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Official support of Protection Technologies/FireTech '201307.06.2013 №01-4929/28

For head of enterprise
(institution, organization)

About the XII International
Exhibition Forum “Protection Technologies - 2013”

The State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies informs that the 12th International Exhibition Forum “Protection Technologies - 2013” will be held on the 24th-26th of September, 2013 at the territory of the International Exhibition Centre (15, Brovarsky Ave., Kyiv). The Forum is held since 2002 and consists of specialized exhibition and accompanying events (conferences, seminars, demonstrations). During the Forum there are modern protective means, automated systems of monitoring of objects safety and emergencies annunciation, radiation devices, chemical and ecological control and technical means of protection from air pollution sources, rescue vehicles, equipment for rescuers, firefighting vehicles, fire - protective materials and covers, etc.

The participants of the forum “Protection Technologies - 2013” will demonstrate their own manufactured articles, explore the market, establish new contacts, share experience.

Main topics of the exhibition and products, which are represented, annually excite interest of rescue squads and fire brigades of the State Service of Emergencies of Ukraine, specialized teams, which operate in the field of: technogenic security as part of profession - oriented ministries and administrations; industry enterprises of different production branches; transport infrastructure; constructive, project and installation organizations; sanatory and hotel infrastructure; medical institutions, etc.

Due to fact that the risk of disasters is much higher in the locations of mining and processing facilities, oil and gas pipeliners and other energy sector facilities, the theme “Safety at Fuel and Energy complex” is in active progress with the Forum since 2010. The development of this theme became possible thanks to the simultaneous holding of the Forum and specialized exhibition “Power Engineering for industry”; that's why both exhibition events will be held in association this year.

International Exhibition Forum “Protection Technologies - 2013” is a professional event, which is widely known not only in Ukraine, but also abroad, gives an opportunity to specialist of the civil protection area to intercommunicate.

We invite your enterprise (organization, institution) to participate in the XII International Exhibition Forum “Protection Technologies - 2013”, to demonstrate the products at the exposition of the Forum and to discuss topical safety questions during the seminars and conferences.

If you have any questions concerning the exhibition and Forum events, please contact the International Exhibition Centre at the address:
02660, Kyiv, 15 Brovarsky Ave.
tel./fax: +38 (044) 201-11-63; 201-11-64;
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Head M. Bolotskykh

Official support of Protection Technologies/FireTech '201325.02.2013 №1889/0/14-0/6/13

To General Director
International Exhibition Centre
Tkachenko A.V.
15, Brovarsky Av., Kyiv, 02660

Dear Anatoliy Viktorovich!

State Service of Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety of Ukraine gives support the International Exhibition Forum “Protection Technologies/FireTech - 2013”, which will be held on the 24th-26th of September 2013 in the International Exhibition Centre (IEC).

Taking into account the actuality and importance of such events for industrial safety branch, successful experience of last year participation of the State Service of Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety of Ukraine at the International Exhibition Forum “Protection Technologies/FireTech - 2012” we consider that the active participation of the specialists of our Service, expert and technical centres and enterprises at the above mentioned Exhibition and Forum's seminars is worthwhile.

The Head of the State Service
of Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety of Ukraine
O.I. Khokhotva