Report on the results of
X International Trade Fair

X International Specialized Exhibition Arms and Security 2013.September 25-28 at the International Exhibition Center was held an anniversary X exhibition "Arms and Security" - the only exhibition in Ukraine with a demonstration of weapons for different purposes.

A distinctive feature of the anniversary exhibition has been the expansion of theme in the direction of product presentation defense enterprises of Ukraine, in connection with which the exhibition has acquired a new format - two thematic expositions:
- weapons and military equipment for ground forces;
- weapons and equipment for civilian use.

The exhibition was held under the patronage of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The event was organized by Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, "International Exhibition Center" Ltd, supported by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Security Service of Ukraine, the State Border Service of Ukraine, State Service of Emergencies of Ukraine, the State Export Control Service. Co-organized by ZAO "Exhibition Company Group "Bizon" - manager of Russia's leading exhibition of State Security "Interpolitex".

The official opening ceremony of X International specialized exhibition "Arms and Security - 2013" was attended by:
- Lekar Sergey - Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine - Chief of Staff
- Tolochnyy Yuryy – Deputy Commander of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
- Lantvoyt Oleg – Director of the department logistical support of the State Border Service of Ukraine
- Verbensky Mikhail - Head of the State Scientific-Research Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs
- Protsenko Taras - Deputy Head of the State Scientific-Research Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs
- Maystrenko Vasyliy – Deputy General Director of the State Concern "Ukroboronprom"
- Tkachenko Anatoliy - General Director of "International Exhibition Center"

Among the honored guests of the exhibition - the representatives of the Presidential Administration, the Office of the National Security and Defense of Ukraine, General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Land Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Georgian Defense Ministry delegation headed by Deputy Minister of Defence of Georgia Zaza Broladze, as well as 33 representatives of the military departments with the diplomatic missions from 16 countries.

X International Specialized Exhibition Arms and Security 2013.For four days, the exhibition was visited by many thousands of professionals and weapons lovers accredited more than 100 media representatives, making the work of the exhibition was widely reported in the public. Students of the National University of Defence, Police Academy, students of military lyceum. Bohun, that will certainly help to improve their knowledge about the prospects for development of weapons and military equipment were well acquainted with the exhibition space.

About 120 companies from most regions of Ukraine took part in the exhibition with stands. Among the foreign participants included representatives of countries such as Libya, Germany, USA, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Poland, Russia, Belarus.

Centerpiece of arms and military equipment exposition for the right was occupied by stands of State Scientific - Research Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs, the state company "UKSPETSEKSPORT" enterprises and state concern "UKROBORONPROM".

Traditionally, the exhibition was shown a wide range of products for the law enforcement agencies - from emergency vehicles to aerosol cans. State Scientific - Research Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine demonstrated advanced technology in the field of civil security. Also, traditionally the Department of State Security Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine took part in the fair. This year's focus on service monitoring moving objects using satellite navigation technologies GPS.

For professionals and the general public defense enterprises demonstrated the samples of modern equipping of the army and internal security troops under the brand "Made in Ukraine": modern samples - 4 BTR and BTR-3E1, anti-complex "Le Corsaire", 30mm cannon MMT-1, 40-mm grenade launchers, machine guns and other new military equipment.

State company "TOPAZ", engaged in the development and manufacture of radio systems and special purpose electronic products widely used provided an opportunity to get acquainted with the complex electronic intelligence "Mail", a modernized radar P-18MU.

Exclusively at the exhibition "Arms and Security" all visitors could see the layout of a secret class ship "Corvette", the presentation of which has been specially prepared for display at the exhibition. Construction of the first sample should be finished by 2015. Judging from the layout, it will be equipped with artillery, torpedo and missile weapons, as well as take-off platform for helicopters. The ship is 60% made from Ukrainian components.

X International Specialized Exhibition Arms and Security 2013.For the first time, the exhibition was presented by the Polish National Pavilion, organized by the Polish Chamber of manufacturers of defense products. On the stand was attended by manufacturers of defense products:
- Air Force Institute of Technology (ITWL);
- Industrial Optics Centre (Przemysłowe Centrum Optyki - PCO);
- Huta Stali Jakościowych (HSJ);
- Arms Factory Radom "Łucznik" (Fabryka Broni Radom "Łucznik");
- Military Engineering Works (Wojskowe Zakłady Inżynieryjne – WZInż).

Great interest among the specialists called by Polish unmanned and remotely operated equipment models. Technological Institute of the Air Force of Poland introduced drone for reconnaissance, as well as unmanned helicopter for special assignments. It was first shown at the exhibition in Kielce just a month before the event in Kyiv.

A separate booth at the Industrial Research Institute had Polish Automation and Measurements (PIAP), which demonstrated the potential of the mobile robot designed specifically for security.

In general, all the representatives of Polish organizations were satisfied with the event, there have been many interesting meetings, reached an agreement on cooperation with the Ukrainian manufacturers of defense products.

