Report on the results of
XI International Water Forum AQUA UKRAINE – 2013

5-8 November 2013 at the International Exhibition Center (Brovarsky Ave., 15). Forum was held by the order of The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and combined exhibition and scientific - practical conferences, seminars, round tables, professional skills contests and other events.

- Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing - Communal Services of Ukraine
- Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine
- State Water Resources Agency of Ukraine
- Messe Berlin GmbH
- «International Exhibition Centre»

With support of:
Association «Ukrvodokanalekologiya»

The opening ceremony, which took place on November 5, 2013, was attended by:
- Temnik Gennady - Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Municipal Economy of Ukraine
- Proskuryakov Oleg - Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine
- Stashuk Vasily - Chairman of the State Agency of Ukraine for Water Resources
- Valeriy Saratov - Chairman of the National Commission of Ukraine for regulation of the utilities
- Pochuh Ivan - Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Czech Republic in Ukraine
- Anatoliy Tkachenko – General Director of the International Exhibition Centre
- Other officials

After the welcome speech at the Forum opening, participants of the exhibition introduced to honoured guests the most interesting developments and innovations of their companies. The exhibition occupied more than 8,000 square meters. The products from 18 countries of the world were presented by over 203 enterprises and organisations from Ukraine, Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey, Czech Republic, Estonia. Forum was attended by 6420 representatives from various branches of the economy, including managing and engineering staff of water supply utilities, building and construction organizations, basin authorities, municipal utilities, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, power and metallurgical industries, engineering, design and scientifical institutions, agriculture, etc.

The main event of the business program became the International Conference «Problem and perspective in development of drinking water supply and wastewater disposal in Ukraine», which was held at the framework of the IX International Congress «Institutional and Technical Aspects of Restructuring at Housing and Municipal Economy-2013» (organizer - Ministry of Regional Development Construction, Housing and Municipal Economy of Ukraine). The conference covered a wide range of issues related to the present quality of drinking water in Ukraine and to the search of solutions for water supply and sewage modernization, introduction of efficient equipment and technologies for wastewater treatment, sludge treatment and disposal; relations between enterprises of water supply and sewerage facilities, housing organizations and public were also highlighted. The separate section was devoted to the improvement of the regulatory and legal basis on the field of water supply and wastewater facilities

Сonference «Water and Environment» (Organizer - Ministry of Natural Resources, State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine) complementing Forum since its inception, has been dedicated to the current state of water resources, prevention of pollution, and changes at legislation of the management and leasing of water entities; methods for flood risks reduction, modern technologies for ground and surface water preparation; implementation of measures for environmental recovery and saving, international cooperation at water issues.

The annual competition of professional skills of employees for water supply and sewage services traditionally includes two wining nominations: 1) tapping into the water network under pressure, installation of water meter assembly; 2) installation of the water supply network of plastic pipes.

Attracting youth to the conservation solutions and efficient use of water resources was the main purpose of the contest «National Junior Water Prize» (National Part of International Competition STOCKHOLM JUNIOR WATER PRIZE, which takes place annually under the patronage of Her Highness Princess Victoria in Stockholm). Environmental problems of rivers, lakes and seas, rational water use at municipal sector, industry and energy, impact of human activities on water resources, purification methods and influence of water on the human body - these and other problems touched high school students at Forum’s exposition. The main criteria of competition was the individual preparation, depth of research and the novelty of the technical solutions. The winners received cups and diplomas.

According to the tradition, «Kyivvodocanal» took an active part at the Forum holding. At the exhibition open area the staff showed masterly possession of heavy equipment that generally used in emergency response. This time excavators danced polka, opened a bottle of beer and even lighted matches.

Wastewater discharge into municipal sewers in excess of the maximum permissible concentrations was the main topic of «round table» discussion, organized by Kyivvodocanal, and presentation of the subsidiary company «Water utility - service» was also exposed.

First time the national exposition of czech producers was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic. Advanced developments at wastewater treatment, automation of production processes, environmental protection technologies, water- and heatmeter devices, etc. were presented on their stand.

State Agency of Ukraine for Water Resources has demonsrated a joint project of Ukraine and Hungary for automated data - measuring operation system of transboundary water resources in addition to layouts and exhibits showing the current state of water management in all regions of Ukraine.

Traditionally, pumps and pumping equipment became one of the main exposed directions. At the stand of permanent exhibitor «WILO UKRAINE» in addition to modern energy - saving pumping equipment made ​​in Germany, the innovative aeration system for biological wastewater treatment, which is unique due to optimized air supply, was presented.

With a wide range of professional pump solutions for all industries, occupying leading positions of the world market, visitors were able to learn on the stand of «GRUNDFOS UKRAINE», the subsidiary company of the leading Danish corporate group «Grundfos AG».

«Varna» being a manufacturer of pumping equipment for domestic and industrial use introduced to the fair guests the key products of «Pumps plus equipment» trade mark, «Sprut» and «Varna».

«Dalgakiran compressor Ukraine» showed a novelty to the Ukrainian market - self - priming centrifugal pumps by Gorman Rupp (USA), able to handle with difficult challenges, at the first stand, and at the second - the blower by Salvatore Robuschi (Italy), intended for wastewater treatment and water aeration.

