International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019From 8th to 12th of October 2019, the sixteenth time in a row, XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security" will take place at the International Exhibition Center.

Traditionally, the exhibition is held in format of 2 main parts:
The civil part of the exhibition is represented by a wide range of hunting, shooting sports, historical, cold steel, tactical and outdoor products.
‑ Armament and personal equipment of soldiers on the battlefield;
‑ Equipment and weapons for Land forces;
‑ Armament and equipment for law enforcement bodies;

Starting from the first year of the exhibition, the most attractive segment for the public is a section of hunting, shooting sports,International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019 historical, cold steel, tactical and outdoor products.

In order to separate the exposition from the military and special purpose products and to focus the attention of the target audience, from 2019 it was decreed to organize an exposition of hunting, sporting and cold arms and related products for hunting and outdoor activities in a separate hall (Hall 4). But, at the same time, the connection between the halls through the internal passages will not leave your booth without attention of the many thousand international visitors of the exhibition. In addition, the working days of the exposition were extended to Saturday and now the exhibition lasts 5 days ‑ from October 8 to 12, while the exposition of special-purpose products will work from October 8 to 11.


346 enterprises took part in Arms and Security ‑ 2018, including 34 foreign enterprises from 14 countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, China, Italy, UAE, USA, Germany, Luxemburg, Croatia, Austria, Kazakhstan, Denmark, Latvia).

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019Over 24 000 trade visitors attended the International Exhibition Centre throughout its duration, including the company representatives of 46 countries of the world. The biggest number of visitors came from Turkey, Poland, Great Britain, Lithuania, China, Germany, USA and UAE.

In general, 3 exhibitions events covered the total space of over 30 000 sq. m – 28 000 sq. m in three halls indoors and over 3 000 sq. m outdoors. 287 media representatives from 152 media resources were accredited for the exhibition events coverage, including 15 foreign editions. All the largest domestic TV‑channels and media presented their commentaries concerning the events: 1+1, ICTV, Inter, STB, TRK Ukraine, 5th Channel, Espresso TV, 112 Ukraine, ZIK, Military TV of Ukraine, Interfax Ukraine, Ukrinform, Unian, Focus, Zensor.NET, Defense Express, Kyiv Post, Liga.net, Viysko Ukraine, Narodna Armia, National Industrial Portal etc



Booths with weapons for civilian use (hunting, sports, cold and collection weapons) traditionally enjoyed the great deal of guests' attention. Accordingly, products of various brands from around the world were showcased, both in the mass market and elite exclusive segments.

The representatives of Aero Precision company brought about 10 units of small arms to the exhibition, including the modifications of M5E1 and M4E1 rifles, as well as a special version of the AR15 rifle. Intersec LLC, an international distributor of the firearms and accessories presented at the exhibition 5 AR15 rifles of Stag Arms, with caliber range of 5.56x45 and 7.62x39.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019Starting from 2017, IBIS company attracts its foreign partners to participate in the exhibition. This year was no exception, and each visitor had the opportunity to visit the joint stand of HS PRODUKT (Croatia), MKE (Turkey) and GLOCK (Austria).International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019

A wide range of weapons and accessories (more than three hundred units) was presented directly at the IBIS stand. The new range of products presented the Typhoon smooth‑bore guns, including Typhoon XII Light Fixed Stock with a fixed butt and Typhoon XII Light Carbine Stock with a telescopic butt. What is more, everybody had the opportunity to talk with a representative of the company NightForce, a world‑wide manufacturer of optical devices at the company's stand

Tactical Systems LLC specializes in supplying of high‑quality products to Ukraine and offers a wide range of high‑precision small arms, accessories for weapons, tactical gear. The company trades on the goods of leading manufacturers from Europe and the USA and is the official representative in Ukraine of more than 20 companies, such as SigSauer, DeserTech, Aimpoint, Haix, Carinthia, NFM Group, Original SWAT, Thorogood Shoes, Revision and others.

Domestic manufacturers also successfully demonstrated their novelties.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019The icing on a cake this year were riffles Z 15 Sport SS 18" and Z 008 Gen 3 Precision 26", which were presented at the stand of the company Zbroyar and attracted the attraction of the audience, including fans of small arms, military professionals, men of arms and foreign trade visitors. The visitors had the opportunity to consult with the leading experts, executives and engineers of the company directly. The future ammunition manufacture was also announced.

XADO Concern, known for the production of the arms care means, demonstrated the latest development: modernized sniper rifle Snipex M (Military series). Snipex M is a short‑barrel rifle designed according to the bullpup scheme: the bolt band is located behind the trigger. An inertial system provides the automotive operation. The barrel is locked by a longitudinal sliding bolt. The novelty received a special disk‑type fuse located directly above the firing handle on both sides of the weapon.

