Report on the results of
ХІІ International Exhibition Forum
Protection Technologies/FireTech-2013

XII International Exhibition Forum “Protection Technologies/FireTech-2013”XII International Exhibition Forum “Protection Technologies/FireTech-2013”, the event №1 for Ukraine in the sphere of civil protection, industrial and fire safety, was held in Kyiv, September 24-26. Present participants of the Forum exhibition part are over than 100 enterprises - producers from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Great Britain and USA.

The event was organized by the State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies, International Exhibition Centre, Exhibition Companies Group “Bizon” (Russia) by support of the Association “Technogenic Safety and Population Civil Protection”.

XII International Exhibition Forum “Protection Technologies/FireTech-2013”The opening ceremony of the Forum was held with the participation of the special guests:
Bolotskikh Mikhaylo Vasylyovych
— Head of the State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies;
Reva Grygoriy Vasylyovych — ex-Minister of Ukraine on Emergencies in 2002-2005;
Temyraliev Taalaybek Asanbekovych — State Secretary of Ministry of Kirghiz Republic on Emergencies;
Jean-Fransua More — representative of European commission Office in Ukraine, member of managing committee of EU-funded Programme for the Prevention, Preparedness and Response to Man-made and Natural Disasters in the ENPI East Region (PPRD East);
Sergiy Anagnosti — head of EU-funded Programme for the Prevention, Preparedness and Response to Man-made and Natural Disasters in the ENPI East Region (PPRD East);
Tkachenko Anatoliy Viktorovych — General Director of International Exhibition Centre.

During the opening ceremony of the forum “Protection Technologies/FireTech-2013” at the open area there was a work demonstration of modern fire technique of such companies, as “Pozhtekhnika” (Torzhok, Russia), “AvtoKrAZ” (Ukraine) and “Pozhspetsmash” (Ukraine).

XII International Exhibition Forum “Protection Technologies/FireTech-2013”There was a demonstration of fire and rescue equipment, as follows:
- presentation of pumping equipment which is used for firefighting — display of “Technica” (Ukraine);
- demonstration of maneuvering abilities of motor boat UMS-1000 in case of fire on water;
- deployment of the Mobile Rescue Centre with demonstration of first aid providing to injured persons by using of simulators;
- special treatment of personnel;
- seek of explosive objects;
- liquidation of accidental oil spill by using sorbents;
- demonstration shows of efficiency fireproof materials application for wood constructions protection;
- demonstrational training of firefighters on rescue the injured people at the multi-level training complex — fume-cabinet “PTS-GROT” with using the latest equipment and fire-men equipment produced by “PTS” (Russia) – display of “Protective Technologies” (Ukraine).

Appreciable quantity of exposition visitors, more than 3000 of specialists, confirms the high level of the Forum:

Visitors profile

Quantity, %

Specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of security systems and systems of the emergencies early detection


Specialists on safety engineering, occupational safety and enviroment, capital construction and industry supply


Representatives of trade and intermediary organizations


Managerial personnel and staff of the state, municipal, rescue services and public organizations' services


Departments' staff of the State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies and their regional divisions


Representatives of the regional administrations and central government authorities


Representatives of other government and commercial institutions


XII International Exhibition Forum “Protection Technologies/FireTech-2013”At first time within the bounds of exhibition forum “Protection Technologies/FireTech” the XI International Research and Practical Conference “Fire safety, emergency and rescue service: the situation, problems and perspectives” (“Fire Safety — 2013”) was conducted. During work of the conference more than 120 leading scientists and specialists in the sphere of fire safety — representatives of establishments and organizations from Azerbaijan Republic, Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation, Republic of Poland, Kirghiz Republic, USA and Ukraine — took part. According to results of the Conference cooperation agreements were concluded with the representatives of Republic of Poland, Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus.

Within the bounds of Forum XV All-Ukrainian Research and Practical Conference of Rescuers, and also a variety of scientific and practical events was traditionally held, on which branch topical questions were examined. In particular, the questions on improving the efficiency of the rescue services activity, development of engineering activities of civil protection during the designing, supporting of the population centralized warning in case of the occurance of natural and technogenic emergencies (including the accidents at the chemical objects with increased risk), specialties of the hazardous substances transportation were discussed.

Also one of the most notable events of XII International Exhibition Forum was meeting of Head Administrations (Administrations) Chiefs of the State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies in regions of the country, which was held on the 24th of September, 2013. The Head of the Service, Bolotskikh Mikhaylo Vasylyovych, led the meeting.

Some seminars were organized by the participants of the Exhibition Forum. For example, the Association “Technogenic Safety and Population Civil Protection” (Ukraine) is a organizer of the seminar “Implementation of modern automated central alarm system”, during which the questions about effective work of modern automated central alarm system on the enterprises not only in case of the emergencies occurance, but in the conditions of everyday activity were discussed.

XII International Exhibition Forum “Protection Technologies/FireTech-2013”About the new tendencies in providing fire and technogenic safety on enterprises there were speeches during the seminar, which was organized by a magazine “Ohorona truda i pozharnaya bezopasnost” (Ukraine).

International Exhibition Forum “Protection Technologies/FireTech” is a business event, which is well-known not only in Ukraine but also abroad. It gives an opportunity to specialists in the sphere of fire and technogenic safety to communicate with each other at the international level.

