Промышленные выставки, технические выставки, отраслевые выставки Киев МВЦ

List of participants

Name of the company

List of products

Abramat Ltd, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Production of flexible abrasives - grinding flapwheels, flapwheels from non - woven abrasive materials, combined spindle mounted flapwheels, polishing felt flapwheels etc.

Akma - Stankoimport Ltd., Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Supply, starting - up and adjustment, guarantee and after - guarantee maintenance of metal - working machinery. Representative of ТМ HYUNDAI - KIA MACHINE, HANWHA (Korea), НАСО (Belgium), BOMAR (Czechia), FONG HO, MATECH (Taiwan), MVD (Turkey), SAMSYS SA (Germany), BLISS, BRET (France), GALDABINI (Italy), STARRETT (Great Britain), HANLI SAWS (China).

APM Group Service PE, Kyiv, Ukraine

Exclusive representative of the following companies in Ukraine: ELGO ELECTRONIC, KITAGAWA, KITAGAWA, GIZELIS, Poreba, Fatpol and JENIX.

Ascon - Complex Solutions Ltd, Kyiv, Ukraine


Avantis Ltd., Zhytomir, Ukraine

Repair and modernization of metal - cutting machinery, also with CNC; production of metal items of various kinds.

Bdzhilka Private Commercial Firm, Khmelnitsky, Ukraine

Injection moulding machines, moulds and dies, plastic units; representative of Аsian Plastic Machinery (Taiwan).

Bezpeka Zhyttedialnosti, magazine, Kyiv, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

Blits - Inform, PJSC, Kyiv, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

BLM SPA, Italy

Tube processing equipment manufacturer.

Brotep - Eco JSC., Kyiv region, Ukraine

Production of energy - saving fan coolers. Engineering and renewable reconstruction of circulating water supply systems.

BST, magazine, magazine, Moscow, Russia

Specialized industrial media.

Budmayster, magazine, Kyiv, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

Build catalogue, Kyiv, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

Building Magazine, Kyiv, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

Business Dosye, editorship, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

Business - Proposition, Lviv, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

CAD/CAM/CAE Observer, magazine, Riga, Latvia

Specialized industrial media.

Carbaz company, Kyiv, Ukraine

Carbonitriding (liquid nitriding).

Chemistry of Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

Desta PE, Rivne, Ukraine

Production of metal plates with inscriptions.

Diamant&К Ltd, Mariupol, Ukraine

Supply of composite materials for repair from German company "Diamant". Development of machinery repair technology with the use of composite materials.

Donbass industrial, Donetsk, Ukraine

Specialized industrial internet - resourse.

DSM - Trade Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

Automation of construction projects and technological processes, distribution and system integration of software for state structures, banks, industrial enterprises and research organizations.

Energomash Sumy plant Public Joint - Stock Company, Ukraine

Production of band saw machines; supply of pumps for industry and municipal economy; capital repair and turning and milling machine-tools; production of automobile spare parts.

Energosistemy Ltd., Chuvash Republic, Russia

High- and low voltage apparatus, automation devices.

Equipment and Tools for Professionals, magazine, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

Ermafa GmbH, Germany

Equipment for plastic materials processing and reprocessing, and also for processing of rubber.

Eurasian Chemical Market, magazine, Simferopol, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

Faza R&D company Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

Supply of materials and special solutions for surface treatment: purification, oil removing, corrosion protection and others.

Fein - El Ltd., Ivano - Frankivsk, Ukraine

Import of ultra - reliable professional electric tools made by FEIN company (Germany), design of special solutions for metalworking, decorating works and automobile service.

Foundry Production Ltd., Moscow, Russia

Specialized industrial media.

Fuchs Oils Ukraine, Ukrainian - German

Joint enterprise Ltd, Lviv, Ukraine lubricating materials.

Galsoft - Service Ltd., Lviv, Ukraine

Dealer's service in metalworking machinery wholesale; production of plastic tableware. Representative of ТМ MURATEC (Japan), MAXIMART (Taiwan), DURMA, UZMA, BENDMAK (Turkey).

GIS - Profi, APM, Omsk, Russia

Specialized industrial media.

Hammer, каталог, Kyiv, Ukraine

Specialized B2B media highlighting world's leading tool manufacturers.

