fertilizers). In the section of seed growing and accompanying innovative products were introduced: Selekta, RPBF LLC (Dnipropetrovsk city) − selection, seed growing, corn hybrids; Legion Company LLC (Cherkasy city) – the company represented the dyes for labeling of sowing materials or sealers, which are used as plant protection from cracking of pods, beans and other crops, and thereby minimize crop losses. Also in this section of equipment for processing of agricultural products were introduced: Ukraine - Italy LTD (Ivano - Frankivsk city) − lines and machines for the food processing industry, processing and packaging of food products (vegetable oil, tomatoes, beans, fruit, milk, jams, etc.); Ukrexpo - Process, Republic Scientific and Production Enterprise, Рrivate Corporation (Kyiv city) − equipment for the production of vegetable oil − oil - presses of hot and cold pressing, oil filters, etc.

Business program had practical direction and was devoted to the discussing of the specific issues of work and development of agricultural business - from the use of new energy - saving technologies and equipment to staff training. With the participation of the Department for Engineering and Technical Support and Agricultural Engineering of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine and educational institutions (the Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Forecasting Techniques and Technologies for the Agricultural Production of L. Pogorelov, IMESKh, National Science Center and the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine) were held round tables and seminars on the theme:
- Testing of tractors and agricultural machinery: new requirements and regulations;
- Bioenergy conveyor - a reliable source of renewable alternative fuels;
- Energy efficiency and effectiveness of the mechanized technological processes and systems of crop production;
- Technical and technological support for the production of high quality milk;
- Machinery and equipment for the production and use of renewable energy sources in agricultural production;
- Training of engineers - mechanical engineers of the agricultural machinery in higher educational institutions of Ukraine.

Also the following special events passed, the speakers of which were Ukrainian and foreign experts:
- Seminar on the Organic production: European choice of the Ukrainian agrarians; (Organic Federation of Ukraine)
- Round table on the themes: New procedure for registration of ownership of land and other property rights for the real estate. The prevention of the double registration rights on the land. The checks of the agricultural enterprises. What do you need to know and for what to prepare. Redemption of mutual fund of the employees of the former collective agricultural enterprises (Lux Lawyer Company, LLC);
- Seminar on the Automation of production processes in the agriculture (Micro Tronic, LLC);
- Seminar on the Secondary plant components — it is more than just essential oils (Nutrition Consulting and Service, LLC).

The exhibition was visited by more than 2500 experts from all regions of Ukraine, as well as from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, the Kingdom of Sweden, the Kingdom of Belgium, the Russian Federation, Turkey, Moldova, Poland, Finland, the United States, the Kingdom of Spain, Georgia, Nigeria, Italy, Germany, the Republic of Belarus.

International agroindustrial Trade Fair AGROFORUM '2013

International agroindustrial Trade Fair AGROFORUM '2013

International agroindustrial Trade Fair AGROFORUM '2013

International agroindustrial Trade Fair AGROFORUM '2013