On the whole the display of Forum was presented by few sectors:
- fire safety of building, constructions and areas;
- technical equipping of the fire and rescue squads;
- individual protection means;
- working area safety and industrial safety;
- forecasting and prevention of technogenic and natural emergencies;
- nuclear and radiation safety.

XII International Exhibition Forum “Protection Technologies/FireTech-2013”The Forum visitors had an opportunity to learn about the latest products in the sphere of civil protection, fire and technogenic safety. Traditionally retro fire-fighting vehicles were disposed within the exposition.

On the stand of “Atomkompleksprylad” (Ukraine) visitors were able to measure the incorporated radionuclides in the human body. There also was an opportunity to check food, agricultural produce and also building materials for presence of gamma-emitting radionuclides. On the stand of “Ukrainian Research and Practice Center of Emergency and Disaster Medicine of Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine” (Ukraine) master class “Special aspects of providing the first aid to injured persons in emergencies” was held.

Among the foreign participants noteworthy newcomers of the Forum: “Erickson Aero Tanker” (USA) — providing aerial firefighting services by means of MD-87 aircraft; “Hochiki Europe” (United Kingdom) — one of leading world producers of the fire-alarm systems; “Patterson Pumps Ireland Ltd” (Ireland) — firefighting pumps and pumps for flood control; “Red Wing Shoe” (USA) — production of high quality footwear, flame retardant clothing and protective gloves; “Tauchertechnik Brandenburg GmbH” (Germany) — hydrostatic test stations and systems for steel and composite cylinders with compressed air, which are used in rescue service.

Nearby to the foreign participants it was possible to visit stands of Ukrainian companies, which confirmed their participation at the International Exhibition Forum “Protection Technologies/FireTech” at the first time. Among them: “Trans-Service-KTT” (representative of “Bronto Skylift” in Ukraine) — realization and maintenance of hydraulic lifts on truck chassis for firefighting and rescue activity at height; “Sovremennye Tekhnologii Pozharotusheniya” (exclusive representative of the brand “Pirostiker AST” (Russia) in Ukraine) — self-contained device “Pirostiker AST” for local firefighting.

XII International Exhibition Forum “Protection Technologies/FireTech-2013”The wide spectrum of professional equipment for fire and rescue services was presented by annual companies-participants, among which: “Donetsk Mine-Rescue Equipment Plant” (Ukraine) — self-rescuers and respirators of own production; “Post-01” (Ukraine) — equipment “Holmatro” (Netherlands), “PARATECH” (USA), “KUNZ” (Germany), “OSW” (Germany), “MSA” (Germany), “AKRON BRASS” (USA), “Mika Elektro” (Finland) for the use in various emergencies; “Mine-Rescue Equipment Plant “Gorizont” (Ukraine) — breathing apparatus of own production; “Technology for life” (Ukraine) — equipment “Draeger Safety AG & Co. KgaA” (Germany), “Capital Safety Group EMEA” (United Kingdom), etc.

Complex of protection means for wood and other building materials and constructions were presented to visitors on the stands of such companies, as “А plus В Ukraine” (Ukraine), “D-33” (Ukraine), “Kapitel-Dnepr” (Ukraine), “Neomid” (Ukraine), “Spetsmaterialy” (Ukraine), “Sovremennye Tekhnologii Pozharotusheniya” (Ukraine), “Ukrbazaltizol” (Ukraine), etc.

At the same time within the bounds of exposition the modern means of firefighting were displayed on the stands of next companies: “WAT Bryński” (Poland), “Alhim” (Ukraine), “Kvirin” (Ukraine), “Marko Ltd” (Ukraine), “Pyrocool” (Ukraine), “Promenergoremont” (Ukraine), “Kharkovsky Mechanical Plant” (Ukraine), “Khladar-Tekhsoyuz” (Ukraine), etc.

XII International Exhibition Forum “Protection Technologies/FireTech-2013”Industrial population protection means were shown by “Autospektr” (Ukraine), “Pirena” (Ukraine), “Talan” (Ukraine), “Ukrgasmask” (Ukraine), etc.

About the development perspectives of modern population alarm system in case of the emergencies occurance visitors could learn on the stand of “Ozon S” (Ukraine), an recognized leader in Ukraine on creation of early emergency detection and warning systems.

Holding of widespread scientific and practical events within the bounds of International Exhibition Forum “Protection Technologies/FireTech” confirms that the research of fires and providing of fire safety are an integral part of government activity regarding the people life and health protection, national wealth and environment. For example, at the stand of “Research and Testing Centre “Eurostandart” (Ukraine) visitors were able to learn about the modern complex for testing of substances, materials, building structures and equipment in accordance with fire safety regulations.

XII International Exhibition Forum “Protection Technologies/FireTech-2013”Once more time the Forum confirmed the high level of the specialists' interest to the novelties and innovative decisions in the sphere of fire and technogenic safety. Companies learn new markets and development perspectives of their future activity, fill up the product slate by more modernized devices and equipment, improve the technical parameters of already-existing models.

All above mentioned assures that the enterprises in Ukraine have enough scientific potential and technical base for implementation of new decisions in practice, which in turn will provide perfect security and population protection both on enterprises and living conditions, and in case of a possibility of emergencies occurance the warning will be done in advance and emergencies consequences will be operatively removed.