«Technomash» introduced a number of new products made in Italy, including submersible well pumps, essential for irrigation and water rise in special conditions, pumping stations with a new type of motor, submersible pumps for sewage, industrial wastewater and other polluted fluids this year.

Also, visiting the exhibition could make aware of products by Ukrainian producer «Sumy plant «Nasosenergomash», Russian – «Tekhnosila», and pumping equipment from factories in Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Italy and Germany on the stand of «Panda» Trade House.

For once, the list of participants added a number of companies, which first presented their products at the trade fair «AQUA UKRAINE». Among them: «IVIK Formula Vody», «Nero - Service», «Neosintez», «Euro Mec S.r.l.» (Italy), «Pharm Media», «Agrohim», «Laval», «ENOR UA», «Turbiv kaolin plant», «RSE - Trading Microzim» (Russia), «Aplisens», «Ergomera», «Betar» (Russia), «AIК - ЕСО», «Cryo Inter Trading», «R - plast», «1A - Engineering», «Palaplast S.A.» (Greece), «SIMVOLT», «РSI Products GmbH» (Germany), «Plastics - Ukraine», «Baltijos Pajegos» (Lithuania), «KKL - JNF» (Israel), «АОІ - Soft Russia - Ukraine», «Penetron - Kуіv», «Kombinat Budindustrii», «Gazservis - Stanislav», «Elteсh - Ukraine». These participants presented technologies for water- and wastewater treatment, valves, pressure regulators, water magnet transducers, precision water- and heatmeters devices, pipe systems for different purposes and completing materials for their construction, cooling towers, water - proofing systems, automation of production processes, environmental treatment activities, informatization services.

A numerous exclusive developments at water treatment and wastewater disposal segment, were intoduced by those exhibitors not first presenting their opportunities at the fair. Among them: «HAFI PROJECT & TECHNOLOGY GmbH» (Austria), «Lysoform», «Jurby WaterTech», «Aqua - Holding», «Aqualux», «Unilos», «Ecopolymer Group», «Antris», «Bortek», «Lіder», «Waluftech», «Cymedika UA», «Kontur», «Ukrkomfort», «Akvatrol - Ukraine». The largest manufacturer of water treatment equipment «Ekosoft» traditionally submit the whole range of products for water treatment: from household filters to unique industrial water treatment installations.

The determined leaders of the branch as «Budinvestcompany», «Evrotrubplast» Trade House, «Steinzeug - Keramo» S.r.o., «HOBAS System Polska Sр. Zoo», «Interekst», «VOMM Impianti e Processi S.p.a.», «AUMA Technology Automations», «Pergam - Ukraine Engineering», «EcoInstrument - Kyiv», «Dinamo - Continent», «MSH Techno», «Imest - Plus». Representing the most advanced solutions for water supply and sewage services of Ukraine, exposition aroused professional interest of wide audience of visitors.

Traditionally, a number of utilities at Forum’ exposition shared their developments at improvement of water supply and sewerage processes for cities. Particular attention of visitors was attracted by «Chernihivvodokanal» stand, which strategy focused to achieve high standards of water quality, introduction of energy efficient technologies, environmental protection, cooperation with international institutions.

It should be mentioned the participation at the fair of national producers such as «Brotep - Eco», «Viaplast», «KIARM», «Novator», as well as sales representatives of Italian, Russian and Belarusian enterprises - manufacturers – «Welding», «Sibrezinotehnika».

Thus, the exhibition has once again provided a unique opportunity for visitors to improve relations with global leaders of the branch and become awareness with technological innovations, and for exhibitors to demonstrate their benefits, products and services to a wide range of specialists.

International Water Forum AQUA UKRAINE '2013

International Water Forum AQUA UKRAINE '2013

International Water Forum AQUA UKRAINE '2013

International Water Forum AQUA UKRAINE '2013


International Water Forum AQUA UKRAINE '2013

High efficiency of «AQUA UKRAINE-2013» was ensured by complex of exhibitions passed at the same time on the territory of International Exhibition Center and thematically complementing each other. XI International Specialized Exhibition «COMUNTECH» (technologies, equipment and materials for communal heating, road construction, machinery for municipal and special purpose, urban transport, production and consumption wastes, urbanization), X International Agricultural Exhibition «AGROFORUM» (agricultural machinery, grain processing, feed production, veterinary periodicals, methods of plant protection), VI Specialized Exhibition «Energy efficiency» (alternative and renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy - saving technologies, equipment, materials), III Specialized Exhibition «EuroBuildExpo» (industrial and residential construction, building technologies, materials, equipment and tools), and the first Specialized Exhibition «Industrial Ecology». Expanding the diversity of presented production by environmental protection technologies and manufacture, purification of industrial ejections, dangerous wastes, the exhibition was the first step towards solving the most important task - introducing the latest scientific - technical advances at production to ensure the environmental safety. The exhibition was guided and organized by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine.

Therefore, combining under one roof the series of related specialized exhibitions, International Exhibition Center provided a unique opportunity for a total number of 12,000 professionals at the same time to be acquainted with the production of 500 participants from 27 countries on the area of 20000 square meters and, once again, created professional platform for direct communication between governmental, public, industrial, commercial, and scientific circles.