IBC Systems Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

Feeding, drying, dosing polymeric materials, centralized feeding system of polymers; gravimetric blenders; gravimetric control systems for extruders, equipment for cooling or thermal stabilization of technology processes; industrial robots; production systems of polymeric products by technology IML; grips for robots; crusher for polymers and other materials; conveyors. Representative of ТМ Green Box, Plastic Systems, Campelella, CMG (Italy), Maguire (USA).

IBK KARE, Kyiv, Ukraine

Information and editoship company.

I-MASH.RU, Moscow, Russia

Machine-building web resourse.

Impex - Chem Ltd., Chuvash Republic, Russia

Industrial chemicals.

Importers and Exporters of Ukraine, catalogue, Kyiv, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

INDUSTRIAL Products and Applications, Sofia, Bulgaria

Specialized media.

Industrial Regions of Russia, magazine, Saint - Petersburg, Russia

Specialized industrial media.

Industry Focus+, magazine, Kharkov, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

Instel Ltd., Chuvash Republic, Russia

Injection moulds, dies, machine - tool attachments, mechanical treatment of materials.

Institute Ukrorgstankinprom Private JSC, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Plasma and autogenous cutting machines, various kinds of industrial equipment.

Instrumental World, magazine, Kyiv, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

Ital Ltd., Donetsk, Ukraine

Selection, delivery, consulting warranty service of injection moulding machines TM Haitian, Zhafir, Tianjian.

Kramtechcenter R&D company, Kramatorsk, Ukraine

Various kinds of metalworking, production of unique metal constructions, conveyors and components for them (wheels, rollers etc.); argicultural machines.

Kyiv Polytechnical University, National Technical Institute of Ukraine, Kyiv

Higher educational establishment of research profile, which holds fundamental and scientific surveys in the following fields: modernization of electric power plants, new and renewable energy sources, modern energy - saving technologies.

Leader Persona, magazine, Donetsk, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

Machine - Building Ukraine, magazine, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

mashportal.ru, Moscow, Russia

Specialized analytical internet - resourse devoted to machine - building.

Metall of Ukraine, magazine, Dnepropetrovsk

Specialized industrial media.

Metalloobrabotka, magazine, Saint - Petersburg, Russia

Specialized industrial media.

Metallurgy and Mining Industry, magazine, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

metaprom.ru, Novokuznetsk, Russia

Specialized industrial internet - resourse.

MoldPlast Ltd., Moscow, Russia

Production of compression moulds for plastics and aluminium, injection moulding machines, technical consulting.

MSHT Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

Complex supply of compressors and vacuum pupms for water purification stations, vacuum filters etc.

Nova Robota, newspaper, Kyiv, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

Pereviznyk, bulletin, Kyiv, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

Plastform 21 Ltd., Chuvash Republic, Russia

Production of plastic items for electrotechnical, construction and other purposes.

Plastics, magazine, Samara, Russia

Specialized industrial media.

Polymer - Engineering Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

Production and delivery of extrusion lines, different machines and equipment for manufacturing of polymer products – films, sheets, pipes, profiles. The firm delivers also thermoforming and CNC controlled trimming machines, equipment for mixing and recycling.

Polymers - Money, magazine, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

Press - Birga, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

Prigma - Press Inc., Khmelnitsky Press - Forging Equipment Launching Plant, Ukraine

Design and production of press - forging machinery.

Professional Painting, Lviv,

Magazine specialized industrial media.

promportal.su, Izhevsk, Russia

Specialized industrial internet - resourse.

Promtechservice Ltd., Chuvash Republic, Russia

Wide range of industrial gearboxes, brakes and engines.

Republican Business Incubator for Support of Small and Medium Business and Employment of Population at Ministry of Economic Development of Chuvash Republic, Russia

Support of small and medium business of Chuvash Republic (Russia).

Rolled Metal Market, directory magazine, Moscow, Russia

Specialized industrial media.

Rotenberger - Center Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

Sale and wholesale of professional equipment and tools for assebly and service of copper, steel, plastic and metalplastic tubes.

RYTM, machinery market guide, Moscow, Russia

Specialized industrial media.

Santex Ltd, Kyiv, Ukraine

Supplier of high - quality and highly technological engineering plastics. Representative of ТМ Quadrant EPP (Belgium), Gehr GmbH (Germany), Global EPP (Great Britain), Polypres (Spain).