Delta Technics company positions itself as a weapon‑custom atelier and manufacturer of high‑precision rifled bolt weapons for sports and hunting. The company specialists demonstrated custom carbines for Blaser R93 and Blaser R8. The carbine barrels are made of the barrel blanks of the best world manufacturers Brux and Krieger. The calibers range from 6BR to 338LM, including modern calibers 6 Creedmoor, 6 Dasher, 6x47, 6,5x47, 6,5 Grendel, 6,5 Creedmoor, 260 Rem, 6,5 WSM, 7/270 WSM.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019Traditionally, the attention of the visitors was fixed at the stand of the Science Industrial Association "Fort", where the experts presented new and improved models of small arms. One of the main novelties was the block system rifle "Fort 250", which may even someday replace Kalashnikov assault rifle used by the special forces. The rifle can shoot three types of ammunition ‑ domestic, NATO standard ammunition and even rare American ones; one just needs to change the barrel, the magazine and the bolt.

FLARM company presented rifled non‑military weapons and traumatic weapons of its own production.


The traditional thematic segment of the exhibition is tuning of arms. Such companies as ME‑Ukraine, Steel, Astur, Kruk Industries and Hammond introduced silencers, blast reducers, buttstock adapters, optics mount devices, rifle equipment, solutions for arms modernization, muffler brake compensators, etc.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019ATA‑GEAR, a Ukrainian manufacturer of serial and individual models of holster, scabbards and pouchers of the new generation of kidex, presented a wide range of tactical accessories and equipment.

The opportunity to get acquainted with the means of care for arms was on the stands of companies Recoil and XADO. Fans of arms appreciated the benefits of arms oils, revitalizants, foams, gels and patches for the care of weapons, as well as masking paints. Reloader showed relay equipment, as well as accessories for high‑precision shooting by a number of foreign manufacturers.

Ukrainian manufacturer Podavach demonstrated the first and only device in Ukraine for fast and painless charging of AK and AR15 stores. The company Paritet‑K (TM Griffon Safes) and RKrack presented safes and loggers and holders for weapons, respectively.


Knives and other cutting products as alsways have always considerable attention among visitors. The products were presented at the stands of such manufacturers and distributors as: White Arms, Kovalsky Dvor Klyuchkinyh, Forge of Peter, Lohvitsk Forge, Grand Way, Nozheman Club, Steelmarket, etc.International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019

Related products for hunting and outdoor ‑ optics, pneumatic arms, flashlights, etc. ‑ were exhibited at the stands of "Europe Arm Sport" Ltd., STVOL, Avantmarket, Strikeshop, Nitecore, Vector‑Optical Laboratory, NVEC, Sigma Technologies Ltd., Agron LLC LTD, ICU ‑ Armor for eyes, etc.

Traditionally, one of the largest segments of the exhibition was the equipment, clothing, footwear and personal protective equipment for outdoor and hunting. More than 40 Ukrainian manufacturers and representatives of the foreign brands showcased both already time‑tested products and a number of new products, which attracted great interest of visitors.


International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019The representatives of the International Armored Group (UAE) this year decided to attract not only military, but also civilians, that is why International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019they brought armored version of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 with great security indicators for ballistic and explosive threats.

Thor Legend Plus LLC (Ukraine) demonstrated a unique all‑terrain off‑road vehicle Тhor. It is the world first in the world off‑road vehicle, which develops a speed of 68 km / h in places of the all‑round off‑road. An adaptive tire pressure distribution system allows movement on any possible surface in interaction with the chainless transmission. The Тhor off‑road vehicle got a reinforced monocoque made of composite materials on a steel frame. This feature allows the vehicle to move around in any area without any threat to the life of the passengers.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019The shipbuilding company KOLIBRI, the official manufacturer and supplier of Brunswick Corporation's engines and equipment (TM Mercury, Motorguide, Mercury Mercruiser, Quicksilver, etc.), introduced floating equipment not only for professional use of military forces, police and rescue detachments, but also for outdoor.

BRP‑Center, the official distributor of BRP Corporation (Bombardier Recreational Products) in Ukraine, introduced ATVs and cross‑country vehicles, which are suitable for hunting and outdoor.

The Autocentre on Stolichny demonstrated the Jeep Wrangler SUV and the Jeep Grand Cherokee.


International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019At several stands at once (paramedic.ua, AV‑Pharma, the Institute of Public Administration in the Sphere of Civil Protection, National Academy of Internal Affairs), visitors were given the opportunity to undergo training for the first medical aid and even to compete in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019In addition, fans of sporting events had the opportunity to have a good time: the multimedia shooting galleries by UA.RPA company and by the State Research Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine did not leave indifferent visitors of of all ages and professions.

For the first time during the exhibition, together with the Ukrainian Association of Drone Races on the International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019specially equipped ground floor area of 1000 sq.m, the UADR Time Attack competition and racing drones were held, as well as presentations of modern drones, DJI techniques (DJI‑Kyiv), master classes in management drones with VR‑glasses, etc.

We invite you to take part in the upcoming Arms and Security ‑ 2019 exhibition and discover the benefits of the new format of the exposition of hunting, shooting sports, self‑defense, cold steel and outdoor products.

Information about the participation conditions can be obtained by filling out the form at the link.


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