X International Specialized Exhibition Arms and Security 2013.Addressing soldiers to the place of delivery operations offers domestic producer PJSC "AvtoKrAZ" which showcased its two-axle all-wheel drive for the armed forces of KrAZ-5233 BE, called "Special Forces".

Exhibition was represented by numerous companies, which designs and produces camouflage coveralls, shoes, webbed, bags and pouches, badges, knives and lights for all tastes, which are widely used security forces, security structures and ordinary citizens.

Due to changes in the Ukrainian legislation (now employees of security structures allowed to use stun guns) to the exhibition returned manufacturer of stun weapons from Russia - the company "MART GROUP". There was a demonstration of as well known in the Russian production models shockers and pilot samples of new ESD that has not yet started in manufacture. At the company's booth was crowded during the four days: interest shocker showed both professionals and employees of MIA of Ukraine and security agencies, as well as ordinary citizens.

As usual, the most crowded place in the exhibition was part of the pavilion where situated the stands with arms for hunting, self-defense and sport, historical weapons, goods for extreme forms of recreation.

X International Specialized Exhibition Arms and Security 2013.The employees of the company "IBIS" presented their shooting club and shooting range, which for all four days attracted the most attention of the different users. As always, we mentioned a number of weapons, which included hunting and historical rifles, more than three dozen pistols and revolvers, a wide range of knives Spyderco, Cold Steel, Katz or Opinel. The most popular novelty of weapons was a pump-action shotgun UTAS UTS-15. Also the visitors could see with the ammunition manufacturer, for 17 years and is the supplier of the Army U.S. Marine Corps, police departments and intelligence services of many countries, the company «Black Hills Ammunition», as well as with the company Snugpak - British manufacturer of warm clothing, sleeping bags and tents, whose products are also taken up by the U.S. Army, Australia and several European countries.

LLC "ZBROYAR" - domestic manufacturer, whose products have earned the respect of consumers not only in Ukraine and the CIS, but also in Germany, England, the UAE and even distant Australia, demonstrated at its booth precision sport and hunting rifles. Ukrainian team with rifles Zbroyar Z-008 won the second place at the European Championships in the F-class in 2011 and 2012.

At the stand booth of "Safari-Ukraine" the attention to all categories of visitors was attracted by the widest choice of exclusive hunting rifles (Holland&Holland (England), Karl Hauptmann (Austria), Peter Hofer (Austria), Johann Fanzoj (Austria), Krieghoff (Germany), VO (Sweden), Cristensen Arms), and mass production of weapons of virtually all the world's leading manufacturers: Blaser, Sauer, Mauser, Walther, Heym, Merkel (Germany); Benelli, Beretta, Perazzi, Benelli, Pietta (Italy); Browning (Belgium); Winchester, Weatherby, Henry, Mossberg (USA), etc. Towards decent weapons and offered a wide range of munitions and optical instruments.

X International Specialized Exhibition Arms and Security 2013Traditionally, among the most visited booths at the show was a stand from the company "FORT". Among the new products were presented pistols "FORT-225" and "FORT-228", as well as automatic rifle "FORT-223".

For visitors who deals with the application or practical shooting the exhibition gave an opportunity to try out fire training simulators from LASER SHOT (USA), SIRT, as well as multimedia and laser ranges of domestic and foreign production.

Important part of activities program of the exhibition was the first time held an International conference on "Prospects for the development of armaments ground units. Weapon development by concluding contracts offset in the procurement of military equipment import". The conference was attended by scientists of the Central Scientific - Research Institute of weapons and military equipment, the State Scientific - Research Institute of Aviation, National Defense University, the Academy of the Land Forces, 33 military attaches of 20 countries, 48 representatives of scientific organizations, design bureaus and defense enterprises. With information on the topic of the conference were 18 speakers, including general and chief designers leading defense enterprises of Ukraine. Total number of participants was about 200 people.

X International Specialized Exhibition Arms and Security 2013Participants of International conference had the opportunity to get acquainted with the views on the development of weapons of ground troops and the possibility of equipping the armed forces of the former Soviet Union and the new upgraded weapons and military equipment of Ukrainian origin in the near future. Of particular interest was the following issues:
- Soldier of future, armament and equipage;
- Providing reconnaissance at night using infrared devices;
- Development of radar equipment based on digital antenna arrays;
- Unnamed aerial vehicles;
- The development of digital communications and satellite navigation systems;
- Development prospects of armored vehicles and equipment. Means of active defense;
- Aircraft prospective protective protection systems from MANPAD’s destruction.

Audience of visitors was secured with the help of large-scale advertising campaign in the media (press, TV, radio, Internet Publishing), and BROAD invitations to more than 45,000 addresses in Ukraine, CIS and Europe (government agencies, concerned central and local authorities, embassies, specialized organizations, industrial and commercial enterprises, financial institutions).

Exhibition results showed that Ukraine is still a worthy player in the global arms market and conduct their own military-industrial forum is a necessity for large-scale demonstration of the export opportunities of the national defense industry, as well as to revitalize the domestic market in the field of civilian applications.