Science and Technology (Nauka I Tehnika), magazine, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

Sepir - Service Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

Wholesale of metal industrial brushes «SIT», cutoff and rotary files «IMA».

Siversky Prices, Chernigov, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

Splukhin PE, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Wholesale of abrasive materials. Representative of "Belgorod Abrasive Plant" JSC.

stainkoinform.ru, Moscow, Russia

Specialized industrial internet - resourse.

Stankin Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

Coppered welding wire; repair and modernization of metal processing machines.

Stankomach Ukrainian - Russian

Joint Enterprise, Kyiv supply of metal processing machinery: turning, milling, ram boring machines, guillotine shears, sheet bending machines produced in China (ТМ DMTG, Weida, Spiner).

Stankoplast Ltd., Khmelnitsky, Ukraine

Sale of injection moulding machines of domestic and foreign manufacturers. Modernization and repair of injection moulding machines. Sale of spare parts for injection moulding machines. Manufacture of plastic items. Representative of ТМ KUASY, WINDSOR, DEMAG, ARBURG, ENGEL and others.

Stanochny Park, magazine, Saint - Petersburg, Russia

Specialized industrial media.

Stark Industry Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

Pneumatics, hydraulics, automation, conveyor components, drives, filtration and measurement systems. Representative of ТМ LOESER (Germany).

State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine

Metal processing.

State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine, Kyiv

Scientific and technical literature.

Steer Engineering Pvt. Ltd, India

Double-screw extrusion machines, gearboxes, cylinders, screws, dosing units, special screw elements, gravity dosing devices.

Stompolymer Ltd., Chuvash Republic, Russia

Nanocomposite materials for various fields, like construction, medicine, road construction etc.

Stroitelny Uchet, magazine, Kyiv, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

stroy-obozrenie.ru, Internet - portal, Maloyaroslavets, Russia

Specialized industrial internet - resourse.

Svecha Ltd, Ivano - Frankivsk, Ukraine

Auxuliaries, moulds and dies, vibropresses, machine - tool - building.

Techosnastka JSC, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Design and manufacture of technological equipment (moulds, dies, conductors).

tender.pro, Severodonetsk, Ukraine

Intercorporate multisectoral electronic B2B trading ground.

Toolpress - Techno Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

Supply of sheet metal processing machinery, tools and auxiliaries for these machines; service of machine - tools. Representative of ТМ PRIMA - POWER (Italy - Finland), UKB Gmbh, MÜLLER OPLADEN, Schäfer tools (Germany), WILSON TOOL (Canada, Great Britain), DARLEY BV (the Netherlands), EXACTA PRECISION PRODUCT (Canada), SOITAAB, FICEP (Italy), Nibbler (Sweden).

Ukrainian Abrasives Ltd., Kyiv

Consumables for electric tools.

Ukrainian Educational R&D Center of Standardization, Certification and Quality State Enterprise, Kyiv

Production and services certification, quality control.

Ukrainian Technical Newspaper, Kyiv

Specialized industrial media.

UkrExpo, exhibition portal, Kyiv, Ukraine

Web-resourse on professional trade fairs.

Ukrgalvanochim Ltd, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Chemical substances, additives for surface treatment. Representative of ТМ Electrochemical Products Inc., Columbia Chemical Corporation, USA.

UkrInform, Ukrainian national agency, Kyiv

Information web - resourse.

Ukrremstanok PE, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Repair of metal processing machines and press - forging equipment.

Ves Kyiv, catalogue, Kyiv, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

Vesta, editorship, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Specialized industrial media.

Vicom Ltd., Chuvash Republic, Russia

Industrial LED - based lighting.

Victoria Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

Bearings, rollers, balls.

VIR-Electric Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

Supplies of diesel and petrol power stations, unbreakable power systems, modular earth terminal systems.

Vystavochy Most, Saint - Petersburg, Russia

Information agency.

WebProrab.com, Kharkov, Ukraine

Specialized industrial internet - resourse.

Who….What….Where…. Zaporizhzhya and region, bulletin, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

World of Equipment and Technologies, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

World of Exhibitions, magazine, Kyiv, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

World of Packaging, magazine, Kyiv, Ukraine

Specialized industrial media.

Yaltar Group Ltd., Chuvash Republic, Russia

Design and production of moulds, plastic items, packaging and lighting.